Easy wavy braid / plaits hairstyles & haircuts

Plaits or braids are hairstyles which are created by intertwining sections of hair with each other. They need a minimum of three sections for a regular braid. The complicated ones need more enhancements and styling. In this article, we will go through some plait hairstyles which you can follow with your natural wavy hair. If you style your hair wavy because it suits your look, you can also try these out when you hair is wavy or even slightly messy. Wavy strands usually turn out to make messy plaits but they look more natural and stylish.

Regular plait braided hairstylebraid

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

A regular plait would include brushing all the strands at the back, and then making three equal sections to intertwine. When you have wavy hair and if they are also cut in layers, you might have some strands falling short to do the initial length of the plait. Let those strands create a nice style in the front, while you brush the rest back to the braided hair. In the picture below, we have a similar example to second this idea.

Open hair with a sleek side plaitOpen hair with a sleek side plait

When you have wavy hair, it creates its own messy look, and sometimes you’d rather like to keep it simple and open. Follow this hairstyle if you are looking for a casual hairstyle which you can enhance with a little braid on the side. Brush your hair as much as you want the strands to get into shape and leave the rest messy. A section on some hair from one side and make a thin plait. You could part your hair from the middle or from the side, but make sure that the plait gets its due attention.

Side-parted hair with scalp plaitSide-parted hair with scalp plait

Easy hairstyles for sarees

Scalp plaits start off from the very initial length of your hair, unlike regular hair which are half-down. In the picture below, we get to learn a new hairstyle which includes a scalp braid. The hair has been nicely washed and brushed to one side. Now that most of the strands are fuller one side of the shoulder you start making the braid from the scalp. This would only include one section of your hair, which will finally accumulate all the strand half-down. Continue with the plait till there is about 2-3 inches left and then tie it with a band.

Waterfall plait wavy hair overnightWaterfall Plait

This sort of a hairstyle is called a waterfall plait. To do this, you have to first part your hair from one side. Take three tiny sections like you’d do to make a sleek braid, but don’t make it completely. Once you’ve done the first two steps of the act, you need to take another section and repeat the process. This goes on, until you can take the style across the other side. For more details, check some tutorials and you’ll know how to follow. Add some lovely accessories like floral pins which would keep the style tight and beautiful.

Ways to turn overnight braids with ponytail plait Ponytail plait

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

This is a unique style which gives you the touch of a regular hairdo with a plait. Have all of you have brushed to the back, leaving bangs in the front only. Use some Bobby pins or a band like you see the picture below. Now make a small braid, in the picture we see a fishtail braid done, so you could try that out too. The plait lasts for around 4 inches and this section is again tied with a band. The rest of the strands flow at the back and are kept open.

Easy steps for a celebrity waves hairstyle with Messy hair ponytail with braidMessy hair ponytail with braid

Sometimes we like to carry the absolute messy hair look because it is natural and sexy. If you want to follow the hairstyle in the picture below, try out the easy trick with your messy hair. Start off with sectioning the side so that you can make a braid right from the scalp. The plait will only include some section of the hair and will continue for about 3/4th length of the hair. After the plait is made, you have to take all the strands and make a ponytail. As a band or tie the hair or have a wrap around ponytail done.

Side fringes with side braid gorgeous braids for wavy hair

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Simple hairstyles for silk saree

When you want to flaunt your fringe and keep your hair open, and also crave to make your hair look a little more stylish, you can try out a plait! In this hairstyle we start off with a very easy technique – part the hair from one side, so that the braid can be done on the heavier side of the sectioning. After the hair has been parted, let the fringes stick out to make the hairdo more alluring. Take a section of hair just after the fringes to make a regular braid. You can have it tied up, or keep it loose and then let the rest of the hair fall as it is.

How to curl your hair with puffed ponytail side braidPuffed ponytail with side braid

To follow this stylish hairstyle, have the lengthy layers brushed back. Now make a side plait starting from the scalp. Take a section of hair from the middle and make a slight puff. Pin it up with Bobby pins and then continue to make a ponytail with all the strands together. Make a high ponytail and not a low one. If you have layers or bangs falling in front, they will make the style a little more interesting.

Middle-parted hair with side braids hairstyleMiddle-parted hair with side braids

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

One of the most common hairstyles we like to follow, when we want to keep our hair open, is parting it from the middle and letting the layers prominent. On the other hand, there are hairstyles where you don’t want your hair to come in front, so you choose another alternative. This hairstyle for example, is quite in a trend and is quite acceptable for such situations. Have your hair parted from the middle and take sections from both sides to make braids. Pin up the braids at the back and let the rest of the hair stay open.

How to get a braided bun with your natural wavy hair

Braided bun

Bun hairstyles are common, but they are too plain. Sometimes to enhance your summer look, you’d want to improvise on the bun hairdo. Have your hair parted from one side and make a braid with the heavier side of the sectioning. Accumulate the rest of the hair around the nape of your neck and then create a bun. Try to tie a messy bun which looks a little more trendy.

Twin braids wavy hairstyle

Twin braids

Layered hairstyles for long hair with side fringe

Two scalp braids equally divided and created to make twin braids look immensely nice, if you have the perfect occasion to carry it. If you are sporty or you need styles for high school, these are commonly followed hairstyles which are easy to manage. Part your hair from the middle and all through. Make braids which start from the scalp and make sure that they are equivalent on both sides.

Crown laced braid hairstyle with wavy hair

Crown laced

Lace braids are nice ideas for enhancing bun hairstyles. They add life to the plain buns and make them look interesting. Lace braids have to be started from one end and then put across to the other side. Choose the side which is more comfortable to you and put it across the crown zone. Pin it up well and then use the rest of the hair to make a neat bun.

Medium layers with braid haristyle

Medium layers with braid

Balayage hairstyles for short length hair

If your layers are in short, and you have short to medium-length hair, this is one nice idea that you can try. Braids do make your length shorter, but they would be quite a unique choice to choose from. Part your wavy hair from the middle and section out the front zone to make a braid. Push the braid to the side and then pin it up. Let the rest of the hair fall open.

Twisted sections into braid hairstyle with wavy hair

Twisted sections into braid

This is quite an interesting hairstyle that you can try if you manage to take some time out. Make twisted sections which are thin. Make 2-3 of them according to your comfort and then add it to the main layers. Intertwine them to make a regular braid and the result will be like the one you see in the picture below. This will give you a very uncommon hairstyle while the layers in front can be flaunted as bangs.

Crown braid with fringe wavy light brown hair color


The light brown hair color with a crown braid make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for office parties and for any occasions. Take a section of hair near one ear end and braid it. Twist the braid tail at the other end and pin it. The wavy thick hair with light brown hair color make you look beautiful.

Top cute hairstyles for little girls


The waterfall braid with curls has a braid look with stylish hair. Start braid from two parts of the front section and tie with an elastic bang in the center of the head. Roll the elastic band with hair and pin the hair tightly.  The ladder braid hairstyle with beautiful dress gives a pretty look.

Curly & wavy hairstyle with braids


The best way to style your hair is having a section braid. The braid is twisted to the other side from one ear to another ear and is pinned to look like a crown. The front puff with side swept bang fringe hairstyle, make you look pretty cute. Try this hairstyle for wedding parties to look like gorgeous.

French fringe long blonde hairstyle with braid


The top best French fringe braid with long blonde hairstyle, make you look beautiful with side waves. The front side braid pinned back of the ear with ladder left hair from braid look beautiful. The light brown and black hair strands of gray hair make you look beautiful with braided hairstyles.

Braid hairstyle with wavy braid hair


The stylish fashion braid hairstyle with side swept bang looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle with fringe wavy golden hair color. Prepare a braid with the part of the hair and twist it to the other end and pin it tightly not to move like a crown. Leave the remaining hair loose and wide open to look gorgeous.

Best wedding hairstyles with braid and wavy hair


The two braided wavy hairstyle best for wedding. Prepare your hair with a doubled layered braid and tie them in the middle of the head. Simply leave the remaining hair loose and wide open with the braid look. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful and try it for parties.