How to fight with pesky pimples?

Are those pesky pimples keeping you home? Do not let them control your plans. Fight them in the right way and enjoy a beautiful skin. Fighting pesky pimples is not very easy but if you take a proper androutine approach to treat the problem, it is not that difficult either. Pesky pimples can make your skin look unaesthetic and it can easily lead to bigger pimples and zits at times. Covering pesky pimples with makeup is not always a good idea as that can aggravate the problem. Here we will discuss the right and most effective ways to fight with the pesky pimples.

Follow a regular skin care regimen

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Following a thorough regular skin care regimen is a must not only to get a problem free skin but also to fight with the pesky pimples. Your daily skin care routine needs not to be very complex, rather keeping it simple is the best way to go. But you have to follow the routine religiously in order to get the best results. Follow the below mentioned daily skin care regime and you are sure to see improvements in the condition of the pimples within short time.

Cleanse twice daily

Cleansing is vital to ensure best health of the skin. Proper cleansing can help in keeping the infection causing bacteria away and it also helps in controlling the excess oil secretion from the skin, which is a major cause of pesky pimples. Wash your skin with a mild anti-acne cleanser every morning and evening. It will remove dirt, dust, grime, excess oil as well as the unwanted bacteria from the skin. It also helps in keeping black and whiteheads away, which are often a reason of pimple.

Toning your skin is vital

After cleansing, you need to follow with a mild skin toner in order to make your skin care routine really effective in treating pesky pimples. Toning helps in closing the skin pores, which reduces the chance of infection to the pores. It is best to use a gentle and natural toner for your skin. The alcohol based formulas might look like a quick solution, but they will affect your skin adversely in case of regular use for long term. You can find some of the best homemade skin toner formulas for fighting pesky pimples below.

Do not forget to moisturize

Often people suffering from pesky pimples skip to moisturize their skin. However, it is not really the right approach. Moisturizer helps in nourishing the skin which can be most helpful to heal the pimples and the scars they leave behind. However, choose a moisturizer that is non-oily and is absorbed quickly into the skin. Moisturize your skin twice daily after cleansing and toning.

Exfoliate your skin routinely

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To fight pesky pimples, exfoliation can be very effective. Skin exfoliation helps in removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin, which is often a major reason for pimples. It also helps in removing the blackheads and whiteheads and ensures better cell re-generation rate which is directly related with the healing capacity of the skin.

If you are suffering from pesky pimples, using physical exfoliators and scrubs is not a very safe option. Exfoliators with harsher granules can actually harm the already affected skin adversely, causing lesions and damage. For people with pesky pimples, the chemical skin exfoliators are always the best bait. Pick a skin exfoliator that comes with Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs) or Salicylic acid (BHA) and use it two to three times a week according to the needs of your skin.

Some must-follows to fight pesky pimples

Apart from the above, also maintain the following to make sure that you can say bye to the pesky pimples quickly,

  • Do not touch your face with dirty hands. Make it a point to touch your face only after you have washed your hands thoroughly. Our own hands work as the primary source of bacteria on the face. So, be cautious.
  • Always use well cleaned and properly dried towels on your face. Wash your pillow towel on alternate days. Do not share your towels with any one.
  • Make sure that there are no dandruffs in your hairs. Dandruff is a common cause of pesky pimples and no matter what you do you can never get rid of these pimples, unless you get rid of the dandruff first.
  • Use only non-comedogenic makeup products, which will not clog the skin pores causing pimples. Keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean and do not share them with anyone. Also make it a point to always remove your makeup thoroughly as soon as you are back home. Never go to sleep with any trace of makeup on.
  • Do not step out into the sun without lathering on a proper sun screen. The sunrays can actually harm the skin and worsen the pesky pimples on excess exposure. So, use a proper sunscreen and also opt for physical barriers like umbrella, hats and scarfs.

Following the above religiously can give you freedom from pesky pimples within months. Along with the above, also include some anti-pimple home treatments in your skin care routine to get quick benefits. Here are some of the best home treatments to fight pesky pimples quickly,

Neem and Tulsi toner for pesky pimples

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If you are suffering from pesky pimples, do not miss this treatment at any cost. This simple and easy home treatment can give you benefits that you can hardly get from the most expensive products. Neem and Tulsi both are known for their anti-bacterial properties and they also help in controlling the excess oil on the skin.

Collect 15 fresh neem leaves and 10 tulsi leaves. Wash them clean and boil them in 2 cups of water until the water becomes dry. Now strain the leaves and discard. Store the concoction in a bottle. Use this as a toner, twice daily, after cleansing your face. You can see noticeable improvements within a week.

Aloe Vera and Tea tree oil gel for pesky pimples

Aloe Vera has excellent natural skin nourishing properties. It helps in healing the skin that has been badly affected by pimples. Tea tree oil on the other hand is an effective anti-bacterial agent that can help in keeping the pimple causing bacteria at bay.

Take 1 fresh Aloe Vera leaf, scrape out the pulp and smash it to make a paste. Add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil with 2 spoons of the freshly prepared Aloe Vera gel and apply it onto the pesky pimples. Leave on for an hour and then remove the pack by splashing water on your face. You should take this treatment once every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be a quick relief

When you are fighting with pesky pimples, ACV can come to your rescue. ACV has mild anti-bacterial properties that help in killing the infection causing bacteria. Moreover, it helps in setting the natural pH of the skin within its healthy limit, which improves the natural protective barrier as well as regeneration ability of the skin.

Add 5 spoons of ACV with 5 spoons of clean water in a bottle. Mix the two well and either spray it directly onto the pimple affected area or soak a cotton ball and dab the liquid onto the pimples. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Take this treatment once a day.

Banana peel can heal pesky pimples

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Yes, we are talking here about the peel only, not even the whole fruit. The peel of this fruit contains lutein, which is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant. It helps in reducing any type of inflammation and redness on the skin. It also boosts the growth of healthy skin cells. For fighting pesky pimples, healing your skin is the most effective approach. So, do not miss to try this.

Peel a banana and take a small piece of the fresh peel. Now rub the inner side of the peel onto the pimple affected area, with a gentle circular motion. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water. You can take this treatment twice a day or even more frequently.

Oatmeal and Manuka honey for pesky pimples

Oatmeal has natural skin nourishing abilities which can improve the healing capacity of the skin. Oatmeal also exfoliates the skin gently, which helps in getting rid of the dead cells. It also has the ability to absorb excess oil from the skin. Manuka honey is known for its skin nourishing abilities and it can also kill the infection causing bacteria on the skin.

Take 2 spoons oatmeal and soak it in plain water. Now add 1 spoon Manuka honey to it and mix well. Apply the resulting pack onto the pesky pimple affected area and leave on for 20 minutes. Soak your hands in plain water and rub your skin lightly with the pack before washing it off.

Baking soda is effective for pesky pimples

If your skin is not very sensitive, you can try out this quick treatment for pesky pimples as well. Even if your skin is not otherwise very sensitive opting for a patch test before thorough application is suggested. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has mild antiseptic properties that help in killing the infection causing bacteria on the skin. It also works as a nice skin exfoliator and absorbs excess oil.

Take 3 spoons of baking soda and add sufficient water to it to make a paste. Now apply this paste onto the pimple affected area and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water and follow with a light moisturizer.