How to monitor heart rate in mobile? Best Android & IOS apps for monitoring heart rate

Life looks beautiful is you live it in a proper way. You cannot understand the meaning of life unless you actually live your life naturally. If you want to lead a healthy life, you should do regular workout and exercise. Also, monitoring heart rate is an essential part of life.

Being a part of 20th century, everything is updated and modern. Do you want to know your heart rate anywhere within a minute? Well, one of the best popular things for heart rate is various heart rate ios and Android applications.

These applications are very beneficial for everyone. If you have Android or iPhone, you can track your heart rate by using your fingertip on your phone’s screen.

Heart rate monitor apps in Android

Are you looking for the best heart rate apps? Well, there are a lot of heart rate apps are obtainable. Most of the popular and effective hear rate apps are,

Run static Heart rate

Run static Heart rate

It is one of the best heart rate monitoring android application. If you are searching on the internet, you will see the rating of this app is 4.4 stars. By using this app, you will know your HRM results in a graph. You can measure your heart rate from your phone’s camera. After that, you can upload this result to Runtastic fitness website. You can share your result on twitter, facebook very easily. This fitness app is very easy as well as free to download.



Having a wonderful heart health tool on your Android phone is very good. Isn’t it? This application helps you enhance your heart condition and provides your heart rate. One of the best features of this app is it can track and store more than one person’s heart rate and show them. You just need to upload your fingertip and you will get an instant result. This app is fully free and available on internet.

Heart rate monitor app

Heart rate monitor appGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app is very helpful. This app measures your heart rate by examining blood flow in your fingertip. Also, you can check your heart rate at an instant to total accuracy. As this app is fully free, you can download it from Google Play. When you are using this app, you don’t need to use other external equipment.

Zephyr Heart HxM Heart Rate Monitor

Zephyr Heart HxM Heart Rate MonitorGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This is a wonderful app that helps you measure your heart rate and provides various fitness tips. You will know your heart rate, speed and also distance. The best feature of this app is to provide Bluetooth connectivity that helps you track the heart rate. Most of the fitness trainers refer you this app for weight loss sessions and cardiovascular exercises.

Instant Heart rate

Instant Heart rateGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

Most popular heart rate application is Instant Heart Rate. This app helps you measure heart beat and also provides a progressive chart of your heart beat. This is the best app that displays your heart rate. In that case, you don’t need any external hardware requirement. This app has auto stop mode and also continuous mode. By using this app, you can export data from your device. This application is fully free and easy to download.

iRun Xtreme


It is a unique application. This application helps you track your heart rate by using iPhone microphone.

Heart rate monitor apps for iPhone

By using iPhone you not only make calls but also you will get many fun apps that are obtainable on iTunes. There are various hearts or health-related applications are obtainable.

You can track your heart rate. Also, you will know how much you are burning on daily basis. Some popular heart rate applications are,



This is fully hearted track application. By using this app, you will get other health-related information. You can easily track heart rate, blood sugar.



One of the most effective pulse rate apps is iHeart. It helps you measure your pulse. If you have iPhone, you will easily get pulse related information.

12 Fitness Calculators

12 Fitness CalculatorsGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app is not only provides heart rate but also provides other weight loss and fitness app. So, you can track everything that you need. Also, you can track your progress chart.

iHeart Rate Monitor

iHeart Rate Monitor appGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app is very easy to track your heart rate. In that case, you just need to tap on your iPhone. This app is very easy to download. Also, it is fully free.

Vitals view


This app is used for multipurpose. By using this app, you can track your heart rate, blood pressure, body fat and other things.

Beat Monitor

Beat Monitor appGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app performs through your iPhone’s microphone. You can track your heart rate.

There are many effective android and ios applications are obtainable on the internet or Google play. So, you can download easily. Also, the installation process for these apps is very easy.

You don’t need to purchase these apps as these are fully free. So, why are you delaying? Download your heart health tools and know your report. Do you want to lose your weight? These applications provide best tips.