How to prevent dehydration in kids during summer?

Most of the kids love playing outside in the open air. However, as one of the parents, you have to know that their body cannot get easily accustomed to high temperature. The scientific studies have proved that heat production from their body is much more than that of the adults. To remove an amount of heat, their physical ability gets reduced, and it also causes dehydration. With the constant supervision of parents, the children can stay hydrated all the time.

What to do to prevent kids dehydration on the hotter days?

Know your child’s physical state

Methods to stay hydrated in summer

While the child is not fit, he will not be able to perform best at any time. In most cases, we find problems in the overweight children or the kids, who don’t have the habit of doing exercise. With increased dehydration, your child may have more potential to become ill. If your children have everyday sports schedule, you can set this schedule on the cool hours.

Your children may have a dream of becoming athlete. In this case, you have to introduce them slowly to the sun’s heat.

Ask your kids to wear the right clothing

The light-shaded, lightweight clothes are the best options. Ventilated t-shirts and shorts also help in dissipating the heat.

While the kids get dehydrated, their salt and fluid balances are also disturbed. Their body tissues cannot get the right level of nutrients. On the hot scorching days, these issues are very common. You should try to replenish the loss of moisture due to sweating.

If the energy level of your children is very low or you kids are showing irritability, it indicates the symptoms of dehydration. While you have found these issues, you can give more drinks to your kids for faster improvement. Decreased rate of urination, sunken eyes and drier lips- these are also common dehydration signs.

It’s your responsibility to serve drinks to your kids

It is always better to avoid dehydration instead of treating the problems of dehydration. We have seen that most of the children have distraction while running or playing in the field. Those, who are below five years old, are not able to realize their thirst. Thus, as a parent, you have to remind them to have more water. These kids should drink five glasses of water daily. However, on the hotter day, you may try to increase this amount.

Milk, water and fresh fruit saps are the best ingredients to retain the hydration of your kids’ body. Never invest on the vitamin-rich water or sports drinks. Though these products are promoted for kids, you can try to keep away from them.

Make the drinks tastier to kids

Kids care tips in summer

Many children do not like to continue drinking glasses of water to maintain the fluid balance of their body. To please those kids, you may freeze the fruit sap in your ice tray; then, add it to water to have different flavor and color. This is the best thing that you can do as a mom. Especially, the fruits, like cucumbers and watermelon are the most common source to have water. While you are a mom of twin children or more than two, there should be separate bottles for them to drink water. This helps you in checking whether all of them are having the right amount of water everyday.

What are the symptoms that indicate dehydration issues in kids?

Now, we like to inform you about the symptoms that indicate dehydration issues in kids.


Fever is a very common sign for dehydration. While your children have this issue, you have to ask them to drink more amount of water. To avoid the trouble in swallowing, it is better to speak to the healthcare specialists. Remember that you must not give aspirin to your kids.


This is one of the intestinal issues, when your kids can lose more fluids due to vomiting. In this condition, fruit sap will not be good for their health.

Overheating issue

Your children remain highly engaged in the physical activities on the summer days. There are also many kids, who sit in a confined, stuffy room. In both these cases, your children will sweat more. Give more water to them to protect their health.

Thus, from our above tips, all the parents will get benefited, and can learn the best way of maintaining their kids’ hydration.