Top herbal remedies to stop itchy scalp dandruff

Itchy scalp can be very irritating as this will neither allow you to work nor sit in peace. The fungal infection caused over the scalp can be a reason behind itchy scalp. The scaly appearance of the scalp is very embarrassing especially when you are facing your boss or business client in an official meeting. The scales tends to fall from your hair and drop over the cloth you are wearing. Variety of skin conditions can also be responsible for getting dandruff rich itchy skin. Sometimes this irritation takes place temporarily but there are people who suffer from great discomfort due to excessive itchiness over the scalp. Even if you have poor hygiene condition for your scalp and hair, the fungal growth will tend to become severe. There are some herbal remedies that can help stopping itchy scalp dandruff.

Top herbal remedies to stop itchy scalp dandruff

Herbal mask

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You can make a mask for your scalp and hair which will remove itchiness and dandruff that is causing trouble to your skin. To make this mask, you require a ripe banana, onion and honey.

First of all, you need to mask the banana with the help of hand or spoon. Now add 2 spoons of honey in it. In a separate container grate some onions and extract juice out of it. Also pour the onion juice over the ripe banana paste. Now make a paste and apply it over your hair and even the scalp. After application, leave it for twenty minutes time. Then use a mild shampoo to remove it completely. You will observe visible change of the feeling over your scalp. The irritation and dandruff will be much lower.

Coconut oil

As we all know that coconut oil is the age old remedy to treat dandruff and itchy skin, even today this is a hit among the herbal remedies. You simple need two spoons of coconut oil in a container and heat it to Luke warm temperature. Now, slowly apply the oil over your hair that touches the skin layer of your scalp where dandruff has occupied. Slowly rub the oil over your skin in such a way that the skin absorbs the oil totally. This will prove to be a wonderful remedy for itchy scalp.


Henna is a very well known herb that has been performing well in treating different types of hair of hair problem. Even itchiness and dandruff are the important conditions where henna can be applied and availed success. Since henna is cool in nature, after applying in over your scalp, you will get a cooling effect. This cooling effect also eradicates itchiness from your scalp. Even after using it regularly, the dandruff will come to an end.

Essential oil mixture

You can now get variety of natural oils which are also known as the essential oil for our hair and scalp. These oils include almond oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and tea tree oil. You need to take single spoons of each oil in a container and mix them well. Apply it over your hair and scalp in such a way that in covers the total skin layer. If your hair is long, the quantity of oil must be little more. You can apply this on a regular basis to get a remedy of itchiness.

Avocado and banana

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Take a ripe avocado and take out the soft inner portion from it. Now take a banana and mask it and mix it with the avocado pulp. Add a spoon or two of honey and mix them well. Apply it over your scalp and hair covering all hair strands and scalp. This will reduce skin irritation, dandruff and also make your hair healthy. You have to leave this pack over your hair for 20 minutes and then remove it with Luke warm water and shampoo. You can yourself see the different between the hair you had before using this pack and after using the same. Repeated use of this hair mask will definitely make the itchiness and dandruff in your skin come to an end.

Herbal treatments of itchiness and dandruff are much more safe and effective as compared to that of the cosmetic treatments available in the market.