How to cure pimples & acne overnight

Pimples have the bad tendency of popping up right before a special occasion. There are many who have suffered with a sudden pimple breakout just before a party or a special event at the college. The good thing is that, pimples can be treated quickly with the all-natural home remedies and this article will give you a clear idea about how to deal with them to get overnight relief.

Acne on the other hand is a more severe form of pimples, and is usually a chronic condition compared to a sudden breakout which is common for pimples. Pimples might be considered as the preliminary or less intensive stage of acne.

The causes of pimples and acne are usually the same. The pores on the skin are clogged by dirt, dust or dead cells and the oils from the pores get stuck within resulting into the formation of the zit, which turns to painful pimple or acne over time due to bacterial infection. However, acne can also be cause due to many other reasons, hormonal imbalances is a common reason of them.

When it comes to treating acne and pimples following the home treatments religiously can be the best way to get effective results without any side effects. This article will provide you with details about the home remedies that can treat the pimples and acne quickly. First we will start with the natural treatments for pimples and in the next section we will highlight the first acting treatments for curing acne overnight,

Home remedies for curing pimples overnight

Neem leaf concoction for pimple cure

Home remedies to remove pimples

If you are looking out for overnight pimple cure, using a neem concoction can be highly effective. Take 10-12 neem leaves and smash them with a mortar and pastel. Now squeeze out the juice. Use this concoction directly on the pimples as quick as you notice them. Neem leaf extract can quickly kill the bacteria causing the pimple, giving you relief at the earliest.

Cinnamon and honey for overnight pimple cure

Another effective treatment for overnight pimple cure can be made by using cinnamon dust and honey. Mix 1/2 spoon of cinnamon dust with equal amounts of Manuka honey to make a thick paste; apply this paste onto the pimples directly and leave on. By the morning the pimples will surely subside.

Toothpaste a strong home treatment for pimples

Toothpaste is surely a quick and effective treatment for pimples but it is not free of side effects and you should not opt for this remedy if you have more than 1 or 2 pimples to treat. Apply a thick layer of a white toothpaste on the pimple (the gel ones will not work in this case). Let the toothpaste dry off completely and remove it only in the next morning.

Listerine is effective for quick pimple cure

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You heard it right. The Listerine mouthwash is a sure shot way to cure pimples overnight, but as it is a strong agent not meant for topical application on the face, hence use it only for spot treatment on 1-2 pimples. Before using Listerine on the pimples with a cotton swab, dilute it with water in 2:1 percentage and then use it on the cleaned pimples. Do not repeat within 12 hours.

Garlic for removing pimples in a single night

When you are looking for overnight cure for pimples, you have to overlook the pungent smell of garlic. The high sulfur content of garlic can be an effective home treatment for your pimples. Take 1-2 cloves of garlic and make a paste. Apply this paste directly onto the pimple and leave on. You are sure to see improvements in the pimple condition by morning.

Slaked lime is an overnight pimple cure

Slaked like or to make it more easy for you the lime used with the betel leaves for making quid can work very efficiently to give overnight relief from pimples. Just apply a thick layer of the slaked lime on the pimple. You should only use it in minimum amount and only for spot treatment. After you have applied the lime, leave on and do not remove it. It will be removed automatically once it gets dry.

Tea tree oil for curing pimples fast

How to remove pimples at home

Want to cure the pimples really fast? Get hold of some tea tree oil. This oil has high antibacterial properties and can work efficiently to treat pimples in a single night. Before you apply this oil on the pimples, do not forget to dilute it mixing with some carrier oil. Do not use this treatment more than twice in a day.

Home remedies for curing acne overnight

If your acne is caused due to hormonal reasons or if it is in a severe condition, it is not surely going to be cured in a day or night. You have to take the right care for your skin for a prolonged period of time in order to get effective results. However, if you have mild acne that has popped up suddenly, home remedies can give you quick relief. All the remedies for pimples are not suitable for treating acne as well, because the remedies for pimples are used as spot treatments, while the acne remedies need to be used on a wider part of the face.

Steam and ice treatment for overnight acne cure

When you are suffering from sudden acne breakouts, something as simple as an ice cube can come for your rescue; it is best if you use the ice on the acne after taking some steam. Steam will open up the closed pores and will also help in killing the bacteria infecting the pores. Use the ice on the acne affected region after wrapping it in a soft cotton cloth. Continue using the ice at least for 10-15 minutes continuously. After that you can use any of the next packs on it for best results.

Neem and tulsi for curing acne quickly

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If you are looking for quick cure of acne, first prepare a wash with neem and tulsi leaves. For making this wash boil 10 numbers of fresh neem and 10 tulsi leaves in 1 cup water until the water becomes half. Let it get cold and strain the leaves. Use this concoction as a wash for the acne and after washing the area apply a paste made of fresh neem and tulsi leaves. Let it set overnight. Wash off in the morning.

Sandalwood for overnight acne cure

Sandalwood can cure acne quickly. Prepare some sandalwood paste by rubbing the sandalwood stick on the sand stone with fresh water and apply it onto the affected area of the skin. Let it set overnight wash off with water in the morning. Sandalwood might make your skin dry when used on the skin overnight, but it will not harm your skin. Just follow with a light moisturizer that suits your skin after washing off the sandalwood paste in the morning.

Baking soda for treating acne quickly

Baking soda is often considered as an effective home remedy for overnight acne treatment. Baking soda can exfoliate the skin, helping in opening the clogged pores, which often works as the main reason for acne. Mix baking soda with sufficient water to make a paste and apply it onto the acne affected area of the skin. Let it set for at least 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

Orange juice for fighting acne quickly

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Orange juice can also work efficiently to cure acne. The high amount of vitamin C present in this juice helps in curing the acne and also ensures overall better health for your skin. Take an orange, squeeze out the juice and apply it onto the affected area of the skin in excess. Let it get dry and reapply. Do the reapplication for 6-8 times before going to bed. Wash off only in the morning.

Garlic for overnight acne cure

Garlic can be used for quick acne cure as well, because it is completely safe for application even on a wider area of the skin. Make the garlic paste in the same way as mentioned in the above section and apply it onto the total affected area in excess. Let it set overnight or at least for 4-5 hours before going to bed and the wash off with water.

Papaya for treating acne quickly

Papaya is a store house of enzymes and a number of vitamins that can not only cure acne but will also help in giving your skin a rejuvenated glow. Take a few cubes of ripe papaya. Smash them to make a paste and apply it onto the acne affected area. Let it set overnight, wash off in the morning with plain water.

Apple cider vinegar for acne treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used as another effective home remedy for treating acne quickly. However, it is not guaranteed if the treatment will cure your acne in one night, but it will surely reduce them to a great extent. Apple Cider Vinegar kills the bacteria causing the infection and being acidic in nature, helps in restoring the natural pH of the skin, which can cure the acne quickly. Mix 1 part of ACV with 1 part of plain water and use this mixture on the affected skin with a cotton ball. Do not rub. Let it set for 10 minutes and then wash off with water.