Top bead work blouse designs for wedding, braid of saree

The blouse designs comes with variety of style, designs and bead work which makes the lady stay beautiful and dazzling among the crowd. Not always you might like to wear very simple blouse. Whenever you are going to attend an occasion or a party, different type of blouse will be preferable.

Today, blouse designs with beads will be very well in fashion for ladies with all ages and tastes. Even the celebrities are wearing the blouse designs with bead work to grace the occasion with extra ordinary stylish and traditional look with a boost in fashion.

Bead work blouse designs have a good availability in the market. It will be really important for you to choose among them to get the best one to suite with your saree. The sari that you usually do wear for any occasion is not as similar as the ones you go for day to day wear. Similarly the blouse designs will also vary in this regard. Let us find out such variety of blouse designs with bead work.

Today, people are not restricted to wearing clothes that covers their skin. Rather, the clothes must make the individual look good. Even, people have different types of dresses for different occasions starting from marriage, anniversaries, birthday to that of other types of parties. You can even get blouse designs with beads from the online stores today.

Blouse designs with bead work

Simple bead work blouse design

Simple bead work blouse design

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The green color designer blouse with bead work at the back makes the lady look stunning. The golden borders around the back neck create a different entity of the lady when she faces the crowd.

Backless blouse design with bead work

work designThe blouse is made up of brocade cloth with the combination of maroon and gold along with the beads at the back handing at the end of two threads coming from each shoulder of individual model. You can try this for a casual occasion.

Flower work blouse design with bead work

kundan-work-bridal-blouseThis is another exclusive variety of blouse with beads forming at the back. Since the color of the blouse is dark blue with the thread of same color and bead colored with gold, you can try out white color sari or golden with the blouse design.

Work blouse design with bead work


Latest blouse designs for half sarees

Bright color designer blouse with chumki and beadwork at the back will look stunning with a very light color sari. Since the sleeves are having golden color and the designer bead is dangled with golden color, you will be happy to wear it with any other saris.

Blouse design with bead work

zardoziLook at the light orange designer sari blouse with full work at the back and around the sleeves. Along with Ari work, the designer has stitched the blouse with different sizes of beads to highlight its look. Also the shoulder holder has two beads and other small beads hanging throughout.

Backless blouse design with bead work

b6Red color sari blouse has derived a very sweet shade of red that will obviously match with every lady of all ages. Also the small beads surrounding the blouse throughout its back makes the blouse look attractive.

Heavy work blouse design with bead work

LT W3Cherry red color designer blouse is associated with beautiful bead work throughout its back and a very beautiful design with bead, stone and thread work is done across its hand sleeves. The golden or copper color sari will be a perfect match.

Kundans blouse design with bead work


V neck blouse designs

It is an exclusive blouse design with the blouse color of florescent orange along with golden borders and fabrics around its neck and hands. Along with the bead design, the blouse also has green color polka stone work at the back.

Blouse design with bead work

maxresdefaultExclusive combination or purple and golden bead at the back of designer blouse highlights the look of the entire attire. Wear the purple color sari with this blouse.

Back heavy work Blouse design with bead

Back heavy work Blouse design with bead

Trending blouse designs

Most of the ladies prefer wearing maroon color blouse as it defines feminity. This is one of such blouse with exclusive bead work forming flowers at the back and sleeves.

Back open blouse design with bead work

Back open blouse design with bead workThe black color designer blouse is punched with stone and bead border across its back and hand sleeves. Even the beads attached with the thread have variety of sizes such as big, medium and small to form a sequence.

Patch works blouse design with bead work

Patch works blouse design with bead workThis is probably one of the bright colors of blouse associated with zari and bead work throughout its back and hand sleeves. It can be treated as one of the bridal collections.

Heavy design with bead work


Trendy blouse designs with collar neck

The beautiful green and blue combination of blouse with bead looks very attractive especially when a newly wedded lady is wearing in a occasion or festival. You can try it today to look different.

Blouse design with bead work

red-blouseThis is one among the exclusive shades of orange that will make the person look bright after wearing. The blouse with bead design looks stunning with white color borders, stone and beads.

Blouse design with bead work

b2The purple designer silk blouse has variety of application as you can not only wear this with a single color sari but also think of contrasts and golden to create a different look.

Blouse design with bead work


Awesome backless blouse designs

A sweet purple color blouse with colorful stones and bead at its back makes the blouse look stunning and beautiful. This blouse will easily match with any color stones placed at the back of this blouse.

Blouse design with bead work

b4The copper color blouse with maroon stone and golden bead will create a wonderful image of the lady wearing it. You can get a simple maroon color sari to drape with this blouse.

Blouse design with bead work

ready-made-work-blouse1Look at the exclusive blouse design with colorful beads namely maroon, golden and white. The back is also having exclusive polka work to highlight the look.

Blouse design with bead work


Blouse designs with net back & sleeves

This silver color designer blouse is exclusive with the same color beads in both upper thread and lower thread. You can wear this with any sari with silver threads or borders.

Bead work blouse design

back blouseLook at the beautiful combination of bead design blouse with green color base and stitch work throughout the back portion. This will be ideal for any occasion in the morning since the beads are simple.

Bead work blouse design

Bead work blouse design # 2The silver chumkis throughout the blouse looks marvelous with the same color thread. The beads of silver color are dangling at the back portion of the blouse with two strings that keeps the shoulder in order.

Bead work blouse design

Bead work blouse design # 3

Best blouse designs with Maggam work

Look at the pink color blouse worn by the lady with throughout work of small beads and other metallic golden finish. The shoulder is tightening with two strings along with the golden color beads dangling below.

Bead work blouse design

Bead work blouse design # 4The lady with the black color sari is looking really stunning with the maroon color bead work blouse. The back portion of the blouse is highly exposed with a roundish finish along with maroon and golden beads dangling.

Bead work blouse design

lessAnother stylish bead work blouse is presented through this image that is bordered with green color and golden color beads are effectively portrayed. You can now wear this in any occasion to grace with a light sari.

Bead work blouse design


Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

This bead work blouse has a freel around the neck with blue color cloth with vertical white and blue stripes in the front portion. The back potion of the blouse looks very stylish with the few embibed beads.

Bead work blouse design

stunning-designer-embroidery-blouseThis is a very stylish banjara look blouse with dark blue color base color and glitters placed all around the blouse. The same color beads are also placed over here.

Bead work blouse design

Bead work blouse designThe white and pink color brasso material blouse have a clean lace bordered around the neck and back along with the work of white and pink beads joint with golden color metal. You can also wear this on a bright summer day.

Bead work blouse design

Backless black blouse with transparent long sleeves

Pattu blouse designs

The black color blouse looks really simple and goes with all types of sari along with very colorful beads placed at the back portion in a dangling view.

Bead work blouse design

heavy-embroidery-stone-work-blouseThe stylish bead work blouse is looking very attractive with the colorful beads placed at the back with the strings imbibed with small beads and a big bead placed in the middle portion. You can use this for a party wear.

Maroon puff hand bead blouse


Did you ever have a view on the blouse that has puff hands? Yes, these are now in trend and create a wonderful designer work. The back portion is having a wonderful lace which has association with the bead work. An exclusive design over the right back portion makes the blouse look unique.

Blouse with purple bead


Latest blouse designs for party wear

If you want to stay away from the conventional variety of saree blouse colors, all you can do will be choose a color that is little different. Purple is one among such colors that works really well to fulfill your design. This purple color designer blouse with the purple bead with be perfect match for traditional occasion.

Beaded blouse in magenta


If you are going to get married or going to attend one of the wedding rituals, the magenta is one of the exclusive colors you can choose. This is one among the blouse that comes with the beaded variation. The traditional saree can be complemented really well with this very gorgeous magenta blouse.

Glittering party wear


Sometimes you must have to attend the occasions that has a way of making you stand in the lime light. Obviously you should have the dress and consume that will suite it. The glittering blouse with beads in the front and the back portion will be really terrific. You can get this design for your party wear sari. Even this blouse will be ideal when you are going to give a stage performance. Try this today and surprise everyone who stays near to you.

Blouse designs with bead work