Early signs of Pregnancy – The surprising truth

You are giving efforts to get pregnant you must be waiting for the signs and symptoms that make you sure about your pregnancy. The symptoms of pregnancy are different in different women but there are some common symptoms of pregnancies that include missed period by a woman. Sometimes periods can continue in some pregnancies during the first trimester.

[Early signs of pregnancy in Hindi]

There are some common signs of pregnancy that help you to know about your conceiving. These sign you can notice at your early pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting

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During the first trimester of pregnancy morning sickness with vomiting and nausea is the most common sign. This symptom gets to continue for the first three months (trimester) of pregnancy which gets reduced and disappear as the second trimester of pregnancy starts.

Vaginal discharge

Usually, the discharge of women is white in color but during the first trimester of pregnancy, you will notice pinkish and brown color in your vaginal discharge as an early sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the level of estrogen and blood flow increase to the vagina that causes white vaginal discharge into the pinkish and brown discharge.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are quite common while you are pregnant. The increased hormonal level brings tenderness in the breasts as well as makes hem swollen.

Changed sense of taste and smell

You may feel changes in your taste at an early stage of your pregnancy as well as you may get irritated with the smell that maybe you liked before you got pregnant. It happens due to the increased level of HCG hormone during pregnancy.

Tiredness and fatigue

During pregnancy, you will feel exhausted because there is a new life growing inside you that brings hormonal changes and those changes make you feel tired and exhausted. Fatigue is considered a common sign during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

Mood swings

Pregnancy is period that is full of excitement, love, happiness, anxiety, and many more. Mood swings are quite important while you are pregnant. You should try to stay happy always to help your baby. Do not forget that your every action reacts to your baby.


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Spotting and cramping

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Implantation bleeding is called the spotting which is normal when your fertilized egg gets itself implanted into the uterine lining causes spotting with cramping. This process OR you can say the sign occurs closer to the expected menstrual cycle.

Lumped breast

During pregnancy, your body experiences the hormonal changes that can cause the lump in your breasts. There is no need to be worried if the lump is noticed in the breasts as it is not uncommon during pregnancy. But it is better to consult with your doctor if it needs the treatment or not.

Abdominal pain

It is very normal to experience the abdominal pain while you are pregnant. This pain occurs due to the implantation and the changes happen in your stomach. This abdominal pain is something different than the menstrual cycle and cramps.


Dizziness is actually a common sign found in early pregnancy that will make you feel spinning in your head. This is the symptom that is felt in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Pregnancy brings excitement, joy, happiness, and of course, discomfort and indigestion are one of the discomforts that you may experience while you are pregnant. The problem of indigestion is common during pregnancy that is caused by the unhappy stomach. You can resolve this problem by having the correct meal and lots of fluids in your diet.

It is quite easy to test your pregnancy at home with help of pregnancy test kit OR you can visit the doctor to determine whether you are pregnant or not. The doctor will prescribe you the urine test and blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

What are the physical signs of early pregnancy?

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There are several changes you may notice in your body that can help you to confirm your pregnancy OR promote you to visit your healthcare provider. The signs of early pregnancy include very first a missed period, frequent urination, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, moods swings, increased body temperature, pinkish-brown vaginal discharge, gained weight, sensitivity to the certain taste and smell.


[Early signs of pregnancy in Hindi]