Food and drinks to be avoided in breastfeeding

Consuming right food for a pregnant lady is really essential when she is carrying a baby inside her womb. You may not be able to consume every food items which you have been consuming while you were not pregnant. Type of food and drink that you consume is ideal for fueling your breast milk production. Even a small amount of such food and drinks that gets inside the body of a new born baby on consumption of milk can be harmful for the baby. You must consult with a doctor before consuming food items.

The breast feeding mother should be really careful. She should think about her baby always instead of concentrating on her likes and dislikes. The nursing mother needs to sacrifice snacks and oily food for the health of her baby. Any type of food made outside or a restaurant must be avoided. You never know what type of oil they are using to make the food. This can in turn give rise to the ill health of your baby. Let us speak about the foods that must be avoided when you are breast feeding your baby.

Effect of the diet during pregnancy

Healthy foods to be consumed during pregnancy

Your diet during the period of pregnancy is also ideal to affect the taste of milk that is consumed by the new born baby. If there is change of taste in milk, your baby might not like it at all. It is true that all babies are not similar. Some may be furious and will stop consuming the break milk of the mother as there is change in taste where as other’s might consume it easily. Whatever is the reason, sometimes change in taste is also not good for a new born baby.

How to know that the baby is affected by the food and drink?

You may view few symptoms in babies who will be ideal to understand that your baby is affected by the food and drink that you are consuming. Some of the symptoms that can make the fact clear are as follows:

  • Milk rejection
  • Runny nose
  • Discomfort
  • Bloating or windiness
  • Rashes or eczema
  • Crying unnecessarily
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

It is better for mother to stop consuming such food that creates complication in the normal body function of the child. You can also consult with doctors to find out the food that creates problems.

Common food variety that causes problem to milk fed child:

  • Fizzy drinks
  • Wheat
  • High calorie food
  • Excess intake of sugar
  • Citrus fruits
  • Laxative effect food

When you have decided to breastfed your child, some sacrifices must be done with regard to food if you really wish to see your child in a good condition. Some of the precautionary measures are as follows:

  • Do not consume oily fish more than two portions in a week
  • You must avoid all type of food that creates allergic reaction not only to you but the members of your family
  • Since mercury is also really essential for a breast fed mums, you must make an attempt of consuming one portion of shark, swordfish, marlin and tuna at least once in a week

Caffeine to be avoided

Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

Among the drinks to be avoided when a lady is breast feeding a child, caffeine content in the drink is one of the important elements that need to be avoided. As we know that, individual drinks caffeine drink either early in the morning or between the days to make their eyes open wide and wipe away sleepiness, even the baby gets the same effect if too much of caffeine travels from mother’s milk till his body. Baby opens his eyes wide without any tendency of sleep.

You can consume caffeine but it should be limited. Make a limit of tea or coffee in a day to two cups. Apart from So, it is better to avoid it when your baby is too young and depends wholly on breast feeding. You can start consuming caffeine again when your baby grows up.


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Drinking alcohol while breast feeding

Some ladies also have a habit of consuming alcohol while they are breast feeding their baby. Thus, they have a question about whether they can drink alcohol while they are breast feeding their baby. This is a very controversial question as researches says that alcohol have a capacity of passing to baby through the breast milk but in low level. That level of alcohol in baby’s body is not very harmful. But, problem that arises with alcohol intake is the addiction. If you consume alcohol while feeding your baby with breast milk, you need to feed milk quite frequently to the baby as compared to usual breast fed child as it makes the baby addicted to alcohol.

Foods to be avoided at the time of breast feeding

All roadside food

Best healthy diet foods

The sizzling taste and smell of road side food has always attracted you. But, you should avoid such food during your breast feeding term. These food are rich with the unhealthy variation of oil and the ingredients been used without wash. Also these foods are constantly exposed to the places where cars emitting smoke passes. This will absolutely contaminated variety.


The breast feeding mother must always stay within restriction. Most of the people have a tendency of chewing something all the time. This can indigenously include the peppermint. Being a nursing mother, if you too have such habit do restrict this habit of yours. Bigger volume of peppermint intake can lead to inhibition of the milk production. This will restrict milk production in your body.

Sour food

It is better for the nursing mother to consume any type of sour food such as curd, lemon, tamarind etc in food. This can lead to acidity of the child who is consuming your breast milk on a regular basis. You must be really cautious about your baby’s health. Do not put your baby in difficulties knowingly.


Sage is another naturally obtained herb. This is normally used for all those ladies who do not wish her child to consume milk. If you still wish to feed your baby with your breast milk, it is better to avoid sage. This gives you enough pleasure when you are not a mother. But, once you have become mother do leave it.