How to lighten the dark lips or black lips naturally with home remedies

Dark lips have probably become a major cause of disappointment to many individuals especially ladies who always wishes to keep their lips lighter and pinkish. The changes in individual’s lifestyle and excessive smoking can be one of the reasons behind the dark lips. Some harmful cosmetics in the form of lipstick can also be one of the reasons behind the formation of dark lips.

But, since there is solution to every problem, you can easily get beautiful light lips with pinkish tinge with some natural remedies.  Sometime darkness of lips can also be a reason behind inheritance such that someone in your family might have such type of lips.

Excessive exposure to the sunrays such as UV rays can also be one of the reasons. Some people have the habit of consuming too much of coffee in raw form which increases the layer of Caffeine in the body and gives rise to dark lips. But, natural home remedies have been a hit for years to eradicate this problem.

How many days you will run back over the lipsticks and lip glosses to make your lips pink!! If you give a wash, the color just go off. Bring your lips new charm and color that never lasts, Due to various reasons our lips may be in dark color which includes exposure to the direct light, UV rays, smoking, taking more caffeine in a day, being in the polluted places for long hours etc. Try some risk free simple remedies to get the natural pink lips.

Natural remedies for dark lips

Sugar scrub

Home remedies to lighten dark lips

Take three tablespoons of sugar powder and add two tablespoons of butter to it. Blend or mix it to from a thick paste. Use it as a scrub over the lips, sugar works as exfoliate and removes the dead skin present on the lips where as butter helps to increase the color and moisture.

Lemon juice

The bleaching agents of lemon are the best workers to remove the layer from lips. It exfoliates the lip skin and brings new tone. Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice over the lips with finger tips. Do it in regular manner to get glossy and pink lips.

Beet root

One of the ideal way to get the pink lips in the home is by applying the beet root juice. Its natural red color mirrors the same on lips and cleanses the darkness simultaneously. The natural agents existing in the beetroot gradually reduces the darkness of lips.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains so many essential nutrients which helps to nurture your lips. Retain few drops of olive oil on the lips and scrub it, it brings you natural glowing and soft lips by giving its nutrients to lips.

Rose flower

Top ideas to lighten the dark lips

Reach the rose flower to get rosy lips, prepare paste from rose petals and butter by blending them well. Apply the paste and scrub over, the pin stain existing in rose decreases the lips darkness and promotes pink and rosy lips. Try to make it for two times a week for the endeavoring results.


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Take the help of berries to turn your lips in to rose petals. Berries like raspberries and strawberries can drill your problem of having dark lips. Prepare the paste from raspberries and mix it with aloe vera gel and honey. Apply and scrub it, rinse off after ten minutes and get a glossy pink lips.

Petroleum jelly

Take three table spoons of petroleum jelly and one and half table spoon of strawberry juice, mix it up and use it as a daily lip balm.

Smooth scrub

Rather than pouring money on lip care products, follow this simple tip to get natural pink lips. Before you are going to bed in the night time, scrub your lips with the help of soft tooth brush, it removes the flaky dead skin from lips and helps to achieve pinkness.


Best tips for beautiful pink lips

Separate the pomegranate seeds and blend it with butter, apply this paste directly over the lips. Scrub it for few minutes and leave. It is one of the good and natural home based remedy to get clear pink lips.

Turmeric and milk

Take a container and add some turmeric paste in it. You can use the turmeric powder but that might have adulteration. It is ideal to use the turmeric root which is natural without any adulteration. Now add few drops of raw milk in it and mix them well. Now keep it aside.

First of all wet your lips with a water drop and brush a soft tooth brush without paste over your lips. This is a good exfoliate that will remove all dead skin layer from your lips. Now, apply a little bit of turmeric and milk past over your lips and keep it for only 3 minutes. Then wash it away and apply a lip balm or olive oil over your lips. This will easily reduce darkness from your lips making it soft and beautiful.

Raspberry scrub

Raspberry is a natural fruit that contains all types of mineral and vitamins that is really essential for your skin. If you really wish to keep your lips bubbly and very vibrant, the popular raspberry scrub will be an ideal solution. You have to make a paste with fresh raspberry, honey as well as little Aloe Vera gel. Mix them all well and apply it over your lips. This is both a scrubber as well as pack which will help your lips look very beautiful. After applying this scrubber and paste over your lips wash it away and apply a homemade lip balm over it.


Beauty tips for pink rose lips

You must have heard people saying that cucumber is good for skin. Apart from consuming, you can also apply this over your skin to get it lighter and beautiful.  You can either cut a small slice of cucumber and rub it over the lips or make a paste out of the cucumber and apply the pulp over the lips. You need to keep it over the lips till the time the lips do not absorb juices from the pulp so applied.  If you can do this every day for just 5 minutes, getting lighter and soft skin will be quite easy.

Almond oil

Almond is one of the expensive nuts which have variety of health benefits either consumed in the raw form or made utilization of the oil.  Getting almond oil readily in the market will be quite easy. You need to take 3-4 drops of almond and a teaspoon of honey in a container and mix then well. Now, apply it over your lips. This can be applied like a lip balm whenever you feel your lips is getting dry.

Coconut oil and almond oil

You can also take few drops of coconut oil as well as almond oil in equal proportion in a spoon and apply it over your lips. This can be ideally done before going to bed. You need to leave it overnight and then wash it away after rising in the morning.  This will work excellently in making your lips soft and beautiful. Getting a pinkish tinge is also possible if you can do this on a regular basis. This will help your lip bloom like a rose always.