Ayurveda home remedies for severe / chronic dandruff

Dandruff is an itchy, annoying and persistent disorder of scalp. It is named as Pityriasis Capitis, Seborrhea or Scurf.  It has become a very common in today’s stressful world. It is not a medical problem. The entire body’s skin surface sheds dead skin cells which are replaced in 24 hours. Dandruff is due to excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It can occur at any age. In severe and chronic cases of dandruff there is a large amount of flaking accompanied with redness and itching. It results in a person’s social or self-esteem problems

Ayurveda is a popular medical treatment adopted by millions in India for the treatment of dandruff. It strongly believes in understanding the total causative factors while handling skin diseases, and their line of treatment is determined by the study of skin, mind, genetics and other matters put together.

Ayurveda treatments for dandruff

How to remove dandruff fast

Ayurveda treatment for dandruff is natural home remedies that have no side effects.

  • Rinse the hair with boiled neem leaves water to get rid of dandruff.
  • Fenugreek is very effective in preventing dandruff.   Apply the paste of soaked and grinded fenugreek seeds on the head and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing with a mild shampoo.
  • Heat  coconut oil and massage the scalp with it  for half an hour at least twice a week
  • Grind Tulsa leaves and amla powder with water to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and wash the hair after half an hour.
  • Beat two eggs with water and apply on   wet hair. Massage it for a while and then wash it off with water after 10 minutes. This is an effective treatment for controlling dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil is found to be an effective   herbal medicine to clear dandruff.  Massage the scalp with tea tree oil and hot water. Wash the hair with lemon water and then with fresh water. Wrap a towel round the scalp and leave it for some time.
  • Mix equal amounts of hibiscus flower, fresh amla and Tulsi leaves and mix with four time’s gingerly oil and eight times of coconut water. Cook the mixture till all the water is evaporated.  Cool strain and store this oil to be used for massaging the head.
  • Mix borax powder and curd and apply it on the scalp.  Daily use of this helps in getting rid of dandruff in two weeks’ time.
  • Coconut and Camphor—Combine coconut oil and camphor and store it in an airtight glass jar. Massage this skin-nourishing oil into the scalp for 10 minutes each night before bedtime for a fortnight to control dandruff.
  • Thyme is called Brahmi in Ayurveda. It remains a popular ingredient in treating dandruff. Boil dried thyme leaves in water for 10 minutes. Strain, cool and massage it in the hair and scalp. Wash after half an hour.
  • Lemon and Vinegar is one of the best Ayurveda remedy for dandruff. Mix lemon juice and vinegar and rub it well into the scalp.
  • Turmeric, or haldi, is considered a hair-nourishing spice in Ayurveda.
  • Rasayanas—there are some Ayurvedic herbs called keshya rasayanas, that promote the overall health of the scalp and hair. These include amla and triphala.

Diet and nutrition in dandruff

Best anti-dandruff hair oils

Diet and nutrition play a vital in controlling dandruff. A good amount of Vitamin B must be included in the diet. Nutritional yeast and raw wheat germ are two good sources of vitamin B.   Vitamin B6 which plays an important role in controlling the dandruff is found in cabbage and eggs. One must avoid excessive consumption of dairy products, fatty foods, sugar and sea food as they   are culprits for dandruff.

Blood circulation of the scalp and dandruff

Blood circulation of the scalp is very effective in controlling dandruff. Circulation of blood can be improved by massaging coconut oil or tea tree oil in the scalp.   Another method to improve blood circulation is to give an alternate hot and cold water treatment on the scalp. Brushing the hair with firm and outward strokes is beneficial in removing the oil from the scalp and making the hair healthy and shining. Exercising in open fresh air and doing head stand yoga contributes to improvement of blood circulation.