Amazing health benefits of eating bottle gourd / lauki

Bottle gourd is not really a praised vegetable in our platter, but if you take a look at the amazing health benefits it offers, you are sure to start admiring it in your diet. Lauki or Bottle guard can be consumed in different ways. You can prepare vegetable curry with Lauki and potato, you can add lauki pieces in dal recipes or you can also eat the lauki juice to get all its benefits. In whichever way you consume this vegetable, it will add to the health and nourishment of your body. Read on to know the amazing health benefits of bottle gourd,

Food value of lauki

Health benefits of bottle gourd

96% of bottle gourd is water, which makes it very less in calorie yet highly stomach filling. Apart from water is contains a good dose of fibers, essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B and a bunch of vital minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium and zinc.  Most importantly, all these vitamins and minerals present in bottle gourd are available in a form that is readily absorbed by the body, and hence this vegetable is highly healthy for everyone.

Using lauki in cooking obviously leads to destruction of some of the vitamins and minerals present in this vegetable and hence if you are looking to get the maximum health benefits from lauki, it is best to consume lauki juice, which will ensure that you get all the goodness and nutrients of this vegetable.

In the next section of this article we will take a deeper look at the particular health benefits of eating lauki or drinking lauki juice,

Bottle gourd for better digestion

One of the most prominent health benefits of bottle gourd is related with digestion. Bottle gourd has high fiber content that helps in bowel formation and bowel movement. Bottle gourd is known for its ability to cure constipation. It also aids in the process of digestion helping the body to absorb the vital nutrients from the food. In addition to that, bottle gourd being alkaline in nature, it also helps in treating digestive problems like acidity. For a healthy body, a healthy digestive system is a must, because the digestive system is directly related with the nutrition of the whole body. So, for a better digestive health, consuming bottle gourd as a vegetable or bottle gourd juice can be highly helpful.

Bottle gourd for healing urinary disorders

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As already noted, bottle gourd has high water content and this vegetable is mildly diuretic in nature. It helps in formation of more urine and also offers a cooling effect to the urinary system helping it to soothe in case of any urinary disorders. The slightly alkaline nature of this vegetable can also offer a soothing effect in case of burning sensation in the urinary tract caused due to urinary infections.

Bottle gourd for weight management

If you are trying to lose weight, bottle gourd juice should be your staple food. Bottle gourd has a rare combination of water and dietary fibers and has minimum calorie. It is free from cholesterol and can be the best food to keep you filled without adding much calorie to your body. Being loaded with water and the necessary vitamins and minerals the bottle gourd juice also helps in boosting the natural metabolism of the body, giving you weight loss benefits.

Bottle gourd promotes a better heart health

Bottle gourd has zero cholesterol and the right Vitamin C anti-oxidant content of this vegetable helps in maintaining a better heart health. The potassium present in lauki is also effective in promoting a better cardiovascular health.  Bottle gourd is suggested as one of the healthiest foods for heart patients as it does not only promote better cardiovascular health but also ensures better digestive health which is vital for heart patients.

Bottle gourd cools your body in summer

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Bottle gourd has extreme cooling and hydrating effects on the body. During summer when the chance of suffering from dehydration is maximum bottle gourd can help your body stay hydrated and cool. This vegetable has a soothing effect on your body and can be helpful to fight the burn of the heat of the summer.

Lauki juice for better liver health

The health of the liver is important in order to maintain an overall good health.  Lauki due to its anti-oxidant content can be helpful to detoxify the liver promoting better liver health. In Ayurveda, lauki juice is suggested as one of the most effective treatments to cure liver disorders and also to ensure a better liver health. It can effectively reduce the inflammation of liver providing a soothing effect.

Bottle gourd for fighting insomnia

Bottle gourd is often suggested as a treatment for curing sleep disorders or insomnia naturally. A drink made from sesame oil and the juice of lauki has been mentioned in Ayurveda to offer benefits in case of sleeping disorders. Hence a glass of lauki juice with sesame oil, 2 hours before going to the bed can actually be an effective way to get a good sleep that can keep you refreshed the whole of the next day.

Bottle gourd beauty benefits

Bottle gourd also offers some unique beauty benefits. It is often said to be one of the most effective treatments for preventing premature hair greying. Lauki hair pack made with Amla or Indian gooseberry can be highly effective to treat not only premature hair greying but also many other hair and scalp problems like dandruff and hair fall. Bottle gourd can also offer a clearer complexion and can be helpful to fight the signs of skin aging due to its high anti-oxidant content.