How to make your lips appear fuller and sexier


You can make your lips look fuller with help of makeup. You must follow some simple rules to give that luscious look to your lips.

Fuller lips with make up

You can choose light colored shades that give that illusion of fuller lips with the shine and reflection off the lips. The lip glosses often make your lip look plump as they help in circulation. You can exfoliate your lips with some honey or sugar with few drops of water so that the blood circulation becomes better and the lips get a fuller appearance. Gloss or light shade lipsticks are additions that can make your lips look soft and plump.

You can also add luminizer on your lips for making the lips look thicker. You can add this on the M shaped Cupid’s bow over your lips. This luminizer or a white eye pencil mark on the M shaped area expands the lips and then you can blend this with the gloss or lipstick to give the illusion of fuller areas of your lips. You can use concealer to the lip are and make a canvas for the next step. Now draw a line around the area of the lip with a lip liner. Draw this line around your lips but make sure it is slighter more than the actual shape of the lips. Now fill the interior with lip stick or lip color to get fuller lips easily.

Using lip pumps for fuller lips

This is a quick way of getting that plump look over your lips. There are lip pumps that are available in the market. These will make your lips look younger and softer. The pouty lips are results of these pumps. Wear a gloss on your lips after using the pump and see the way the lips are fuller and give off a luscious illusion. There are different vacuum pumps for lips that you will find in the market and you can read the user manual to use it safely on your lips.

Pills for fuller looking lips

There are women who take Hyaluronic acid supplements for keeping the joints healthy. These help the skin to look healthy too and give you plumper looking lips. These HA supplements work for many and there are no side effects. These pills can be used for making your lips look fuller and younger.

Injections for that luscious look

The lip injections are a sure fire way to get that soft and full look over your lips easily. These enhance the shape of the lips and make them look plump. The collagen was used in previous days but now it is the hyaluronic acid that is used for filling up the thinner lips to make them appear fuller. If you do not want the full course injection in a single sitting, the doctor will prescribe a few of these injections during a period of few days and then you will be able to see the result on your lips. These do not have many side effects but you may get some irritation or tingling sensation for the introduction of a new material. This will not remain for a long period but the result will be seen for almost a six month period.

Natural methods for achieving full and plump lips

Clove oil is good for plumping the lips. The lips look fuller and the fine lines or wrinkles on the lips are diminished in a great extent. You must use carrier oil and clove oil together and then damp a cotton ball in this solution. Then rub it on your lips. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. The use of this method for a few weeks will give perfect results.

Cinnamon oil is also a good one to increase the shape of the lips. The lines on your lips will be reduced with this oil too. Take some liquid B3 extract with few drops of the oil and then rub it on your lips. You will get a sensation on your lips and this will keep your lips pouty and plump.


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Pepper and water is another natural way to enhance your lip size. Mix this in a bowl and apply on your lips. Wait for some time so that the layer is dried. Then wash off. This will bring up the softness and plumpness of your lips.