How to rejuvenate your skin naturally at home?

There are perfect home remedies to help the skin stay absolutely fresh and rejuvenating. At home there are certain good things always available and while applying the same you can really encourage the skin stay in the best of condition. You have all good remedies to help in the process of perfect skin renewal. There are things available at home always and these have all the naturally curing capabilities to help the skin stay so wonderfully fresh and clear.

With the increasing number to the age, skin adds up many problems: It loses its natural elasticity and lucidity and builds up the skin damage, wrinkles, fine lines and discolorization. These problems turns the skin to look life less and dull. Addition to the aging problem, the regular exposure to sun light, usage of various chemical products, affecting by the pollution and eating the toxic food enhances those existing skin dullness. There are numerous ways to get away from the problems and to rejuvenate the skin. These simple steps will help you to achieve the healthy and youthful skin.

Tips to rejuvenate your skin

Facial cleanser

Multani mitti face packs for glowing face

A good facial cleanser in every day helps to rejuvenate your skin. Use a good one with high quality cleansing agents for the clear skin.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is a necessary method to be done in order to flush out the dead skin cells and to reload the new cells. It is necessary to pick an exfoliate depending on your skin type.

Moisturize the skin

Applying moisturizer is as important as exfoliation, prefer the natural moisturizers that are made out of aloe vera and shea butter. Moisturizing lotions penetrates deep into the skin and restricts the formation of wrinkles, fine lines. If you are sensitive skin people, then try to avoid the moisturizer that are added up with fragrances because they will cause irritation and allergies.

Try avocado moisturizer

Take a half avocado in a bowl and then mix it with two table spoons of honey and six table spoons of fresh cream. Blend the all ingredients to form a smooth paste. Apply it over the skin and rinse of with warm water after 20 to 30 minutes.

This home made skin rejuvenation remedy moisturizes the skin and helps for the anti-aging process. The skin will be filled with temporary moisturizer, which makes the skin complexion youthful and smooth.


To rejuvenate the skin through the internal process, take a multivitamin every day. The vitamins that are good at antioxidants protect the skin from environmental pollutions along with the process of smoothing and rejuvenating.


In rejuvenating the skin, sun block is playing a key role. Apply the sunscreen in any form of lotion or creams or sprays to protect yourself from powerful ultra violet rays. Always pick the sunblock like SPF 15 or above. Dab the sunscreen an hour before you are leaving the home and try to apply for every four hours or while you are sweating.


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Eat fruits salad to cure wrinkles

Get instant fairness

Mix half cup of orange juice with half cup of blue berries, half cup of pomegranate seeds, half cup of strawberries and one peeled and chopped kiwi fruit. In the last sprinkle one cup of chopped walnuts to the salad.

It is an energy boosting fruit salad which is sealed with the rich amount of antioxidants. The role of the antioxidants is to protect the skin from the sun and to improve the blood circulation.

Papaya therapy for the skin

You can take two table spoon of papaya pulp and apply the same on the skin. Just rub the pulp on the skin in circular motion and this can really help the skin get healed in time. After rubbing the same for fifteen minutes it is time that you wash the face clean with water. Papaya has alpha hydroxyl acid and this you can consider as natural scrub for the skin. This is an element to help in perfect skin nourishment.

Apricot rejuvenating the skin texture

Apricot is a fine natural element for the skin. This is rich in Vitamin A, B and C. Apricot has lycopene and this is a perfect skin rejuvenating element. You need to make apricot pulp and mix it well with honey, almond oil and lemon juice. This is a perfect solution to be applied on the skin and you are sure to notice the effect so positive in the least time span.

Watermelon is good for the skin

You can even make a pack for the skin consisting of cucumber and watermelon. Watermelon can help in weight loss and it has more sure skin curing benefits. Watermelon has lycopene and this fights against skin aging and can even take care of fine lines and wrinkles. Along with watermelon you can have grated cucumber and drops of lemon juice.

The magic of orange peel

You can grate the orange peels and allow them to get dry in the sun. Now, it is time for you to make mixture using the same with two teaspoon of gram flour and this you should mix well with one teaspoon of milk. Make sure to apply the solution on the face and then you should wash off everything after fifteen minutes.

Tomatoes are good skin healers

Natural tips to get glowing skin

Tomatoes are good antioxidants. They can really do magic on the skin. Tomatoes can clean both internally and externally. You should make sure to mix three table spoon of tomato juice with one table spoon of lemon juice. To make the solution better effective add two table spoon of milk cream. Apply the smooth paste on the skin and leave for fifteen minutes and then wash. Just wait to watch the magic the next morning.

The essence of banana mash

You can easily cure skin blemishes with banana mash. Banana has the power of Vitamin C and it has the rich content of Vitamin B6 as well. These are good traits to help the skin stay supple and elastic. Along with banana mash you can mix drops of olive oil and the application of the same can at best nourish the skin from the core.

The effect of home made yogurt

You can make yogurt at home and apply the same on the skin. Yogurt has lactic acid and this can act as the better skin cleanser. You can even call this a kind of moisturizer and exfoliating agent. Add to the yogurt half tea spoon of turmeric powder and gram flour. Clean your face, apply the pack and wash the same after fifteen minutes.

The charisma of oatmeal

You can exfoliate the skin with the help of oatmeal. This comes with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-histaminic properties. Oatmeal can lighten the skin texture and it is even capable of fighting acnes. Oatmeal and honey together can at best do magic to the skin.

Egg can be a real skin healer

Egg and multanimitti can really improve the nature of the skin. After you have made the paste you can apply the same using a brush and this can really help in matters of skin improvisation.

Dairy whitener is a solution

You can use instant dairy whitener for the reason of skin rejuvenation and skin smoothening. You have to mix the whitener well with honey, almond oil and lemon juice. This is a perfect agent you can use for making the skin so perfect and smooth.