Best natural homemade tips to get black hair

Black hair has been in demand for years. Even currently, in the century of cosmetic use, folks are having leaning towards the natural cures. Some individual loses the denseness of the hair as well as the natural color. This can be due to excessive chemical use. Premature graying has also come to the path for many ladies willing to get attractive black hair. We are now going to present some of the wonderful remedies of gray hair. It is better to avail these remedies instead of adopting the cosmetic treatments.

[Hindi tips to get black hair]

Causes of premature graying

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There are hell number of factors responsible for premature graying of hair. The changes of lifestyle can be a valid reason of not getting black, dense and quality hair tone. Our body has melanin due to which the skin stays little dark. This is also an important phenomenon to keep our skin healthy. Foreigners lack this phenomenon. Due to this they suffer from variety of skin disorder. Even when you have this element absent on your hair, this can give rise to gray hair.

More causes of premature graying

  • Pollutants available in the environment affecting your hair
  • Emotional distress and stress in the work field
  • Use of huge concentration of unorganic shampoo is responsible

Truths on hair dyeing

These days’ folks have a wish to get high-class hair color. Some use very harmful chemicals but others hesitate for the same. We are here to provide you a solution for hair coloring. Yes, the natural kitchen ingredients available right at your home kitchen will be wonderful to get perfect hair coloring. You can get an exclusive hair color without any side effects. One of the difficult situation which people faces these days is graying of hair before their appropriate age. The mother earth has given us variety of proper treatment ingredients. Few among them will be great to mend the gray hair.

Natural home remedies for grey hair

Remedies of Black tea

This is the best solution for premature signs of grey hair. It is extremely simply to make and use. All you will want is black tea leaves(two tablespoons) and water. Brew a cup of tea and then set it aside to cool. Separate the tea from the leaves and wash your hair with it. Make sure you don’t leave out your scalp. Keep this on your hair for two hours and then wash with cold water only. Doing it three to four times a week to see better results in no time.

The use of Catechu and Henna

Catechu is famous for its dying, tannin and astringent properties. This ayurvedic remedy along with Henna can do wonders when used. For softer, shinier and gorgeous hair use it twice a week. You will need henna powder (one cup), coffee powder (as required), curd (one tablespoon), lemon juice(one tablespoon), Catechu(one tablespoon), Brahmi or Indian pennywort of waterhyssop(one tablespoon), Indian Gooseberry (one tablespoon), mint powder(one tablespoon) and vinegar.

Using metal bowl to mix the ingredients is a wrong choice as the henna will react to it. Use plastic or wooden bowl instead. Mix the henna and coffee powder together. Henna will give your hair a reddish hue whereas coffee will result in brownish tinge. Now, add all the ingredients – lemon juice, curd, Brahmi, Catechu, mint powder and Indian Gooseberry except vinegar. Make sure you add vinegar at the end to maintain the consistency of the pack. After three hours wash it with cold water.

The treatment of Shikakai, Soap nut and Henna

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This remedy is another great way for turning your hair black. Choose an iron bowl as the iron present in the bowl will oxdize the ingredients and turn the shade of the dye much darker. You need one cup of henna, Indian Gooseberry (two tablespoons), Shikakai (one tablespoon), soap nut(one tablespoon), lemon juice (one tablespoon), curd(two tablespoons), coconut oil (half a tablespoon) and vinegar as required.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add the vinegar at the end to form a thick paste. Cover it and keep it for one night. Apply this to your hair in the morning. Cover your scalp, hair roots and tips with it. Keep it for a minimum of three hours. Wash it with cold water.


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Benefits of Indian gooseberry and Shikakai

This is another way to turn your hair shinier, softer and above all darker. It will stop the problem of whitening of hair. You will need Indian Gooseberry (25 grams), Shikakai (25 grams), coconut oil(two tablespoons) and vinegar (500 grams). If you don’t have the herbs in powder form, soak them in a bowl with vinegar. Make a paste of it.

Combine all the ingredients together, except the coconut oil and form a thick paste. Cover it and set it aside for the night. In the morning massage your hair and scalp.Don’t miss out any part of your hair. After half an hour you can wash it with cold water. Don’t shampoo. Pat your hair dry and apply the coconut oil to it. Darker, stronger and shinier hair will be yours in no time.

Goodness of Sesame seeds

We ask you to pick sesame seeds that are black in colour. They have much more nutrientcontent than white sesame seeds. The reason behind this is black Sesame Seeds aren’t hulled. You will get the needed Vitamin B and minerals from this.

Soak a handful of sesame seeds in water for the night. This will help the seeds to turn soft. Using a blender or food processor turn it into paste. Cover your scalp with this paste and go all the way down to the tips of your hair. After half an hour wash your hair thoroughly with cold water.

Sage treatment for black hair

The premature greying and hair fall is not a new problem, we have seen large number of young women sporting grey hair to work or college. The phenomenon is a gradual result of rising pollution and exposure to contaminated environment. Sage preferably black sage helps in effectively turning your grey hair black by soaking it in water for about 30 minutes and warming it up. Now, you can rinse off your dry dull and lifeless grey hair using this natural heavenly water. The lukewarm potion will instantly turn your hair black and exude a natural shine to your long cascading locks.

Coconut oil and lemon juice therapy

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Get gorgeous naturally with ultra smooth slick and super scintillating hair that shines brighter than sun with this natural homemade potion. This mixture will include coconut oil and lemon juice to treat the scalp and hair follicles which have lost their natural grace and charm. You can pour a bounty of Vitamin C and goodness of the essential coconut oil to let your hair grow longer, stronger and thicker. Mix the coconut oil in lemon juice and apply it throughout evenly. Make sure you reach the ends and deep within the scalp. Repeat this twice a week for effective results.

Coconut oil and curry leaves treatment

For all you young lovely damsels in distress due to premature greying, use this miraculous therapeutic treatment to flaunt your graceful luxe black hair in all its glory. Take some curry leaves and in them in coconut oil, heat the mixture and stir it well. Now, strain out the curry leaves from the oil to use the left over natural broth over your hair. You can futher massage and apply it evenly and leave it overnight, rinse off your hair with shampoo the next day.

Earth wash treatment

The natural fresh earth found in the garden or nearby park can be dug out and carefully preserved in a bowl, you can remove the impieties and contaminants like germs and insects by straining it in water. Filter the content and now use it on your washed hair as a rinse off remedy. It is said that freshly dug out mud from earth proves to be a bliss for premature greying of hair. Repeat this twice a week for amazing results.

Fenugreek and coconut oil hair remedy

This is perhaps the most widely used natural remedy to turn your grey hair black quite effectively and have been considered as an age-old grandma’s secret. Preserve the beauty of your hair using fenugreek seeds by soaking them in water and mashing them into a fine thick paste. Now, mix the powder into coconut oil and let it dissolve completely. Massage your hair using this aromatic and natural homemade treatment to gorge on absolutely spectacular crowning glory.

Mango kernel with Indian gooseberry

This ye another exotic untold natural remedy is one of the most effective ways to obtain black luscious smoother and silkier hair instantly. All you need is a powder of mango kernel seed or even mango kernel oil will suffice, mix it into the Indian gooseberry mixture. Form a thick consistent paste mixture and apply it thoroughly all over your hair to get a rich texture. You can rinse your hair after 30 minutes. You can repeat this exercise twice a week for gorgeous results.

Henna with Indian gooseberry pack

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You must be aware of the goodness of henna. This is also suggested by beautician to keep hair beautiful. You need to make a pack where 3 spoons of henna powder, a spoon of coffee powder and similar quantity of amla powder is mixed together. Add warm water to make the paste. Let it soak for 2 hours and apply on your hair. Keep this over your head for an hour and wash it off.

Fenugreek seed pack

Fenugreek seed is one among the wonderful variety of seeds that are used in home kitchen. You might not know but it is really great to have black hair. Getting the gray hair paint black is not a solution. You need to have a natural way of getting black color all over. This is also used in ayurvedic medicine that will easily cure all types of hair issues. Promotion of hair growth is another important remedy. To get this pack you need to have fenugreek seeds- 1 tablespoon and coconut oil- ½ cup.

First of all you have to grind the fenugreek seeds and make a smooth powder out of it. Now you should heat oil and dip the fenugreek seed powder. Switch off the gas and remove it from flame. Let it cool down and apply it all over your scalp and hair. Keep for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo.

Liquorice and butter pack

You must be aware of mulethi. It is an Indian name of Liquorice. You need to take a bowl and set it under the flame. Now add around a litre of amla water along with it. Boil it and pour the muleti and clarified butter. This hair solution will be effective to remove gray hair.

Onion remedy

Some of us are still not aware of the fact that onion that we do consume everyday can be treated as a wonderful remedy for gray or light toned hair. You get your hair naturally black along with a natural strength on it. If you want to stay away from premature graying onion remedy can be really a great solution. You need to combine the lemon along with the onion to avail great remedy. You have to peel, slice and take an onion in a grinder and extract water out of it. Take 3 spoons of onion juice in a container. Again squeeze a natural juicy lemon and take out two spoons of juice from it. Make a combination of both and apply over your scalp and hair. After application leave it for 30 minutes. Then you can wash it off with mild shampoo.

Mango leaves remedy

If you have mango tree at home, there is nothing like it. But, if you don’t have you will get it in your nearby area. To get this remedy, you have to get few mango leaves. Also get one unripe mango with it. You have to peel out the mango peels. Now mix both the leaves and mango peel in a mixer and get a paste. Keep it under the sun and apply it. You can also get oil from it to apply on your hair.

Gray hair remedy with black tea

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This is one of the common way of making your hair naturally black. You have to make black tea just the way you make it to drink. But do not add sugar. Let it stay for 10 minutes after boiling. Once the color changes to dark and the solution gets cooled, rinse your hair with black tea.

Mango stone oil

Another natural remedy is the oil extracted from the mango stone. Apply this mango oil over your hair and keep it for few hours. Once it gets absorbed inside your skin, you will be really happy to get gray free hair.

Ribbed gourd treatment

To make this treatment you have to cut the ribbed gourd into pieces and let it dry under sun. After 2 days dip them in coconut oil. Now set the oil under the flame. You will get the black residue. Apply this residue on your hair to get beautiful black hair.

Rosemary and sage treatment

People have been using the combination of rosemary and sage for variety of beauty treatment. You get the hair growth boosted with the rosemary remedy. Also sage is a wonderful natural phenomenon that will prevent premature graying by removing dandruff. The cellulite in your hair and scalp is responsible premature graying of hair. Now you can easily stay away from such problem with the naturally obtained sage and rosemary treatment.

For this treatment you need half cup each of rosemary and sage. You need to take 2 cups of water and set it to boil. Once it starts boiling dip the rosemary as well as sage leaves. Let it boil and get a different color. Now let it cool and separate water from the leaves. Use this water to wash hair in a wonderful way. You will get your hair naturally black.

Tips for perfect black hair

Amla powder

Take a bowl in a big size and combine the ingredients like a liter of water, Indian gooseberry powder- 2 spoons and juice extracted from fresh lemon. This is a solution which you can store in freezer. This will be really effective if you can use it occasionally.

Hot oil massage

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You can take any type of natural oil such as coconut oil or amla oil. Keep this oil in front of the flame. Once it has become little hot, apply it over your hair and the root. Massage it for some time and wash away.

Herbal black hair maintenance

Just having naturally black hair is not enough. You also have requirement to uphold it on a steady basis. You can make a pack right at home. It will contain a spoon of bhrigraj powder, strong tea liquor, lemon juice, henna powder, brahmi powder. Soak all component in warm water. You can add 1 egg in the next day morning. Apply it as a pack and see how shinny and lustrous your hair become.

Simple tit-bit tips

  • You should know the correct way of combing hair. You can either use your fingers or wide toothed comb to remove the tangles.
  • Never use hair straightener or curling iron to your hair
  • You must trim your hair on a regular basis to keep your hair long and healthy.

Homemade recipes for long and thick hair

Curry leaves

The curry leaves that you consume for flavor is also a wonderful remedy to treat your gray hair. The hair fall gets restricted. You have to take handful of curry leaves and put inside a container full of coconut oil. Now keep them under the flame. Till the green portion become black. Now take it away from flame and let it cool down. Apply over your hair root and all hairs.

Cow ghee for black hair

If you are suffering from gray hair, one of the natural remedy which you can avail will be cow’s ghee. This is also been confirmed by the Ancient Ayurveda practitioner. This is one of the effective remedy to treat gray hair.

Mullethi and ghee

You can now get an exclusive hair mask for a beautiful hair. Take a container big in size where the ingredients like pure ghee, amla, each of 1 kg must be added. Also add 2502 grams of mulethi. Set it under flame in low. You will see the item gets evaporated only the vital part remains. Store it once cooled and store in container. Use it to color gray hair.

Orange juice

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For this you have to take a single large orange. Peel the orange and mash it with hands. Pour the juice in a container. Now add a spoon full of amla powder in it. Mix them and make a paste. You can apply it on your hair to get back natural black hair.

Drink water

Only exterior treatment is not enough, you need to stay healthy from inside. Drinking water is a must if you want to keep your hair healthy and free from premature graying. It is just like the way you pour water to your plants each day to grow and stay healthy. Your hair also need the same treatment. You can get a well-balanced oxygen in your body. You will develop proper blood circulation.

No heat for hair

You should absolute not use any heat on your hair. Even if you are having wet hair, dryers will not be suitable. Use towel to dry your hair. If it is winter season, stand under sunlight to get your hair dried. Also you will get enough of vitamin D in this process.

Natural oil

Regular oiling of your hair is a mandate. You can get a combination of all natural oils and apply it over your hair. This oil combination will include coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, neem oil, lavender oil etc.  Apply this combination over your hair root to keep your hair away from the unhealthy situation. Also you can easily avoid the gray hair before you are aged and feeble.

[Hindi tips to get black hair]