Ayurvedic home treatment for severe chronic dandruff

Ayurvedic means a treatment associated in a natural atmosphere which helps to cure different types of health conditions without any side effects. In ancient days, since medical science was not very improved, people used to adopt the natural way of treating all types of skin and health conditions. Ayurvedic home remedies are regarded as one of the effective remedies in removing dandruff from the scalp. It is true that the dandruff is one of the skin conditions that make a person really irritated. But, it is not a deep skin disease that needs to be treated with high dosage medicine.

The factors like environmental pollution, genes and changes in lifestyle are responsible for severe and chronic dandruff. If you treat the conditions with simple shampoo or a medicine provided by dermatologists, it might reconstruct again. But, with ayurvedic remedies, the problem of dandruff will be solved from its root without allowing it to reconstruct again. Let us have a look at some of the effective remedies.

Ayurvedic home remedies for severe dandruff

Triphaladya taila

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Ayurveda has variety of medicines extracted from mother nature, one among which is also known as Triphaladya taila. This is a wonderful herb that treats variety of hair conditions such as grey hairs, headaches, hair fall. If you have dandruff that has crossed its limit the ayurvedic home remedies proves to be a wonder.  This is also used for head massage so that people gets relieve from the heavy head condition. You must try it today to get wonderful benefits.  This product contains various other fruits and herbs of nature such as Haritaki, Amla, Ketaki, Bala, Vibhitaki, Amrutavalli etc.

Chemparutyadi taila

This is a particular type of oil combined with coconut oil to remove severe dandruff from your scalp. This is made by the persons preparing Ayurveda medicines. The ingredients present in making it include Phyllanthus niruri, holy basil, Vilwa patra, Neeli etc.  This oil must be used to massage your scalp really well and remove the dandruff from your skin layer.

Beet root

Some people might not like consuming beetroot as vegetable for consumption but very few people will be able to know about its benefit in curing dandruff. You must combine the juice of beetroot with the ginger to do wonder. Take a single beet root and grind it to make paste and also take a little portion of ginger and grind it to extract juice. Combine both the ingredients and apply it over your scalp such that it covers the dandruff area. You can store it in a container and apply it every day 20 minutes before going to the shower.


Few years before only reetha was used in washing hair as this has a natural formula and also have soapy content. If you are suffering from the dandruff that has become chronic, reetha can be applied to make a wonderful remedy. You can now get reetha powder in the market or a solidified reetha soap that can be used in washing your hair. Expert has also said that, this works as a wonderful to remove dandruff that has become chronic. Again it restricts the dandruff to return back.

Alum with coconut

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You must have simple coconut oil at home without any flavors or fragrance. You must take two tablespoon of such coconut oil and add a piece of camphor in it. Let the piece get dissolve in it. Now massage your hair and scalp with the solution and get a wonderful remedy from chronic dandruff over the scalp. You can also apply this solution at night before going to bed and cover your hair with towel. Wash your hair with water in the next day morning.

Cumin and other spices

You can also find variety of hair nourishing spices in your kitchen which will help making your hair look beautiful by removing dandruff from your scalp. You need to make a solution with 1/4th spoon of black pepper, same quantity of cumin seeds, a pinch of turmeric and a spoon of honey. Grind them in a grinder and make a paste. Now apply this paste over your scalp such that it covers the portion of dandruff. You need to massage your scalp with these spices to get relief from dandruff.