Home remedies to cure the winter dry skin

Dry skin can give rise to flakiness and even cracks over your skin and face. Every individual have become very cautious about their skin and health especially the facial area. Due to the wind blowing from the opposite side, your skin can become flaky and dry. This dryness will remove moisture from your skin and make it look unattractive.

Ladies complaining about such problem will always aim to get soft and moisturized skin. Some of the home remedies will always make your skin moisturized and fresh even during the winter season. Let us find out some of the remedies for winter dry skin.

Winter is such a season when the skin of individuals becomes dry and rough due to extreme cold. Proper protection must be taken so that your heels do not crack and your skin does not become unhealthy. You must have seen variety of creams and moisturizers readily available in the market that claims to provide soft and beautiful skin.

But, if you are going to get the branded products, those will be very expensive. Your skin can become weak and unhealthy with the harmful rays of sun, pollution and constant weather changes. Your heels will be likely to become rough, scaly and crack.

Winter may not be very fascinating for many people. Yes, it is not going to be great for all those who have developed dry and flaky skin. Those people who already have dry skin face the maximum difficulty in such a situation.  This is the time to get something extra so that the problem of dry skin can be removed.

If you want to stay away from the chemical effect, it will be better to avail some home remedies. Some people think moisturizing is the solution. It might be the solution to some extent. But, it is not all to be done in winter. Let us find out some home remedies here.

Dry skin during winter

Face creams for dry skin

The causes of dry skin can be many external factors. Our body contains adequate moisture to keep our skin free from wrinkles and scales. But, during the winter season, the dry air absorbs all moisturizes from your body leaving your body very dry and unattractive. Your skin becomes lifeless with the affect of harsh wind and worsening of the skin condition. During winter season, it is very tough for us to touch cold water. Thus, we prefer washing out hands, feet and full body with warm water. If you skin is exposed for a long time to hot water, this will be a fruitful reason for worsening the skin condition.

Home remedies for the winter dry skin

Avocado and papaya

Papaya was proven as a wonderful remedy for treating dry skin. If your skin has scars, this will also be removed with the help of Papaya. You can now make a paste with a single banana, a slice of papaya and 1 avocado. Wonderful mixture must be prepared and must be applied over the face. After applying the same, you must leave the paste for a period of 15 minutes. You can wash the paste from your face and watch the difference.


Another popular fruit used in salad is cucumber. You can readily get this food in your vegetable basket. If you have a tanned skin tone along with dryness of skin, cucumber will be an effective remedy. This is a natural ingredient to moisturize your skin and make your skin tone lighten. Take 1 whole cucumber. Take out the flesh from it and make a paste in a mixture. Apply this on your face and keep it for a period of 30 minutes. Apply this at least twice in a week and get visible result after a week.


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Rose and honey

Winter night creams for dry skin

Honey is another important and efficient household ingredient that can make your skin very attractive after application in a proportionate way. If you are conscious about your beauty, rose water will be readily available at your home. You have to make a mixture of 1 tablespoon honey and same quantity of rose water. Mix both the ingredients well and apply this on your face and neck in a proportionate way. This is such a wonderful face pack which helps in cleansing, toning and making it glowing all together in healthier way.

Olive oil for skin

This oil is good for your skin and you can add egg yolk if you have dry skin. Vitamin E and K in this oil gives protection and moisture to the skin. The hands, legs and feet will feel soft and cared for with the touch of olive oil. You can use coconut oil or almond oil too if you do not get olive oil. Apply this oil before going for a shower. After the shower, anoint your face and neck areas with sunscreen and you are ready for the outer world in winter.

Milk cream

This is another moisturizer for your body. Take a few drops of lime juice and 1 tablespoon of milk and add 4 tablespoon of milk to it. Mix the contents and spread on to your legs, body and hands. You need to leave it on for 30 minutes and then go for shower. This natural remedy takes care of your skin in detail.

Curd and honey

How to use multani mitti for dry skin

You can mix curd and honey properly and then apply the mixture on your body. The curd has got anti inflammatory property and is an anti oxidant that takes care of the damage done by free radicals. Wash the mixture after 20 minutes and you will find the body soft and supple from the natural goodies for your body.

Aloe vera gel

Take aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel from between the cushion of the leaf. This gel is good for your skin in winter. Apply the gel on your face, hands and body after taking a shower. This gel keeps your skin soft and moisturized. It also keeps the skin away from impurities.

Castor oil or almond oil

Castor oil is magical for your body. The ricinoleic acid that is there in this oil makes it guard your skin against pollution and effects of chemicals in soap. The astringent in the oil keeps the skin cleansed. Dry areas of your body will become soft when dabbed with this oil. Almond oil is a source of vitamin E that is very friendly for your skin. The scorched skin gets soothed with almond oil. It is non greasy and repairs the skin beautifully. Apply on your face and then massage the face for some time. Rinse with warm water for best results.

Best tips for dry skin

Use coconut oil for removing dryness before taking your bath. This keeps chapping and flaking of skin away from your body. Make sure the oils that you use do not cover the pores of your skin. Avocado oil, primrose an d almond oils are mostly ones that will keep the pores free. Eat a lot of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables to keep your body hydrated and light. Petroleum jelly is good for the heels and lips. Use soaps that have got natural oils as ingredients in it. Do not use very hot water while bathing as it washes the oil from your skin and makes it dry. Use non greasy oils for your face and also polish your nails with these oils for better effect. Face packs will take off the oil from your face so avoid this in winter. The packs or masks that have mud will also dry your face. Avocado oil or olive oil is good for face masks in winter. Use yogurt, milk cream and butter milk for building up collagen under the skin. This helps in keeping the skin supple and youthful.

Coconut oil

It is quite easy to get coconut oil right at home as people use it for oiling hair. In many places people cook with the coconut oil. If you see cracks and dryness over your face and skin simply take few drops of coconut oil and apply it over your skin and see the difference. You will automatically get a cure over your winter skin.

Lemon with milk

With this remedy you will not only get moisturizing effect during the winter but also a clean and supple skin. Lemon is a natural cleanser that will remove all dirt and pollution from your skin. At the same time you can also get moisturized skin with milk. To make this remedy, you have to take 3-4 spoons of milk and add few drops of lemon in it. Mix both the ingredients really well and apply on your face and skin. Keep this for 10 minutes and then wash away with warm water.

Oatmeal with olive oil

Best fairness creams for dry skin

You need to crush oatmeal and get it grainy consistency so that the scrubbing part can be ideal. Take a spoon of crushed oatmeal and add a spoon of olive oil in it. Mix both the ingredients really well and apply it over your skin and face. Now, keep this for 10 minutes and wash with warm water. Before washing it, you need to rub your skin in circular motion such that it covers face and its different element.  This will remove your dead skin and make you look attractive.

Egg yolk with olive oil

If your skin does not get proper nourishment, it is really important to get protein involvement with this. Egg yolk is also a wonderful protein rich ingredient that will provide proper nourishment to your skin and restrict getting cracked. Break one egg and take out the yolk portion of the egg in a small separator and pour 2 spoons of olive oil over it. Beat the two ingredients really well such that the pale yellow color can be visible. Now apply it over your face, hands and legs and wait for 15 minutes. There after you can wash away with luke warm water and see the difference.

Yogurt with banana

Take a ripe banana and mash it really well. Now add 2 spoons of yogurt in it. You can also add a spoon of honey in it. Mix all the ingredients well and apply over your face and hands. Keep this mask for 20 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water.

Orange peel off mask

How to get the instant glowing skin

During winter, your skin requires more care than the usual seasons. The air in the environment becomes too dry. Regular facial and exfoliate is important. You need to remove the dead skin as well. You can now make an orange peel off mask. For this you require peels from fresh orange dried and crushed- (2 spoons), Egg white- of 1 egg, raw milk- 1 spoon. You have to mix all of them and apply over your face. Now, peel it out and see your face. It will be clear and away from dead skin.

Omega 3 fatty acid/ fish oil

You can get Omega 3 fatty acids in many sea fish. You must consume those fishes during winter in order to get beautiful skin tone. You can also get the cod liver oils in the medical stores. Those are also good to fulfill the deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acid. If you can consume it on a regular basis, you will not get dry skin during winter. Apart from treating with beauty products from outside, you too should go ahead with the inside care. This can be done with Omega 3 fatty acid consumption. This will provide a natural glow on your skin.

Vinegar for hand

If you speak about the skin care, it does not mean only the face. You also need to take good care of your hands.  Vinegar is one of the useful ingredients available in the kitchen. You can use this vinegar over your hand and leave it over night.  It should be kept as it is and wash it off next day morning. You should try this today and stay away from dry skin.