Causes for the dry skin and home remedies to treat the dry skin

Dry skin can take place due to variety of reasons among which one of the important reasons is weather conditions. This is generally viewed during the winter season when the winds start blowing with anomy with the process of making the skin tone flaky and un-attractive. Since it loses moisture exclusively, you suffer from itchiness and pale look over your skin tone. Many drastic skin conditions can also occur due to this as this can give rise to variety of skin conditions such as eczema, allergies as well as irritations. This can also take place due to a medication that you have been following for a long time. You can also get dry skin due to bacterial infections.

Dry skin is the common skin problem. The sebaceous glands in the skin are not producing the sufficient sebum and results the dry skin. The sebaceous glands are not much active and lead to the dry skin. The dry skin results the itching and irritation of the skin. The fine lines and cracks on the skin. The skin may be turn to redness. These are the main symptoms of the dry skin.

Dry skin is very helpless situation to many individual especially ladies when they come across flakiness and dead skin layer. This becomes really shameful especially when they are facing the mass. There are many causes of dry skin which can be listed gradually. Some gets dry skin tone right from the time of birth but others can get due to their medical condition that took place during their course of life. One of the causes of dry skin is aging. As an individual age, the natural oil that is formed over the skin layer starts reducing and that gives rise to dry skin. Today you can get many home remedies for dry skin. Let us explore it today through this article.

Dry skin condition

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The dry skin can be mild in some cases which are easily treated with some simple moisturizing lotion. But in other cases it is severe and can also go to its extreme condition. If someone have long term effect of dry skin, it can lead to danger. Those people who already have dry skin can get worse effect with cold dry weather and the wind blowing in the winter season. Sometimes due to skin dehydration, people can suffer from the dry skin conditions.  Since fat and protein are the two components with which the epidermis layer of skin is composed, if there is an deficiency of fat and protein in the particular skin layer, different types of skin problems can take place.  Due to the effect of dry skin layer, you can even come across to skin sensitivity and can emphasis the skin breakdown. Some healthy diet and home remedies can be effective in staying away from this condition.

The dry skin problem is temporary. The seasonal changes are the main cause for the dry skin. Find the other causes for the dry skin.

Causes for dry skin

Vitamin deficiency The vital vitamins A, C and vitamin E cause the dry skin. Take the foods rich of the vitamin A,C and E. Take the proper diet to combat with the dry skin.

Environment The temperature and humidity levels in the winter may cause the dry skin. The moisture in the skin goes out in the winter season and makes the skin dry in this season. Try to use the moisturizers for the skin care in the winter.

Long bath and hot baths Some of the persons take the bath 3-4 times daily. This leads to the dry skin. The hot baths also results the dry skin. The hot water temperature absorbs the skin moisture and makes the skin dry.

Home remedies for dry skin

Long exposure to sun The skin exposure towards the sun for long hour makes your skin dry and skin discolorization. The UV radiation in the sun rays take out the moisture from the skin and skin gets dry.

Beauty products The beauty products applied on the skin may cause the dry skin. And the beauty appliances like trimmers, removals etc results the dry skin.

Dehydration Water levels in the body are low results the dry skin. Drink lot of water.

Hereditary You can also suffer from dry skin right from your birth as you have people in your family and relatives who have dry skin tone. If your father or mother has dry skin, there is a good chance that you too have the same. Thus, if you have inherited the same from your ancestors, going ahead with preventive mechanism using some home remedies will be a good option.

History of eczema If you are among those individuals who have a history of Eczema such that you have suffered from Eczema at some point of time or other, your skin might have damaged and become dry in such process. Thus, people with the history of Eczema must be cautious about the situation.

Antibiotics When a diseases becomes chronic, doctors suggests antibiotic along with other medicines. Sometimes due to the strong dosage of antibiotic, people can develop the dry skin tone. It will be really important to consume low dosage of antibiotics.

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Effect of thyroid People suffering from the problem of hypothyroidism may also develop dry skin layer over their body. Thus, people with such problem must check their skin repeatedly and take good care of it.

Skin texture Some people have problem with the skin texture as well such that they have dry skin tone right from the beginning. These people also would require an extra care towards their skin. Moisturizing it on a regular basis and even exfoliating the skin before that will be an important consideration.

Hereditary Dry skin can take place due to hereditary reason. If your ancestors or one of your family members have a problem of dry skin, you can definitely get affected with the dry skin problem.

Aging process As you age up, many problems can come in front of you one after another.  The dry skin is one of the problems that take place as a process of aging. When you become aged your skin layers starts drying up of natural oil layer which gives rise to dryness.

Home remedies for dry skin

1. Take the fresh tomato and 2-3 small pieces of ripe papaya in blender. Now grind them well and make the smooth paste. Apply this paste all over the dry skin, face and wash it off with the cool water.

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2. Soak the 6 -7 almonds over night. Make the almonds into smooth paste in the early morning. Mix the 1 tbsp of milk to almond paste. Apply this paste on the dry face, skin. Rinse it off with cool water after 15 minutes. Milk is the natural moisturizer and keeps the moisture in the skin. You can add the honey also in this remedy.

3. Take the ripe banana and mesh the banana and add 1 tbsp of honey to the banana. Apply this paste on the face. Honey is the natural moisturizer and banana packs the moisture inside the skin.

4. Take the ripe avocado without seed and mesh the avocado now add the 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of olive oil to it. Mix all the ingredients well. Apply this mask on the skin and get rid of the dry skin.

5. Take the rose oil 1 tbsp and almond oil 1 tbsp and mix them. Rub this solution on the dry skin before going to the bed.

6. Aloe vera gel is the naturally hydrates the skin. Apply the fresh aloe vera gel over the dry skin and wash it after 10minutes.

7. Omega 3 fatty acid You can now get an enhancement in your skin texture with the help of Omega 3 fatty acid. This particular fatty acid layer is present in variety of nuts and food such as avocado, flaxseed oil, walnut, cold water fish etc. You can now get the extracts of Omega 3 fatty acids in the market which you can easily apply over your face and skin to get a wonderful skin.

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8. Aloe vera gel Aloe vera is a wonderful plant which can be readily available in your kitchen garden. You just need to take a single leave of Aloe Vera and extract the gel out of it.  You can get wonderful benefits from Aloe Vera gel as it acts as a wonderful moisturizer. The dryness from your skin can be removed without any side effects. You can also get to know about the aloe Vera extracts over any moisturizers and skin products available in the market. But the gel extracted naturally will be much more effective.

9. Chocolate mask As we all know that chocolate itself has a fatty layer, making a mask with it can remove dry skin layer and substitute the same with moisturized skin. To make this mask, you have to take 3 teaspoon of cocoa powder in a container, 2 teaspoon of honey and the mashed form of Avocado of around a scoop. Mix all of them well and apply over your face as well as body such that you can get a very soft as well as glowing skin tone. Even the spots and blemishes will be eradicated.

10. Oatmeal with baking soda First of all you have to grind the dry oatmeal in such a way that it makes a granules and not total powder. Now add a little pit of soda as well as vanilla extract to the same. Add some Luke warm water to make a paste. Apply this over your face and massage it with your finger tips such that it does not make a rusty effect. There after keep the pack for 1 minutes and remove.

11. Yogurt People have been using yogurt for years to make their skin and face really soft and beautiful. If you have dry skin tone, this will be one of the effective remedy.  You have to make a paste with a spoon of yogurt, two drops of lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Mix them well and apply over your face. This is a wonderful way of staying away from dry and flaky skin.

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12. Olive oil massage

These days getting olive oil at home is quite easy as people have become health cautious. They prefer consuming olive oil than other refined oil. Now you can take adequate quantity of olive oil and apply over your face and body. Massage it appropriately till the skin absorbs the oil.

13. Milk remedy

You have to take some raw milk and apply over your skin covering your face and neck properly. Milk has got natural and good fat which will replenish the moisture layer on your skin. You have to take plain raw milk in a separator and dip cotton ball in it. Apply the cotton ball over your face and skin. Do this several times and wait till the portion of your skin is dry. Then wash with cold water.