How to take care of your beard?

Growing a beard is not the toughest part of it. Maintaining it the right way so that it can truly help you to make a statement, is the most critical thing. Beards are in style now, as they can actually make a man look more manly and different than the usual lot. So, if you are planning to look different and special, growing a beard is always a good option. When it comes to a beard, you have ample of choices to make. You can have a French beard, a full goatee or well-groomed stubbles according to your choice and preferences but in every case it is important to take care of them in the right way. Unless you are able to maintain your beard and take care of them properly, it is best to shave them off, because unkempt and unmaintained beard is sure to give you a primitive look that is sure to not to help you in making any style statement. Check out the next part of this article to find how to take care of your beard in the right way, without getting frustrated.

Let them grow

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Once you have decided to grow your beard, stop messing around with them and let them grow in their own pace. It might take as long as 3 months for your beard to be grown fully. So, be patient. Pruning your beard from here and there, while it is still not properly grown will only make it more difficult to get the beard into the right shape and size. So, resist the continuous urge of trimming the hairs that might look out of place for the time.

Fight the itch

When you are growing a beard, feeling like itching and scrapping your cheeks is very usual. Fighting the urge can be difficult but you just have to do it, if you are serious about growing that beard. Trust us it is only the first few weeks when you will have to fight the urge to itch. With time it will get much better. Itching your cheeks while the beards are growing will not only hamper the growth of the beard and result in split ends, but can also be harmful for your skin, causing nicks and cuts.

Choose the right shape and size

When it comes to growing a beard, you really have a lot of options. However, it is important that you choose the option only after considering your face shape as well as your hairstyle and the shape of your mustache. There are a number of resources and charts available on the internet to help you find the right beard shape and style that will suit best with your face shape and hairstyle. It is important that you chose the style and size of your beard after due research because you cannot change it frequently.

Perfect trimming is the key

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Once your beard has grown to a considerable length according to your choice,you will need to trim it. But knowing when to trim and how to trim are the two most important things for growing and taking care of your beard. Once you have decided the exact length of the beard, first let the hairs grow a few more inches than your exact plan and then start with the pruning. It is also important to follow the right technique for trimming the beard. So, check out a tutorial to do it efficiently or if you are not confident enough, get a professional service to get your beard in right shape and size at least for the first time.

If you are trimming the beard on your own, never make the mistake of trimming them when they are wet. While wet, the beard will certainly look longer than they will look when dry and hence the chance of pruning out more than needed is high. Also use only professional quality scissors and clippers to get the best results. Even the best barber cannot offer the best trimming unless he is equipped with the right tools, so there is no meaning for you to make a try with the bad tools.

Maintaining both the sides of the beard exactly in the same shape and size is what most of the people with a full beard find difficult. One of the thumb rules to maintain the right balance of your beard is to start trimming the beard from right below the ears of one side and continue till the middle of the chin. Once one side is done and in perfect shape, start with the other side in the same way keeping the side already completed as reference and you will end up with a well-trimmed and well-balanced beard.

Wash your beard regularly

You might skip to wash your hairs everyday, but you certainly cannot skip washing your beard. Keep in mind that being close to your mouth and hands, your beard will get more dirty than your hairs and to keep them in proper condition it is important to wash them frequently. In order to keep your beard in the best condition, use a mild shampoo instead of soap for washing. Soaps are filled with alkali which will make the beard dry and brittle and can even lead to split ends. So, pick the shampoo cautiously and wisely.

Condition it

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Yes, just like your hairs, you need to condition your beard too. Men, who maintain a short hairstyle can sometimes skip conditioning but you just cannot skip this step if you are maintaining a beard that is more in length than a groomed stubble. Using the live-in type of conditioners is best for your beard as it will also protect the beard from dirt and grime. Beard oil is the other option that you can use for serving two in one purpose. The beard oil will keep the hairs of the beard properly conditioned while helping in keeping them soft and smooth. The beard oils also come with a mild masculine scent which can suddenly add to your overall personality.

Towel your beard but do not rub hard

Once you have washed your beard it is important to make them dry, but do not rub them hard with the towel to dry out the water quickly. Just soak the excess water with a good absorbing towel and let your beard dry on its own. It is best to not to comb it when it is wet. Let the beard get dry and then you can get on with the styling.

Tame the flyways

Keep in mind, when it comes to maintaining a beard,trimming is always not the best option. The moment you find flyways in the bunch, having the urge of trimming it out quickly is usual but believe us, if you go that way, you will really never be able to land in a well maintained beard according to your plan. For flyways in a beard, the best way is to tame them. Comb your hairs with a beard brush repeatedly but softly to arrange all flyways in the right direction. You can also give shape to the flyway beards by taming them with a professional soft-hold styler which can make sculpting the beard much easier and effective.

Stop touching it repeatedly

We know as soon as you will have the beard grown according to your plan, you will start having the urge of touching it every now and then. While combing your beard with a beard brush repeatedly can be helpful to give it the right shape, touching your beard repeatedly with your dirty hands will only make it much difficult to maintain the beard. Your hands work as the main source of dirt for your face and hairs, and it will work the same way for your beard too. So, to maintain your beard in the best condition resist the habit of touching your beard repeatedly with your hands.

Take extra care while eating

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It is most expected to take you some time to get familiar with the beard and for the first few months you might actually find it difficult to eat without the food getting stuck in your beard. The best option in this case is to eat cautiously and to wipe off your mouth as soon as you have taken a bite. Use more tissue papers to make sure that the food does not get stuck in your beard. In case you are not very confident at first, make it a point to check yourself in the mirror every time after eating something to ensure that nothing has got stuck in your beard. If you are out of home, it is best to wipe off the food from the beard instead of washing it off.

Opt for special care during night

Just like your hairs, your beards are also prone to develop split ends and instead of trimming them always, ensuring that your beards do not develop the split ends is more logical to maintain the beard in the right way. Massaging slightly warm mixture of castor oil and olive oil on your beard before going to bed at night can be very helpful to ensure that there are no split ends and also to give the beard a naturally shiny and healthy look.

Do not forget to eat right

To maintain your beard in the right way, eating the right food is also important. Beards are made of protein and they need a number of nutrients to grow and to stay healthy. So, opt for a diet that is rich in protein and also supplies sufficient amount of B-vitamins, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, all of which are known for their roles in hair growth and maintenance. The right diet is certainly one of the most important things to maintain your beard.