How to increase height for a 16 year boy- How to grow boys taller at 16 with food and exercise?

Are you approaching 16 years of age? What must be the perfect height of a boy of this age? Usually, it must be around 173- 175 cm or 68-70 inches. But, most of the boys are unable to grow up to this height. Several factors can be responsible for the inappropriate height of a boy of 16 years of age. But, despite some vigorous challenges, one can try and gain their physical stature with some healthy routine and home remedies.

Top tips to increase the height of 16 years old boy

Being 16-year-old is one of the most beautiful parts of human life; everything seems fresh and new.

  • First of all, don’t freak out if you are not 6 feet tall by your sixteenth birthday or even before. You are still growing, do not compare yourself with someone else who might be done growing yet.
  • Experts said genetics is a significant factor in gaining height after puberty, so consult your parents and take their advice. If you are active during your growing age, then this might help too.
  • See to it that you go out in natural sunlight for around 30 minutes or more(not 45) every day as long as possible because if you’re spending too much time in front of your computer or other gadgets, you’re not getting the needed sunlight for your bone health.
  • Also, try to drink more water; you can also eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Don’t slouch yourself when you are idle. Just try to stretch out your body once in a while.
  • And the most crucial part, you should start doing sports because staying active will help your body to grow.
  • One of the tremendously popular sports is basketball. It is not too much physical activity and much more skills and technique. Usually, this sport has less contact with other players or much physical movement during playtime.

How to grow boys taller at 16 with food and exercise?

  • Drink lots of water, remember not soda or juice! These don’t have any nutrients in them, so they won’t contribute to making you grow. This includes diet soda. If you’re hungry, you’re probably dehydrated, making it harder for your body to function correctly, including increasing.
  • Eat your vegetables; they have vitamins that help with growth and also fiber that will fill you up during meals instead of junk food which leaves room for more junk food! Fiber has been shown to make you feel fuller longer.
  • Don’t eat fast food! The taste is not worth the outcome of what it’s doing to your body. Read below for more details on this.
  • A lot of calories are in carbs, but when broken down into glucose which is easy for the body to use, it will give you the energy that lasts throughout the day so don’t cut them out completely; just watch how many grams of carbs you have! 
  • *Eat what you want in moderation. Moderation means once or twice a week, so if pizza sounds good one night, have it! Just remember to choose something healthy as well. If chips sound good with you’re already chosen meal, then go ahead and have but try not to have too

Top exercises that boost height

The following height exercises increase the height of a person. These height-increasing exercises are most helpful in an individual’s teenage years because it is at this time that the person is experiencing puberty and his height starts developing. Following are some best height exercises to get taller fast:

1) The Handstand Pushup:

To start doing this exercise, assume a handstand position against the wall. Now lean forward slowly towards the floor while keeping your arms straight. 

Do not bend your elbows during this process. When you are on the verge of falling, put your feet flat on the floor, which will push you back so that you can complete one rep of this height exercise to get taller fast. Repeat this ten times.

2) The L Seat:

Assume a position as sitting on a chair with your legs spread apart and hands by the side. Now lean back slowly until you are balancing yourself with your sit bones. Remain in the specific position for 5 seconds and then come back to the starting position. Do this exercise for ten reps.

3) Jumping Jacks:

Stand with your feet as well as hands together by the side of your body. Now jump while spreading your hands above your head and also bring them down while you are jumping. This is one rep of this height-increasing exercise to get taller fast. Do 25 reps at a stretch.

4) Wall Squat:

Stand just towards the front of a wall with your feet turned outwards. Now let your backrest against the wall while moving your buttock as close to the wall as possible. Remain in the same position for 20 seconds and then go back to the start position. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily to increase height fast.

5) Fire Hydrants:

Assume a position on all fours with your back straight. Now lift one leg at 90 degrees to the hip while keeping the other leg extended on the floor (but do not let it touch the ground). Repeat this ten times for each side.

The food mentioned above, habits and regular exercises will always help you increase your height to an appropriate level, especially when you are 16. Try adopting these healthy habits to increase your size in just a few months.