Fairness with curd / Yogurt / Skin lightening with curd

Taking care of the skin is not as easy as it sounds, it requires one’s due attention and definitely comes with a cost. Women have a very busy schedule whether it is as a housewife or as a working woman and no women ever want to look bad or ugly. Each one of us wishes for a clear skin without any marks and spots, a skin that has a glow. But as we said it comes with a cost, not all of us can afford to buy too many cosmetic products for just the face.

But guess what? Skin care is not really unaffordable or high priced and we have found out the perfect natural face pack for all of you who strive to get a fair skin.


Beauty tips for fair skin

While some of us refer to it as yogurt, some call it to curd and it is one nutritious ingredient for the skin. The best quality is that it is natural and can be made at home from milk. If no homemade then buy it from the market, but the face packs you make out of it and the beauty benefits it has for the face is truly homemade.

Beauty benefits of Yogurt for the skin

  • It enhances the skin tone by making it lighter. It makes the skin soft and gives a radiant glow to the face.
  • After continuous usage of Yogurt, the skin becomes fairer day by day.
  • Applying plain curd on the face daily for about 15 minutes is going to make your face bright like it has never been before.
  • You don’t really need a scrub if you are using curd for your face.
  • It has no reaction on the skin no matter what is your skin type, unlike the beauty products.

Natural Curd/Yogurt face pack for all types of skin

Honey and curd face pack

This is suitable for women with normal and dry skin type and you just need a tablespoon of raw honey with two tablespoons of yogurt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl for two minutes so that it becomes a smooth pack. Make sure you apply it on a clean face, then leave it for 20 minutes before you rinse it off. It works as a moisturizer for the skin. It removes tan lines, acne marks, and spots.

Cucumber and yogurt face pack

Fairness with cucumber

Cucumber is said to be the best ingredient for all the skin types as it is so much refreshing. Grate 1/4th of a cucumber and add it to 3/4th cup of yogurt so that it becomes a consistent paste. Make sure both the ingredients are fresh, now apply it all over your face. Leave it for 20 minutes then wash it with cool water. It gently exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells as well as the pimples.

Curd and gram flour face pack

Gram Flour is another natural ingredient readily available in every household having zero negative effect on any skin type. You need to add a tablespoon of gram flour to a tablespoon of curd to make a consistent mixture which can be applied on the face. Then kept it for around 15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and apply this once in a week for best results. It lifts you a clear skin that is free of all the pimple scars and blemishes.

Oats, honey and yogurt face pack

Finding an exfoliator for the skin which also works as a moisturizing agent is a tough task, but guess what you can find it in your home. Mix a tablespoon of oats to a tablespoon of honey and yogurt to get a smooth paste of the mixture. Use this face pack on the face for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it off once it has dried. It opens the pores and removes the dead cells that are responsible for dark spots.

Curd and lemon face pack

Fairness with coconut oil

As we said that Curd is nutritious so we thought of adding another nutritious ingredient which is Lemon to make a very natural face pack. Both being a rich source of Vitamin C boosts the collagen level of the skin. Add 3/4th cup of curd in a clean bowl and a tablespoon of the lemon juice to it. After the mixture becomes consistent, apply it on the face. Wash it off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. It bleaches the skin to make it look fairer.