Best tips for dry chapped lips

When the lips are cracked and you can feel the dryness the feeling is uncomfortable. Every time you feel like licking the lips and this makes them more dry and cracked. The chapped lips are extremely painful and they look so unattractive. The lips become dry and red and you can see those cracks and flakes and the lip also seem to be so tender. You cannot stretch the lips. They will be more cracked when you open the lips wide. So make sure that you apply the balm so that the lips can heal in time and it is good to know that prevention is always better than cure.

Sugar can do good to cracked lips

Best tips for chapped lips

You have some of the best home remedies for the cracked lips and sugar is one of them. Once the dead cells of the cracked lips are perfectly exfoliated you can feel the softness soon. For this you have to mix sugar and honey and apply the same on the lips and retain for few minutes. Then it is time that you gently rub the mixture and in the way you can loosen the dead skin cells. Now it is time to wash off the same with lukewarm water.

Honey heals the lips fast

Honey is one again a fabulous lip healing product. Honey has all the moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties which can really make the lips heal in time. For this you have to apply organic honey on the cracked lips and you need to do this often in a day. You can even make a solution of honey and glycerine and apply the same on the lips before retiring to bed. Once you get up in the morning you can feel the softness of the lips. Honey works great for the cracked lips and they seem so nourished and taken care of.

Rose petals for your lips

If you have rose plant in the garden you can have a quickest remedy of chapped lips. The rose petals are extremely good for the lips. You can soak the rose petals in milk and in case you have problem with dairy products you can even soak the rose petals in glycerine. Then you can mash the petals well in order to make a thick paste out of the same. Then it is time that you apply the paste on the dry lips and you must do this for at least three times in a day. However, you must not forget to apply the paste before going to bed. This will help the lips get nourished for the whole night.

Castor oil can take care of the lips

Natural remedies for dry lips

Castor oil is one more trusted remedy for the cracked lips. You just have to keep on applying the oil on the lips. You can even make a mixture with castor oil, glycerine and lemon juice. This is a wondrous solution for the cracked lips. Mix the ingredients well and apply the same on the lips before you go to bed. Once you get up in the morning you can dip a cotton ball in lukewarm water and then rub the lips gently in order to make the lips feel so soft and nourished.

The goodness of milk cream for the lips

Milk Cream comes with high fat content and this is the reason it is the best ingredient for the lips. Milk cream is known as a natural and real cream moisturizer. The fresh cream should be applied on the lips and then it is time that you leave it for ten minutes. After this you can make use of a soaked cotton ball to wash off the lips. If you repeat the process daily then your lips are sure to stay in the best of state ever.

Cucumber for the lips

Cucumber is a cool vegetable and it is best for cracked lips. Cucumber will help the lips stay juicy and at the same time helps in retaining the genuine colour of the lips. This is also the vegetables to help remove spots and tans from the lips. Now, the lips appear so soft and pinkish and you can really feel the lips so pulpy and well defined.