Dry skin care tips during summer

Having dry skin in summer can be a relief from the predicaments and pains of oily skin. There are few things worse than oily skin in summer. Even though dry skin in summer can be a blessing this does not meant that you will not have to care for your skin. Your skin is in danger during summer no matter what your skin type is. So it is important to know a few important skin care tips for dry skin that you can resort to during the sweltering heat.

Since your face may not have the protective oils your face is prone to become very dry. This can be even more uncomfortable than an acne break out. Here are a few tips that are best for dry skin.

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Know your skin type

Best skin care tips in summer

There are many people who do not know their skin type very well. The sweaty summer can make your face sweat this does not mean that you have oily skin. At the same time you may not have only dry skin. Combinations skin causes many people to misunderstand their skin type. For combination skin there are different measures while dry skin calls for different measures altogether. So, foremost identify your skin type.

Resort to cold water

Warm waters and steamy showers can be the worst for dry skin. This tends to draw out all the moisture from your skin. As you do not have protective oil secretion this can have harmful results. Cold or cool water prevents your skin from drying out. In fact washing your skin as often as you can helps your skin remain healthy and well moisturized. But if you keep drying your skin immediately it can dry your skin. So, wash up as often as you can and opt to air dry your skin.

Choose the right soap and face wash

When it comes to using soaps or face washes it is important to know how it affects your skin. If you are having dry skin then you can get face washes which are good for dry skin. Do not opt for general face washes which are meant for all skin types, unless you have combination skin. When it comes to soaps opt for ones with essential oils in them. Do not simply opt for soaps that smell good. Find the best soap and face wash that can help you rehydrate your skin instead of drying it out.

Use masks and scrubs

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If you have dry flaky skin, you can opt for gentle scrubs. These scrubs can help you get rid of the dry flakes. You can use glycerin based masks if you want to. Look for masks and packs with Vitamin E as well. This can help your dry skin remain healthy. Other kinds of masks and scrubs can end up drying your skin out.

Oil up

Before a bath you might rub some almond or olive oil on your body. This can help your body relax and can moisturize your skin very well. Since almond oil is heavy oil washing up can take away the stickiness but it is sure to leave your skin well moisturized.

Apart from using the right sun block these few tips are sure to keep your dry skin safe through out summer.


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Repair and treat sun damage

In the hot summer season your skin is more exposed to UV light that  causes photoaging in the form of brown spots, wrinkles and coarse skin. When sunlight comes in contact with a cascade of damage results that causing production of reactive oxygen molecules that affects healthy cell growth, inflammation and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes.
Summers season people will summer with the problem of tanning which includes damage. Bombard  your skin with age fighting ingredients that help you to undo the damage that may occur and also yo protect your skin from the aging effects of UV.

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Dry skin is a repeated problem whether it is during summer or that of winter. If you have dry skin, you will definitely face some critical problem. During summer, the dry wind ca makes your skin dry and un-attractive. The special tips for dry skin during summer can help you win larger way. Dry skin can also lead to cracking of your skin. Natural oils can help treating dryness of skin in an effective way. Itchy skin, flaky and cracks are also quite common in such situation. This article will help you find some ways to treat dry skin during summer.

Dry skin care tips during summer

Remove dead skin

If you have problem with dead skin, this won’t be reduced even it is summer. The dead skin accumulation is a very common problem in such a situation. Dry skin care involves removal of dead skin. This can be done with exfoliate. You can easily try out a natural exfoliate. Make a combination with a spoon of sugar and two spoons of olive oil. Apply over your face and use your finger tips to rub it. Wash it after sometime.

Sunscreen lotion

You must use a sunscreen for the daily sun protection. The UV rays directly coming out from the sun can affect your skin. It can make your skin dryer. Best way will be to use a sunscreen lotion before you are out facing the sun. This must be applied on your face and other parts of your body.

Dry skin pack

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Since your skin is dry, it will obviously restrict glow unlike individuals with oily skin. You have to make a homemade dry skin pack to treat the problem of dry skin in summer. You have to take a small container and add a teaspoon of olive oil, few drops of glycerin and some lemon juice. Combine it and apply over your face. Remove it after it is dry for 10 minutes.

Natural oil massage

Since you have dry skin, putting oil on your skin won’t be harm. Rather, it will improve your skin condition. You should go for an oil massage at night before going to bed. This can be wash away in the morning.