Best tips for Long nails

Long and well maintained nails can actually make your hands appear more beautiful, adding glamour to your overall appearance.  Well-manicured and healthy nails can work as a nice asset for any women. However, keeping the nails long and well maintained is not very easy, because by nature nails are porous and they tend to break and chip as you use your hands. Broken or chipped nails do not really look good and instead of adding to your looks they can be indicating your carelessness. So, if you are interested about having those beautiful nails it is important to care for them in the right way. Here are some best tips to help you maintain healthy long nails that can add to your overall appearance and can make you feel more beautiful,

Do not disturb the cuticles of your fingernails

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The cuticles at the base of the nails work as a natural shield from infection of bacteria and fungus; manipulating or cutting the cuticles can actually leave your nails bare and the nail bed vulnerable to infections. Trying to manipulate the cuticles can even lead to permanent damage to the nails loosening the hold of the nail with the nail bed. So, if you have a habit of clearing off the cuticles regularly, it is the high time to change it.

Moisturize the nail bed

Moisturizing is important to maintain the best health of your nails. Dryness can make your nails brittle and prone to breaking and chipping. By moisturizing the cuticles and the nail bed properly you can ensure that the nails are soft and flexible. You can use any hand moisturizer for the purpose or using some oil, like olive oil, around the cuticles can be very helpful to moisturize the whole nail in the best way.

Take biotin supplements

It has been proved through scientific studies that biotin plays a vital role in promoting the best health of nails and hairs. Biotin supplements can be actually helpful to reduce the breaking of nails and for making them strong and flexible.  Biotin is also believed to promote nail thickness which can reduce breakage and chipping to a great extent. Elements like calcium or gelatin which are often believed to increase the nail strength do not actually have any scientific evidence in their support. So, if you have been using these products, replace them with the biotin supplements that can actually strengthen your nails.

Choose your nail polish remover with care

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Studies have proved that the nail polish removers used often work as the main cause for making nails dry and brittle. So, if you love to change the shade of your nail color frequently, keep an eye on the constituents of the remover you pick to use.  Acetone based nail polish removers can be highly damaging for nails and with regular use they can make your nails prone to chipping or breaking. Try to pick a product that comes with Vitamin E and other moisturizing elements to prevent drying. Also make it a point to moisturize your nails with a hand lotion or oil after using a remover.

Use the right nail file in the right way

Filing your nails is important in order to keep them in the right size and shape, but it is also important to adopt the right way of filing nails to ensure that it does not work as a cause to make your nails weak. Harsh nail files can cause small cracks on the nails that can lead to breakage with time, so pick a nail file that is smooth and gives a fine filing outcome. Also make it a point to file your nails slowly, only in one direction without putting much pressure. It reduces the risk of breakage and chipping.

Limit contact of your nails with water and cleaning chemicals

Keeping your nails wet for a prolonged time can make them weak and brittle. So, always make it a point to dry off your hands and moisturize them properly every time after washing them. Also minimize the contact of cleaning chemicals like detergents, dishwasher or even soaps with your finger nails. These cleansers can be highly damaging and can lead to nail breakage.

Nail hardeners should not be your mantra

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Many women who love to have long nails opt for using nail hardeners in the belief that they might be actually effective to give strong nails that are not chipped easily. However, in reality, most of these nail hardeners are made from chemicals in an unregulated way and instead of being good for your nails, they can harm your nails more. So, if you have been depending on the nail hardeners for taking care of your long nails, might be it is the primary ingredient that is damaging your nails at the first place.

Limit your parlor visit for professional manicure

Professional manicures are relaxing and they can actually give your nails the best look. However, the problem with professional manicures is that the process of these professional manicures uses a bunch of chemicals of different varieties and strength, and none of the chemicals are good for your nails which are actually porous by nature.  By limiting your parlor visit for professional manicure you can easily limit the amount of chemicals used on your nails, which can be very helpful to maintain long nails without the problem of breaking or chipping.

Check out your shampoo for SLS/SLEs

Your nails are actually delicate. Even the SLS/SLEs which often make a common ingredient in most of the shampoos can have high drying effects on your nails causing them to break and chip. Particularly the shampoo that creates a lot of foam and is ideal for washing off the oily scalp contains SLS/SLEs in high amount. So, even if the shampoo might actually be working on your hairs, it is not surely good for your nails. So, take care to pick a shampoo that comes without these chemicals, which are sure to affect your hairs too in the long run.