Dandruff home remedies for oily hair

Sticky and oily hair is equally not preferable as this creates lots of carbon and dust to get settle over the hair making it greasy in appearance. Regular cleanliness of such hair is important with repeated wash through shampoo. If the individuals with normal hair need to wash their hair twice in a week, people with oily skin need to do this in every alternative day. Part from regular wash, you need to restrict the oil secretion that is taking place from the hair follicles of the individuals. Also excessive grime and dirt can lead to hair fall.  Oily scalp also have dandruff but the type of dandruff forming over the oily skin scalp will be different than the dandruff forming over the dry skin layer. The dry skin gives rise to flaky dandruff where as oily skin forms patches like wax layer over the scalp. Let us have a look  at some of the home remedies for oily skin.

Dandruff home remedies for oily skin

Fuller’s earth

How to remove dandruff fast

Fuller’s Earth is clay extracted from mother Earth which has proved to be really beneficial to treat acne and oily skin. Even for people with oily skin, this fuller Earth of Multani mitti remedy proves to be a hit. You can now easily apply it over your dandruff rich scalp to remove excessive oil from the skin layer. You can now get fuller earth powder in the market which needs to be purchased. People with medium length hair can take three tablespoon of fuller earth and mix it with water with a paste like consistency. Now apply the paste over your scalp and wait for the time till it becomes totally dry. Now wash it with Luke warm water.

Tomato juice

Today, most of the people are using tomato in making curries and salads in kitchen. But, no one knows its beauty benefits for hair as well. You need to take a ripe tomato and mash it so that it becomes pulp. Remember to remove the seeds from the mashed tomato. Now add a spoon of fuller Earth’s powder in it so that the tomato juice does not drops down completely. Now you can apply this tomato juice slowly over the scalp and wait till 30 minutes till it dries.

It will be better to wear a shower cap after applying the tomato juice. Now you can wash away the tomato juice from your scalp with the help of cold water. Even after washing the juice, you can see some peels of tomato over your scalp. It will be better to massage your scalp with those peels which will help improving blood circulation and restrict dandruff.

Apple juice

Apple juice also has a peculiar type of natural acid which after application on the scalp will help drying excessive oil over the scalp. Dandruff is the result of dead skin layer which can now be eliminated with the enzymes present in the apples. To make this scalp treatment solution, you have to take 2 tbsp of the apple juice and mix it with half cup of warm water. Now apply the juice over the hair and scalp and also massage it well. This needs to be kept for 20 minutes and then rinse it with fresh water.

Soap nut powder (Reetha)

There was a time when reetha was regarded as a wonderful remedy for all types of hair problems. People didn’t used to apply shampoo to wash their hair. Rather, they use a natural soap named as Reetha which has no side effects like our present days cosmetic shampoos. Dandruff is also one of the hair problems which can now be eradicated with the help of soap nut powder. Take 2 tablespoon of soap nut powder and 8 tbsp of henna. Pour some water and mix them well. Make a thick paste of it and apply it over your scalp. Now leave it for 30-45 minutes and wash it away. Even if you have grey hair henna and soap nut powder can bring a good color shade by replacing grey hair with the natural hair color. You must apply this pack on your scalp at least once in a week so that dandruff cannot grow repeatedly.