How onions are good for health?

Onion is one of the vegetable which is also taken among Indian spice. In order to make a food item delicious, little addition of onion will be great. This root vegetable is popularly known as pyaaz in India. Along with the taste, it also has variety of health benefits. If you or your family is suffering from any type of infectious disease, onion can be a natural way to stay away. During summer when you feel too hot, onion can be a wonderful way to combat the extreme temperature. But, in that case you have to intake raw onion. But, onion has a peculiar odor which might keep others away after you have consumed raw onions. But, if you compare the same with its variety of health benefits, it is really worth.

Health benefits of onion

  •  To stop the bleeding from the nose, take a piece of onion and inhale it.
  • Onions helps to spread the digestive juices, so that digestion will be proper and effective.
  • To reduce the side effects from the fever, keep an onion piece on the forehead.
  • With the daily intake of onions you can restrict the Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis, and increases the bone density.
  • Consume a mixture formed from onion juice and lemon for the immediate cure of sore throat, cold, cough, flu, fever and allergies.
  • They will maintain the good sugar levels and decrease the cause of diabetics, it also increases insulin in the body.
  • Make your diet added with onion as it has the capacity to cure insomnia and any other sleeping disorders.
  • The daily consumption of onions can burn the bad cholesterol levels in the body and prevents us from heart diseases.

Antiseptic properties

It is quite common to have cuts whether we are in kitchen or we move out in road. Accidents can happen any time. But this minor cut can be easily removed with the help of these antiseptic properties. Onion is such a vegetable that has antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. This will help you stay quite away from all types of infection.

Nutritional facts

Onion is also having some nutritional facts. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, Sulphur, potassium and fibers. These are the vitamins and nutrition which are very essential for individual’s health. Since it is low in fat, you won’t have any risk of getting your body flabby.

Good for digestion

These days’ people are having problem with digestion. It becomes difficult for them to digest any food item they intake. Thus, it is important to get some improvement in digestive tract. Onion has all to give your digestion optimized. If you are having some problem of acidity after intake of any food, onion can be a natural remedy.

Beauty benefits of onion

  •  Onion juice has the power of healing, insect bites like bees bite. In addition to that it can also cure the burns, scars, warts, boils and wounds.
  • Applying onion juice to the scalp will increase the hair regrowth and stops the hair fall, it also expires the dandruff and offers shiny hair.
  • Massage the skin with the onion juice or small onion piece to increase the blood circulation, by which skin will appear radiant and great.
  • Don’t use the artificial colors to the hair care as they are packed with more disadvantages. Try onion, Applying onion juice to the scalp gives the natural glossy copper shine.
  • Onion is a natural anti fungal, natural astringent and antibacterial those can add the benefits not only skin but for the complete human body.


Reduce hairfall

Hair fall is a very common problem these days to people. Both male and female suffers from this issue. Even after using expensive remedies you lack the benefit. But, application of onion juice over your hair root can help reducing the hair fall. Since this is a natural remedy, you have no side effects.

Good for dull skin

Sometimes due to lack of proper skin maintenance, you get dull and unattractive skin tone. But, onion has wonderful remedy to recover your dull skin. You can try applying onion piece over your face and keep the juicy surface for some time. Then you can easily wash it with plain water. All impurities of your skin will be removed and help you get glowing skin.

Removal of dark patches

You can easily remove dark patches on your face with the application of onion juice. Since it has the presence of vitamin C, getting lightening skin color will be quite easy. You can make a paste with raw onion juice and gram flour. Combine it and apply it over your face. This will help you get light skin tone.