Top foods & diet for stronger & longer Erection

You may think that you do not need anything more than arousal in order to have a strong erection but with the hazards that modern life present including improper sleep and stress, it is becoming almost impossible to get and maintain rock hard erections. Here are some top foods for a stronger and longer erection.

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Herb pasta for longer erection

Top best estrogen rich foods

If you want a strong erection then you should have some herb pasta. Not only will this food give you a rock hard erection but also increased energy levels that are needed for better lovemaking. If you add herbs such as nutmeg and cayenne pepper to the pasta then they will make you more androgenic.

Porridge for stronger erections

Porridge may not be a sexy food option but it flushes out the unhealthy fats from the body, fills the stomach, and makes you more energetic in bed. What’s more, the soluble fibre present in oatmeal porridge helps keep your blood vessels stretchy and mops up cholesterol.


This food can help heal the aches and pains in your body. It can also make your body sensitive to feelings and touch. It will also increase the libido of both men as well as women. In fact, it is one of the best foods for a strong erection. If you want a good sex life, then consider consuming saffron.


Clove is considered an important part of Indian cooking. It can not only help increase the body temperature but can also increase the blood flow to the penis. What makes your body temperature go up also makes you stronger in bed.

Whole grains

Top best healthiest foods

If you consume a lot of carbohydrates, it will be possible to get a stronger erection. Taking in carbohydrates need not mean that you have to take the ones that would fatten you but the fibrous variety. These carbohydrates could be obtained by consuming hearthealthy whole grains.


Cardamom is said to increase your libido and it can also improve the performance of men in bed. In fact, this is one of the foods that aid in erection that would last longer.

Dark chocolate

Cocoa that is dark and unsweetened is one of the aphrodisiacs to have before making love to someone. This food arouses you from the inside, which is what is needed for a rock hard erection. What’s more, it contains sexual stimulants and also referred to by women as the food of love. Dark chocolate also helps solve the problem of erectile dysfunction and improves the performance of men in bed.


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Not only are pomegranates rich in iron but they also increase the production of red blood cells. The higher the amount of red blood cells in your body, the harder your hard on will be.


Not only do peaches give you a hard on that lasts longer but also contain Vitamin C, which improves the quality of the sperms released by the penis. Eating peaches is one of the best ways to get a longer and stronger erection.


Not only do pistachios help in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body but also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc. What’s more, it has antioxidants that help in lowering the risk of heart related diseases. In fact, it prevents the blood from clotting, thus also giving you a rock hard erection.

Beans and extra protein

Proteins are known to help people in losing weight. Moreover, if the body has lean muscles, proteins would help to burn calories as well. Many people wonder how eating proteins can help reduce weight without having to overeat eggs and meat. The solution to this problem is to eat beans along with proteins. Beans of all varieties are good for building muscles and also for aiding in erection. Instead of taking pills that are not only expensive but also harmful, you should consider taking beans and extra proteins.


Abalone is not only considered one of the best foods to improve the kidney functions, improve the mental health, and support eyesight but also a golden food that helps increase vitality and promote erections in men.

Sea crabs to increase libido & erections

The sexual abilities of men can be increased when they consume sea crabs. They not only nourish the body but also increase the size of the penis and promote rock hard erections in men. What’s more, it will give men increased confidence in bed. This is one food men should consume every day in order to improve the power of their erections.


Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, which is good for not only the eyes but also for increased blood flow to the different parts of the body. This will not only improve the erectile disorder but also improve sexual function.

Honey and ginger juice 

Top fiber foods for digestive system

The mixture of honey and ginger juice can help men overcome erectile dysfunction and also promote erections in them.


This vegetable is rich in polysaccharides, which are components that can not only help increase the blood flow to the genital area but also improve erections for men. Therefore, if men wish to be stronger in bed, they should consume lots of okra.

Dried fruits for better eruction

When you add dried fruits to your diet, this helps treat impotence in men. Raisins and dried dates contain lots of fibre and can provide men the energy they need to perform in bed. Dried fruits are a rich source of iron, zinc, protein, and potassium, which can act to support erection in men.

Purified water

The problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved through the consumption of purified water. Water also helps to remove the toxins from the body. Therefore, if you want the perfect erection, you should drink lots of purified water.


Strawberries are known to work as aphrodisiacs and can help keep the arteries clean so that the blood vessels in the body do not get clogged. Thus, this is definitely one of the best foods that promote erection in men.


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Eggs are rich in zinc and in other components such as Vitamins B6 and B5, which not only help reduce stress but also balance the hormones in a person. Eggs also contain cholesterol, which is an important precursor to the release of both the sex hormones – estrogen and testosterone.

Coconut water

Not only does coconut water contain many electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium but it also helps increase the blood flow to the sexual organs of the body by making the heart contract and pump more blood. This is one of the most delicious foods that thereby promote erection.

Potassium rich foods

Foods that contain lots of potassium can reduce the effect of sodium in the diet. Lima beans, potatoes, and other foods that are rich in potassium not only reduce blood pressure but also improve erectile dysfunction.

Red coloured foods

Lycopene is the primary content of foods that are red in colour. This helps the blood flow better and reach the sexual organs. This helps men get more powerful erections. The red foods are thus the best foods to be consumed if you want to get a rock hard erection that lasts longer.

Colourful foods

Best calcium rich foods

Instead of consuming just beige and brown foods, you should consider consuming foods of different colours since if you eat foods that are only of two or three colours, it means that you are not eating healthy. The more colourful the food you eat, the more the number of minerals and vitamins your body would consume. Not only will these foods make your body get all the nutrients it needs but also improve your erectile dysfunction.


Not only do seaweeds increase the sexual power of men but also improve the quality of sperms through its zinc content. Food from the sea contains lots of zinc. So, you should gradually increase the consumption of seaweeds since they are the best foods for erection.

Olive oil

Not only does olive oil make the food tasty but it also increases the temperature of the body. When you have sex, they need a sufficient amount of calories. In such cases, olive oil would help stabilize and maintain the physical health and help improve the storage of the calories in the body. This is one of the best foods to have if you want to improve your erection.

Goat meat 

Since goat can mate several times in one day, the meat of goat is also said to increase the sexual power of men. People believe that it not only enhances the physique but it also serves as one of the best foods for promoting erections in men.


Walnuts are not only a rich source of arginine also of Omega 6 fatty acids. This automatically increases the blood circulation to the penis apart from increasing the production of nitric oxide. It is also important for treating erectile dysfunction, which is a result of diabetes.


Best vegetarian protein rich foods

Spinach is a rich source of natural nitrates. When you consume spinach, the natural nitrates get converted into nitric oxide due to the action of the tongue and the bacteria present in the gut. Spinach also increases the production of testosterone in the body. Spinach is also rich in folate, which is one of the ingredients that are necessary to improve the quality of sex. Spinach is also a rich source of magnesium, which helps dilate the blood vessels in the body. When there is better blood flow to the sexual organs, it results in arousal and thereby, results in erections in men.


Garlic is one of the best foods to eat in case of an erectile dysfunction even though it stinks a lot. It is a potent booster of testosterone, which is actually what matters in order to improve erection. Garlic also improves the blood flow to the sexual organs and improves your performance in bed.

Animal liver

One other food that improves the functioning of your sex organs is animal liver. Many people do not cook this item since it is not popular. If you marinate and then cook the liver of any animal well, then it would serve as one of the best foods for erection. Other than being a rich source of calcium, the liver of an animal would evoke the desire of men to make love since it contains glutamine.


Meat comprises testosterone and also lots of proteins, both of which are essential for improving the performance of men in bed. When you combine minerals with this item, your body would be able to produce more testosterone and this would automatically promote erection. You should, however, remember not to eat too much meat in one day since it could increase the level of carbohydrates and fats in the body and cause diseases.

Citrus fruits

Health benefits of seafood

Citrus fruits should not be excluded from consumption for a better sex life since it contains Vitamin C, which is good for improved erection. Moreover, it improves the quality of sperms.


Not only are blueberries like Viagra for men but they also do not cause any side effects. They also contain soluble fibres, which could help remove any excessive or bad cholesterol from the body. Moreover, they increase the flow of blood to the penis by helping the blood vessels in the heart expand. This will automatically help improve your erection.


Not only is celery one of the best sexual stimulants but it is also one of the best foods for erection. This is because it contains an odourless hormone, which is called the androsterone that is released through the sweat of men while they have intercourse. What’s more, celery also improves your erection.


Not only does cinnamon smell good but it also tastes very good when cooked with food. It also makes men more attractive to women. What’s more, the men who smell of cinnamon regularly have healthy erections that last long. If you really want to arouse your woman or get her excited tonight, then you should consume some cinnamon before having intercourse with her.

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