Dandruff home remedies for dry hair

Hair health is an important consideration especially when you are willing to stay away from different hair problems. People with dry hair are quite likely to suffer from dandruff as this is a type of fungal growth over the scalp that takes place due to lack of moisture over the scalp and hair root. The story is not restricted to your scalp skin getting dried; rather it will give rise to variety of hair problems such hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and head lice. But the good news is the fact that, all these problems can be easily sorted out with some simple home remedies. You have to be very cautious about your hair and scalp as no maintenance can give rise to severe skin problems.

Dandruff has become common talk of every house. People belonging to all age range, gender and community are not spared from dandruff attack. This generally happens when your skin lacks moisture and dead skin gets the maximum space. The dandruff also creates irritation over your scalp which becomes a reason of disappointment when you are facing the mass. Sometimes the fungal infection also leads to the dandruff over your scalp. You must have used variety of dandruff shampoos available in the market. Those will work but are totally temporary. The natural homemade remedies work really well for dry dandruff rich hair.

Dandruff home remedies for dry hair

Natural moisturizer

Home remedies for dandruff

Since the root cause of the problem is dry hair, you must treat this condition at first and then go to the advanced stage. You must get coconut oil extracted from the nature without the use of chemicals. You can easily get enough coconut oil from a single fruit of coconut by scrubbing coconut and take out its oil by heating its juice. This natural coconut oil is really pure which will not only put enough moisture to your dry hair but also keep your scalp stay away from dandruff.

Extra virgin oil

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You all must have been using olive oil in making salads and other eatable at your kitchen. The same oil is also used for skin care as well. But, extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful remedy for dry and dandruff rich hair. A wonderful combination of extra virgin oil along with honey will be a hit especially when you are combining it with the naturally extracted honey. Since honey has both anti viral as well as anti inflammatory properties, you will easily get yourself away from variety of hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, flake and lice.

First of all, you need to take two spoons of extra virgin olive oil and heat it such that it becomes warm. Now add same quantity of pure honey without any adulteration. Mix the two well and apply over your scalp. Move your finger tips over the scalp in such a way that it covers almost all portions. Just keep this for 10 minutes and wash away with Luke warm water.

Honey and lemon juice

This is the solution for both dry hair and dandruff over your scalp. Lemon is a natural citric acid that helps in removing dandruff from the scalp easily. At the same time honey works excellently as a natural moisturizer which will make your dry hair free from dryness. Just take a slice of lemon and dip its juicy part over a honey solution. Now slowly rub the lemon sliced with honey solution coat over the scalp. Rub it slowly with little press work so that the lemon juice can also reach your scalp. Alternatively, you can squeeze juice from a single lemon and add a tablespoon of honey in it. Mix it and apply over your scalp. You can also add some essential oil o the solution in order to make the treatment effective.

Hot oil massage

Remedies for dry hair

Oiling is an important step to keep your hair healthy and free from all problems. In the present day, people hardly get time to do hair oiling which gives rise to dry hair and dandruff rich scalp. You can choose oil according to your convenience may it be coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary oil or olive oil. Choose any one and heat it in flame to make it luke warm. Now, slowly apply the hot oil over the scalp with your finger tips. Make sure that it reaches every part of your hair root, scalp and covers hair strands as well. After massaging the hair cover your hair with a towel or a shower cap. Keep it for an hour and then wash with a shampoo.


Vinegar is one of the important remedy that can easily keep your hair free from dryness and remove the dandruff layer from your scalp. Take a spoon of vinegar in a container and apply it over your hair covering the scalp and hair. You can also get the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it over the hair and scalp. Massage your hair with vinegar and leave it for 15 minutes. Now you can wash it with a shampoo and see the different of moisture in your hair.

Neem/ Indian lilac

Indian Lilac leaves have antiseptic properties that will treat any type of skin conditions. Dandruff is also a reason of fungal infection on the scalp layer. You need to take handful of Neem leaves and boil them in hot water. Boil till the time the color of water changes from white to green. Now cool the water and wash your hair with that water. Do this regularly and see dandruff ideally reduced.

Apple cider vinegar

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Anything sour can help in reducing dandruff from the scalp. Apple cider vinegar is one of the well known kitchen ingredients that is used in adding sour taste in food. Now this can be a remedy of dandruff as well. To treat with this you have to take 4-5 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and add the same with same quantity of water. Mix them well and apply on your scalp. Massage your scalp and wait for 20 minutes. Wash with simple water.

Pepper with yogurt

You must have heard about variety of remedies with yogurt. But, pepper can also collectively make a great success.  For this, you have to take 2 spoons of black pepper and a cup of yogurt. Mix both the ingredients and apply over your scalp. This needs to be kept for an hour completely without touch. There after you can really remove it with the help of shampoo. This technique has been used by many individuals who actually has gained wider benefit.