Best amazing health benefits of strawberry

Strawberries are one of the most favorite fruits of the world. There is hardly anyone who does not love to indulge in the sweet taste of these red, juicy berries. The best thing about strawberries is that they are not only good for your taste buds, but they also offer a bunch of health benefits that can ensure a healthy body. So, if you love to indulge in strawberries read on to know how exactly it is helping you to have good health; and in the rare case you do not love strawberries that much, read on to know why you should start loving it from today.

Strawberry can boost your immunity

This is one of the primary health benefits of strawberry. These red colored enlarged receptacles of the strawberry flowers are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can boost the immunity of the body, helping you to fight any disease. So, if you are worried about the immunity of your child or your parents seem to have been suffering from a lot of common infections, include more amounts of strawberries in the daily diet of your family as a natural way to boost the immunity of all the family members.

Strawberry fights cancer

Cancer is surely a dreaded condition and strawberry due to its high content of Vitamin C and other antioxidants is highly effective to fight cancer. Vitamin C keeps the immunity system healthy helping the body to fight any condition. In addition to that strawberries are rich in Ellagic acid that has been found to have great anti-cancer properties. Ellagic acid is amongst the few antioxidants that can suppress the growth of cancer cells. Other antioxidants present in Strawberry are Zeathancins and lutein which saves the body cells from the effects of free radicals.

Strawberry ensures better cardiovascular health

According to researches the flavonoids and Ellagic acid present in strawberries can be highly helpful for promoting better health of the heart. These antioxidants reduce the effect of Low Density Lipid or bad cholesterol in the body, thus greatly boosting the cardiovascular health. In addition to that the active elements present in strawberries have also been found to have anti-inflammatory properties which can be helpful for better cardiovascular health. According to studies, strawberries reducethe amount of blood lipids to keep the heart healthy.

Strawberries can be helpful to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common health problem in todays’ world. Strawberries being rich in potassium can be very helpful to lower the high BP. Potassium present in the strawberries counteracts the effects of sodium helping in reducing blood pressure. As already said anti-oxidants present in strawberry also reduces the LDL from the blood which again helps in lowering of blood pressure. So, this heart shaped fruit is indeed very healthy for your heart.

Strawberries promote eye health

The antioxidants present in strawberry can promote eye health by providing protection against the harmful UV rays which can cause clouding of the lenses of the eyes. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in promoting better health of the cornea and retina ensuring an overall better eye health.

Strawberries are one of the best natural sources of folate

Folate or folic acid is vital for overall wellbeing of the human body. This B-vitamin plays a vital role during early pregnancy and helps in proper development of the baby. It can also be helpful to prevent certain birth defects. Inadequate amount of folate can contribute to vascular diseases, atherosclerosis and even decline in the cognitive functions in the aging people. The high content of folate in Strawberries makes it an ideal source of natural folate.

Strawberries have high fiber content

Dietary fiber is a vital constituent of our daily food because they play an important role in digestion and the overall health of the digestive system. Lack of fiber in diet can lead to constipation and improper absorption of vital nutrients. So, strawberries can provide the fiber you need.

Strawberries help in weight management

Maintaining a proper weight is important in order to stay away from ailments and diseases. Strawberries have low calorie content, are free from fat and has minimum amount of sodium and sugar. On the other hand, being rich in dietary fibers and water they easily fill the stomach. So, indulging in strawberry juices, strawberry crushers and all other strawberry recipes can be a safe way for weight management.


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Strawberry fights wrinkles

Well, last but not the least; strawberries being rich in Vitamin C and a bunch of anti-oxidants, fights skin wrinkles and can actually help you to stay young forever. Vitamin C also offers protection to your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which works as one of the primary reasons of wrinkle formation. So, include adequate amount of strawberry in your daily diet and enjoy the youthful looks.