Worst and dangerous foods that you should avoid during pregnancy

The day you find out you are pregnant your task starts to protect yourself from any harm to ensure the safety and health of your child. Agreed it is tedious as it is to remember the never-ending list of dos and don’ts, but bear with it for a few months for your own safety and the little one that is going to mark its’ way in your life any day now. Everyone is your well-wisher during this amazing journey that you have stepped foot on and it is going to have a healthy and happy ending, as well. Just keep in mind these foods that you’re supposed to maintain distance from.

[Avoid worst foods during pregnancy in Hindi]

Sea food

Top foods for pregnant women

No, calm down. You’re not advised to part ways with all sorts of sea food but definitely kiss goodbye to those fishes that have concentration of mercury. Some of these might even be your favorites. The list includes swordfish, tuna and king mackerel.


Yes, ditch that cup of coffee or tea whichever runs your motor right away.  When you consume more than two cups of tea, coffee, aerated drinks or cocoa it stops your baby’s growth and threatens it with various harmful diseases like that of heart and diabetes (Type 1). It not only reduces the body mass of your child but also poses a threat as serious as death.

Underdone eggs

It is not only harmful but extremely dangerous for you and your fetus when you consume eggs which are raw because they have the risk of being contaminated by Salmonella which dies at high temperature.  It will cause various health issues where your immunity system will weaken and pose high danger to the growth and development of your unborn kid. You’re only supposed to consume eggs or egg products that are produced commercially. Say no to salad dressings, mayonnaise, ice-creams, deserts, mousse as these mouthwatering delicacies contain raw egg in them. Sorry!


Healthy as it is, you have high risk to be infected when you splurge on those sprouts raw. Salmonella doesn’t affect most of your veggies but when comes to sprouts it surely does.  Sprouts include clover, radish and the famous alfalfa. You can consume them without any worry when they are cooked at high heat.


Stress and anxiety is shooting high with each passing day. Tears are about scroll down your face as you hold that sexy black dress. Want to drown your sorrows in that glass of red wine, but unfortunately you can’t. Not even one tiny drop. The severities of alcohol are familiar to all but when you’re pregnant the magnitude of it increases in leaps and bounds. Consumption of it will affect the development and growth of your child’s brain, can cause deformities in its facial muscles, still births and even miscarriage.


Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

Trash and junk walk hand-in-hand and that is why to define “junk food” seems a waste of precious time. Stop feeding yourself and your child junk and street food. Your body needs protein, vitamins, minerals and loads of nutrients which you’ll get by eating healthy. Adopt healthy ways for your health and safety which now includes even your kid’s. Junk food is drowning in a pool of high calories, unsaturated fat and sugar.


Craving that lip smacking hot dog or sandwich from your favorite deli? Restrain yourself right away.  Consume meat only when they are cooked and served to you at high temperature. Cooking meat at high heat ensures that the bacteria known as listeria is not posing anymore threat to your health. These bacteria are dangerous as it will swiftly and steadily carve its way to your placenta and result in many implications which includes death of the fetus. Sliced meat and cold cuts are big no at times like this.


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Give away all your chocolates and lozenges. Don’t fret by this fact that you’re now supposed to maintain distance with sweetened food. Food containing added sugar will not only make you uncomfortable during your pregnancy but also cause serious issues to your unborn child. Babies are open to the risk of metabolic disorders. Indulge in dates, grape fruits, apricots and pears to please your taste buds and satisfy your quench for something sweet.


Have your meal hot and as soon as they are prepared. Stop the consumption of any food that has been kept in room temperature for two hours or more. If you’re consuming something later that has been cooked now then make sure it is inside the refrigerator and is heated at 165° Celsius before consumption.

What mothers sacrifice for their kids is beyond any of us to understand. You shield your baby from all harm and pain that comes there way even before you hold it in your arms. So, to ensure your safety which is now your baby’s you need to take giant steps away from these foods for the threats they pose. Take good care of yourself because you’re not trotting the face of the earth alone, anymore. Soon your little buddy is going to add color to your world.

[Avoid worst foods during pregnancy in Hindi]