Top latest blouse designs with zardosi work for saree

The fashionable zardosi blouse has always been a demand whenever there is a party or a festival. Today, ladies are invariably planning for beautiful outfits that complement the occasion. These beautiful Zardousi blouse will add style statement to your image. Just choose the best blouse designs according to your wish among the zardosi work as displayed in the pictures.

Wearing the zardosi saree can bring you back to the days of occasions. This makes you feel festive all the time. But, you might not know blouse design that will make you look beautiful all the time. Let us find out the list of such blouse design.

Back heavy design zardosi blouse

Back heavy design zardosi blouse

Latest blouse designs with beads work

The red color single strapped zardosi blouse design is very attractive with the beautiful zardosi work placed at the back portion of the blouse. The lace surrounding the blouse also looks stunning.

Collar neck zardousi blouse design

Collar neck zardousi blouse designThe dark blue color velvet blouse is really attractive with good zardosi work throughout its neck which also touches the collar with a closed appearance. Go for a very expensive self design sari to match the blouse.

Boat neck zardousi blouse design

Boat neck zardousi blouse designThe bridal red color blouse with zardosi work is very attractive and can be one of the party wear items in your wardrobe. The golden and silver chumki work over the sari looks really attractive and suites the attire for any wedding festival.

Front work blouse design

Front work blouse design

Boat neck blouse designs

This is a florescent red color blouse with very attractive zardosi work that covers the neck and the sleeves. You can easily come forward and get this online to match with one of fancy saris in your wardrobe.

Zardousi blouse design with back beads

Zardousi blouse design with back beadsIf you don’t like red color sari, this designer red collection will change your thought and convince you to try it. The woman with any age can easily wear this and be a centre of attraction in a party or an important festival.

Heavy work on back zardousi blouse design

Heavy work on back zardousi blouse design

If you are looking for a different looks in Zardosi design, this particular golden brocade blouse with the zardosi work over the back will be a perfect solution for you. The maroon color stone over the golden blouse creates a contrast and highlights the same.

Embroidery work zardousi blouse design

Embroidery work Zardousi blouse design

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

Not all ladies would go for a very heavy zardosi work. If you are one among them, this dark color blouse with very simple and sober zardosi work will be one of your choices. The combination of gold with blue stone makes a clean fashion statement.

Hand work on zardousi blouse design

Hand work on zardousi blouse designLook at the sleeves of the beautiful red color zardosi work. The sleeve is probably one among the prettiest sleeves which you could hardly see in any other variety of blouse designs. Even the heavy zardosi work on it creates a perfect match.

Beads work on zardousi blouse design

Beads work on zardousi blouse design

One of the most feminine color is pink and majority of female has weakness towards this color. You can now get this color with very attractive zardosi work ready for your party accessory.

Zardousi blouse design

Zardousi blouse design

Top blouse designs with high neck

Black color goes with every type of sari regardless of its difference in color. The beautiful black color zardosi blouse has a glittering appearance around its back covering its neck. You can easily drape a light color sari with this attractive blouse.

Simple zardousi blouse design

Simple Zardousi blouse designAnother beautiful zardosi blouse design is presented in this picture with stylish sleeves and very beautiful work at the back portion. You can choose sari of same type with this to match the blouse.

Flower work on zardousi blouse design

Flower work on Zardousi blouse designAnother gorgeous Zardosi blouse design placed over the black blouse looks really stunning with work throughout its neck and collar. You can try this with a steel or ash color sari and look gorgeous.

Green heavy neck work zardousi blouse design

Green heavy neck work zardousi blouse design

Sheer & lace blouse designs

The dark green color zardousi blouse has very beautiful work around its neck. You must drape a sari with this blouse in such a way that the front zardosi work can be clearly visible.

Zardousi blouse design

Zardousi blouse designOne among the yellow shades that can take away your heart is none other than the one portrayed in this picture. The zardousi work on the yellow color blouse is simply appreciable.

Purple round work on zardousi blouse design

Purple round work on zardousi blouse designAn amazing cherry color blouse with zardousi work throughout its front portion looks really amazing. You can now check out the size and other features to suite your need and surprise any individual on a party.

Zardousi blouse design

Zardousi blouse design

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

Another pretty blue color with full Zardousi work is portrayed in this image with short sleeve and a very attractive neck design at the back. This will be very well suitable for a wedding party of your closest relative.

Collar neck black zardousi blouse design

Collar neck black zardousi blouse designAfter wearing this black color blouse with zardousi work around the neck, you will simply look like a princess. You can easily have a wonderful day out with candles and flower with your charming prince after wearing this exclusive blouse.

Latest zardousi blouse design

Latest zardousi blouse designIf you are looking for a very different red blouse design to complement an occasion, this will probably is one of your choices.

Trendy zardousi blouse design

Trendy Zardousi blouse design

Latest deep neck blouse designs

Silver color zardousi work is depicted on this particular blouse design along with exclusive glitters and borders throughout. Any simple sari would be highlighted after wearing this blouse.

Normal zardousi blouse design

Normal Zardousi blouse designWonderful combination of blue and green cloth with beautiful zardousi work placed around the neck cannot be overlooked. You can now easily make a perfect match with your designer sari and surprise your friends on an occasion.

Black blouse with golden work


Look at the wonderful black blouse with golden stitch work and mirror work over the back neck. You can wear this designer blouse with the black zardosi saree. The golden or brown color zardosi sari will be appropriate in this regard. You will look sober and sensual with the design.

White zardosi blouse design


Top blouse designs for lehenga choli

Some women have fascination towards the white color. If you are among them, this white color blouse looks absolutely beautiful. The white blouse is having golden work all over. This looks really beautiful with very the dark color designers sari.

Light sea green zardosi blouse design


This is the sleeveless variation of blouse with the boat neck style. The golden zari chumkis are placed over the blouse with the dense work over the sleeves and over the waist looks really beautiful. You can wear it with the zardousi saree of the same color. This will be really great once you wear it with the dark color blouse.

Red boat neck zardousi blouse


The sleeveless blouse with red color body and beautiful golden stitch work is really beautiful. It is having padding from inside. Thus, you may not wear any inners inside the blouse. It is a spectacular party wear blouse that looks really very sober. You can try this with any type of saree  to complement its look.

Pretty work light gold blouse


Pattu blouse designs

As you can see in the picture, the blouse design with flowers from the top and the back looks really attractive. The back portion is also having a great opening with the big round shape. Try this today to suite your need when you are willing to get a spectacular look with an exclusive blouse design for zardousi.