How to become fat? Methods for putting weight

How to become fat?

Most of the people wish to become thin and slim. Thus, diet and exercises for becoming thin can be found in ample. But, there are many individuals who struggle for gaining weight as they are extremely thin. It is not good to be very thin or very fat. A proportionate body structure is the way to achieve perfect health. Today, there are always ways to put on weight in a proportionate way.

Two ways of putting weight

If you are very thin, you must consider two of the following ways to increase weight.

  • You can increase your muscle structure and create fitness in your body. In this case, people increase their body mass with professional demand. This is generally true for wrester, body builders or people belonging to that type of profession.
  • Another way will be random increase of fat. This is done by mostly the underweight people willing to put on weight.

List of food items to become fat

The basic way to increase weight or become fat will be to consume protein in an adequate way. Along with the consumption of protein, some exercise is also equally important. You must do exactly opposite of the persons who are fat. Since the fat people have an aim of reducing their weight, you must also take a step forward to increase your weight. Your diet must contain protein, minerals, vitamins, Carbohydrates and fat. These are really effective in increasing weight. People have a habit of consuming 2 – 3 meals on a regular basis. But, if you really want to become fat, you must divide your meals in 5 small meals. This can be consumed after a specific interval every day to gain weight.

Diet plans

Some people have an aim of just increasing their weight without having much botheration about the physical structure. In that case, just try to consume as much meals as you can and sleep. But, this can be harmful when it gives rise to obesity. Thus, it is important to follow the proper diet plans.

Diet plans for men

If men wish to increase their body weight, the ideal way will be to consume 2-3 raw egg daily in the morning as well as the boiled eggs in the afternoon. Since egg contains good amount of protein, it can easily increase muscle mass in men.

Diet plans for ladies

The physical structure of a lady is much more different than that of a male personality. Thus, the diet plans for women will be quite different. Women should consume the calorie content food such as cheese, potato chips, pizzas, oil content foods etc to increase weight.

Tips in gaining weight

One of the important ways of increasing weight will be to consume right amount of food each day. Planning for diet on a daily basis will be better to eat randomly. If you really wish to be healthy by gaining weight, you must consume good fats. Do not eat anything only for the sake of filling your stomach.

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