Home remedies to cure peeling lips

[How to cure peeling lips in Hindi]

Peeling and chapped lips has long been a problem to people especially all those who have dry skin tone. Even if your skin is not very dry, it will trend to get dried and peeling lips will be observed during the winter season. People have been using lip balms from different brands available in the market in order to cure the lip peeling. But, instead of going for cosmetic made product, there are also some effective home remedies to cure peeling of lips entirely. It is important for you to keep your lips 10 time healthy and moisturized in winter than that of normal temperature season. Even there are some bad habits people adopts due to which dryness and peeling of skin becomes much more visible. One among such habits is licking of lips. Some people think that by licking their lips, they can keep their lips moisturized but in reality by doing this they are making it drier and prone to peeling.

Peeling lips can be due to lack of moisture in lips. This is normally viewed during the winter season when the cold wind dries out the moisture in human skin. This can lead to dryness, redness, flaking and sore lips. Other causes of unhealthy lips include dehydration, vitamin deficiency, excessive smoking, and allergic reaction. Some people also have the habit of licking their lips for no reasons. This can also cause peeling of lips. If you are moving from your comfort zone to a place where the weather condition is extreme, peeling lips can take place. In order to eradicate such problem, some home remedies will be very effective.

Peeling lips is one of the painful situations when an individual gets flakes of skin over the lips. In extreme cases it can even lead to blood getting leaked from the lips. But, there are many home remedies that will help keeping away from the condition of peeling lips. People usually use creams, moisturizers and lip balm available in the market to cure peeling lips. Trying out home remedies can also be a good option. Most of the people prefer home remedies as compared from the cosmetic remedies available in the market. Let us find some home remedies in this article.


Best tips for dry chapped lips

Being an ingredient present at home kitchen, sugar can be essential ingredients to remove all dead skins from lips and restore the natural softness of the lips.


In order to create the home remedy, it is essential to mix one teaspoon of honey and two tsp of sugar in a small container. Now, apply this on your lips and leave for 2- 3 minutes. Now use your finger tips and rub your lips gently. This will help in loosening your dead skin. Now wash its way with the Luke warm water. This will be very effective in stopping peeling of your lips.

Rose petals

Individuals having small kitchen garden must have roses. You can pick one or two roses and get a remedy for peeling lips. This will not only eradicate peels in your lips but also help in retaining the effect of moisturizer.  Your lips will get back beautiful pink color once again.


Separate rose petals from the flower and wash the handful of petals in water. Now soak these petals in cow milk for an hour or two. Some people might have issues in using the diary products. In such case they can easily dip the petals in glycerin. After leaving them for few hours, you must mash these rose petals in the solution so that it becomes a thick paste. Store it in a small container and refrigerate. You can apply small amount of it on your lips every night before going to bed.

Coconut oil

Natural remedies for dry lips

Some people can make coconut oil at home by boiling coconut milk extract. If you don’t have so much of time, you can get simple tined coconut oil from the market. You can apply coconut oil directly on your lips to make it moist. This will help eradicating all types of problems in lips starting from sourness till peeling.


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Milk cream

You must have cow milk or diary milk at home for regular consumption or preparing tea. You can make cream out of the milk by boiling it and making it dense. You must be very cautious while carrying on with the process as it might get burnt. Thus, it is important to keep it in a slow flame.

After getting the fresh cream from the milk, apply the same on your lips. Keep this for a period of 10 minutes and wash it away. This will help healing your lips faster.


Glycerin is one of the effective remedies of curing peeling lips entirely. Most of us have glycerin at home which contains best natural humectants which is really effective in the process of reviving dry skin. This is done as the components present in glycerin helps in sealing dry skin entirely by keeping your skin well moisturized. Whether you are suffering from, dry, chapped as well as flaky skin, applying glycerin over your skin will easily solve this problem. You just need to take two drops of glycerin on your finger and apply it directly over your lips. This will make your skin smooth and soft like always.


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Since dry air is responsible for making lips cracked, this can be undone with the help of the humidifier. With the help of this particular humidifier your skin will retain adequate moisture that is required for your skin to retain. If you can see your lips are getting chapped and getting cracked, it will be important to place the humidifier around you in a room. Your chapped lips will become moisturized.

Aloe vera treatment

It has been proven that Aloe Vera is such a natural herb that has very good healing property. Whether you have burned lips or dried, Aloe Vera gel can help you out in getting well moisturized and soft lips. You need to take out an Aloe Vera leave from the plant and extract gel out of same. Take that gel in a small quantity and apply it over your lips. You can apply it raw and make your lips hydrated. The best remedy for peeled, dried and chapped lips would be Aloe Vera gel.

Drink water

Many people have a habit of drinking less water throughout the day. This is probably not a good practice. One of the reasons behind dried lips is dehydration of skin. You need to drink adequate water so that your body becomes hydrated and your skin becomes soft and hydrated. You can also drink some substitute to water such as juices of fruits and vegetables. But, drinking water would be probably one of the best remedies. Do not just remain restricted to 1 -2 glasses of water, rather make a habit of drinking around 10 glasses of water every day. This will keep your dried and chapped lips away.


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Honey is a natural extract from bees that helps in making your skin well moisturized for a long time. It is treated as a natural moisturizing agent and has proven to make skin healthy and moisturized. You can now apply raw honey over your skin and see the difference after sometime. The chapped and dried skin will be easily withdrawn with a replacement of healthy and moisturized skin. You must apply honey over your lips everyday twice in order to regain the moisturizing effect easily.  This also has a wonderful healing property especially when you are having very dried skin during the winter season. This is the reason most of the cosmetic products available in the market uses honey extract to maintain goodness as a disguise.  This will be a wonderful remedy without any side effect at all. You can wash away honey from lips after 10 minutes and stay hydrated.

[How to cure peeling lips in Hindi]

Home remedies to cure peeling lips

Castor oil for lip cure

Castor oil is sticky oil that is available in the market. You can now get it in any cosmetic stores, departmental stores or any other online shopping sites. You must take it in a little amount, apply on your chapped lips and keep it. After 2 hours, wash with plain water.

Milk remedy

Just applying simple raw milk over your lips can help staying away from the condition of chapped lips. It is better if you can apply cow milk. People generally prepared tea at home. Thus, getting milk handy is possible. You can apply milk over your lips and get a natural way of peeling lips cure.

Cucumber peeling lip remedy

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Cucumber is also proved as a wonderful remedy for peeling lips. You don’t have to worry even if you are repeatedly having your lips dried. You have to take a slice of cucumber and rub it against your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes after rubbing. Then you can easily wash with cold water. Whether it is during summer or that of winter, you can get beautiful lips with cucumber peels.

Water for peeling lips

Sometimes dry skin can lead to peeling of lips. Due to lack of hydration in your body this situation can effectively take place. But, drinking glasses of water can replenish your dehydration level of your body. Even this will be easily reflected over your skin. The elasticity of skin will be gained again with no peeling of lips.