Winter skin care tips for women

Winter is the best time to get dry and chapped skin tone. Most of the women face the problem of dry skin problem. One of the simple solutions is treating it will moisturizer. You may get variety of creams and moisturizers in the market.  But, everyone may not be in a capacity to get expensive moisturizers from the market. But, it is now possible to get healthy and attractive skin tone with homemade skin care tips. Women facing the problem of chapped skin and irritation in skin can easily get rid of such problems with home remedies.

Best winter skin care tips for women

Winter face packs for skin care

  • Every women willing to get healthy skin during winter must have a good diet chart. You must have lots of fruits and juices from their extracts.
  • Try to use petroleum jelly of good quality in your legs, lips and heals
  • If your lips have become scaly and cracked, dead skin from the lips should be removed with the process of scrubbing. This will make your lips soft. In order to protect your lips you can either apply olive oil or coconut oil for making a great moisturizer.
  • Since dry skin is the major problem during winter season, using natural moisturizer will be wiser as it protects your skin from dryness without any side effects
  • Many people have a habit of taking hot bath during winter season. But, excess of hot bath during the season can be very harmful as it drives away moisture from your skin layer leaving your skin dry and chapped. You must avoid taking too much hot bath during winter season
  • Another way of caring your skin during winter is covering almost all parts of your skin with cloth. You must avoid air to touch your skin during the winter season as this air is very harmful and is responsible for dryness and damage of skin
  • When you are applying makeup products bought from the market, have a look at the ingredients used. You must not use the cosmetics and makeup products that have high alcoholic content.
  • It is better to avoid too much of beauty and hair styling products during the winter season.
  • Using the natural moisturizing agents such as butter milk, glycerin, oils etc will be good for women suffering from dried skin during winter
  • You must consume food rich in vitamin E and vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables, sprouts etc

Avocado paste

You can get smooth and beautiful skin during the winter season with a natural paste of Avocado. For this, you need a ripe avocado and paste it with mixer. Now apply this fresh and pasted avocado all over your skin and face. Leave this for a period of 15 minutes and wash it away. Since Avocado contains Vitamin E, it will be very helpful in skin care treatment. If your skin is too much dry, you can add few drops of honey along with avocado paste.


During winter people suffer from dry skin and cracked skin. In this situation they want some miracle to happen so that they don’t feel unmoisturised or dull. Humidifiers are the best way to solve this problem of yours. Buy a humidifier from any local shop in the market and give your dry skin some moisture so that it can breathe and feel fresh.


The best way to remove dead skin from your body during winters is to exfoliate while bathing. Every week try this cleansing technique one time and see your skin becoming soft and tender. Exfoliating will make you feel fresh and get rid of the dead and dry cells.

Oil based moisturizer

Best moisturizes for dry skin

During winter, you skin tends to lose the moisture. Thus, applying oil based moisturizer will help you retain that moisture. There are ay creams and lotions available in the market that will have oil content in them. It is advisable to use those during winters so that you don’t suffer from dry or dull skin.


You should use gloves before leaving the house as it will help cover your hands and fingers from the cold weather outside. The winters are known for destroying your skin by making it dry and thus you should protect it as much as possible.


Just because summers are over doesn’t mean you need to keep away your sunscreen. The winter sun though not harming, still have some ultraviolet rays harming your skin. The sunscreen will prevent it from entering your body and so you shall always apply it before leaving your house.