Top reasons for sore breasts / bust pain

Women suffer from variety of complications in various parts of their body among which breast is an important part. Different category of breast pain has different reasons which are significant to understand for every lady. The most common type of breast pain suffered by women is named as cyclic breast pain. Due to hormonal changes this pain can take place. This is a particular type of breast pain that usually been observed in both the breasts with soreness and heaviness throughout her arm as well as armpit. This is due to monthly menstrual blood discharge. The pain and soreness in breast rises at the time when your menstrual cycle starts and immediately ends once the period is over. But, there are many other reasons due to which ladies suffers from sore breasts and bust pain.

Home remedies for sore breast

Women having soreness in their breast can be treated as a very common problem but the extent of soreness on breast differs from one lady to another based on her immunity level and physical appearance. For many ladies soreness of breast is so mild that they hardly notice the same but other ladies gets a severe affect of the same.

Women being beautiful are not saved from different types of health disorder. The body organs that can make them look beautiful can sometimes be a reason for disappointment. Those orders are affected by certain medical conditions. Tenderness and pain in bust can be quite common to ladies which can also take place due to number of reasons. Pregnant women gets similar problem due to milk congestion inside the breast.  They normally miss the fluidity of milk and suffer from sore breast. But, women who did not gain pregnancy can also suffer from sore breast problem. Teen age girls can get it due to hormonal secretion. Let us find out the reasons.

Reasons behind breast soreness

Cyclical mastalgia

Women with regular menstrual cycles every month is observed to get sore breasts and even those who have taken hormone replacement therapy also have the change of getting the soreness in breast due to Cyclical Mastalgia.  This is a reflex action of the body when the breast tissues become responsive to certain hormones. Since the level of oestrogen in the body increases just before the menstrual period starts, it also gives rise to swelling of milk ducts and glands in a woman. For many women regular breast soreness can be observed during the menstrual period where as others gets very little or no soreness.

Non cyclic bust pain

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Women within the age range of 30 to 50 years can suffer from non cyclic bust pain. Ladies gets this type of breast pain in a single breast which is quite different than the cyclical pain. Here the breast pain is much more severe backed with burning sensation. Normally this pain takes place in a particular area of a breast. The reason behind non cyclic bust pain can be due to formation of cysts or fibrodenoma.

Inappropriate brassier

Soreness and pain in breast can give rise to wearing inappropriate bra. If your breast size is 34 and you are wearing bra with 32 sizes, getting breast pain and soreness in it will be quite common as the particular under garment for holding your breast is not appropriate and puts extra pressure in it which can give rise to breast pain.

Gaining weight

Sometimes gaining of weight can also affect your breast. Since your body is expanding, there can be expansion of your breast as well. Thus, cramp on your breast can also take place due to expansion of your muscle mass. Again if your breast size becomes bigger than your body soreness of breast will be quite possible.

Excessive physical activity

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If you are working throughout the day such that your body is strained too much in doing all types of physical activity, it can obviously give rise to soreness and tenderness of your breasts. If much physical strain is put on pectoral muscle, chest as well as shoulder of a lady, more will be the chance of getting burst pain.

Injury in breast

If you have experience any type of breast injury while travelling or at home, this can give rise to severe breast pain. If the injury is mild, there will be chances of soreness and tenderness on your breast. Even if there are some surgeries you went into, getting breast pain and soreness will be quite natural. Some ladies are even scared about the thought of operation. Even those female can suffer from breast pain.


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Breast cancer

Today, biggest concern for many ladies will be breast cancer. Even if they come across a mild pain or soreness they think as if they are a patient of breast cancer. But, every soreness and breast pain may not be reason behind breast cancer. But sometimes if a lump is form with no pain, that can lead to malignant stage. If proper care and precautions are not carried on at the preliminary stage this can be malignant.

Thus, it is important to see a doctor immediately if any complication is observed with regards to the normal functioning of your breast cells and tissues.


How to make breasts bigger

Exercise is good for health but too much of exercise is again a harmful attempt. If you do excessive exercise, this can also lead to trouble in your breast. Especially if you do too much of hand exercise or pelvic muscle exercise, this can lead to soreness in your breasts or bust pain. It is better to exercise that much which your body can withstand.

Unfit bra

Another common issue of breast pain which we women can come across is lack of proper bra. If you are wearing bra which is tight fitting and is not appropriate to your breast size, this can lead to sore breast. It is due to the reason that your breast muscle cramps due to lack of blood circulation and become a reason for soreness. It is always important to wear bra that is exactly of your size. If you have confusion, you can speak to the experts dealing with it.

Increasing breast size

The grown up child gets too much muscle cramp as they are growing up. Similarly when the young girls are within the stage of getting increase in breast size, this can lead to soreness and bust pain. This is just due to the excessive hormonal secretion within your body. Your boobs get pain for some time. But, this is generally a temporary pain. You can easily overcome from this pain once your breast is totally developed.