Best Natural Skin Moisturizers from your Kitchen

Proper nourishment of your skin is the key of glowing and younger looking skin, but before running towards the nearest moisturizing store we should look around our kitchen first before buying expensive, chemical filled products in the market.

Check out the Kitchen Moisturizers list below,


Winter skin care tips for women

It is an ultimate moisturizer for smooth, soft and glowing skin, such skin type is a dream of every woman and you can rely on milk for this purpose surely.

Many moisturizing products trying to replace the milk, but the raw milk results last longer and become an anti aging solution for many skin types as well.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile edible beauty product that works magically on all skin types. It works as a make-up removal that doubles as a moisturizer. It is mostly used on dry, scaly areas like elbows, knee and feet, and it soften the delicate skin around your eyes as well.


No Budget for parlor? Make a face mask of avocado in your kitchen. Mesh it up with olive oil, honey or try egg white. It will penetrate your skin deeply with vitamins and antioxidants. It reduces the appearance of aging and even removes acne, rashes, eczema and sun bun.


Homemade moisturizing lotions for dry skin

It gives extra moisturizing punch to your skin, just rub on one layer of honey and keep it for 15 minutes, it will be little sticky but helpful in nourishing your skin during this winter. You can even use it with fruit mask like papaya, Shea butter, cucumber etc.


Cut a lemon enjoy it’s juice with sugar and some black salt, wait don’t throw away its peels, rub it on your hands, face, neck, and even on entire body. It works as a body cleanser and toner and removes dead skin as well.


It is a famous dark circle removing ingredients and holly moisturizer for your eyes. It removes the puffiness around your eyes instantly. You just have to cut a cucumber and place its slice on both of your eyes and lay back for 15 minutes. It sting outs sun bun around your eyes and improves eye sight as well.

Fresh Milk Crème

Winter face packs for skin care

Instead of using raw milk you can use a crème layer of boiled milk and start massaging your skin gently in a upward direction, you might add some lemon drops into it to make it non sticky. Wipe it off with cotton, it works as a cleaning milk as well and removes dirt from your skin.

Coconut Oil

It is our grandmother’s favorite moisturizer, it is naturally full of collagen and easily absorbed by your skin. It has anti-aging and anti bacterial properties. You can apply it after bath or before going to sleep.

Aloe Vera

An ultimate solution for all skin problems and suits all skin types, it is most commonly used ingredient in all beauty products because of its moisturizing property. It even keeps all skin related problem in bay. You can apply fresh aloe Vera gel on skin for better results.

Shea Butter

Best moisturizes for dry skin

It is a great source of vitamin A and F which helps in treating dry skin. Shea butter is extracted from Shea tree nut fruit.

It is a natural and easily available moisturizer for the complete nourishment for beautiful skin.


Yes! It is the one of the richest lactic acid ingredient found in many expensive skin care products. It removes dead skin cells, speed up the cell rejuvenation. It helps new skin cells to look younger and brighter. Dip a washed cloth in butter milk and gently run it on your skin to get awesome results.

Caster Oil

It has the highest concentration of fatty acids which enables it to quickly absorbed by any skin type. It hydrates the skin inside out and an effective lubricant for dry patches. Its Linoleic acid creates a barrier from loosing moisture from the skin.

I hope you are convinced! About using homemade ingredients rather than expensive spa and facials on parlors. Nothing can be better than natural home remedies so rely on them and naturally make your skin happy and safe.