Simple home treatment for pimples

Oily skin might not be the root cause behind pimple problems. Even those with dry skin can have pimple breakouts during summers. There are many different reasons behind pimples, but a single pimple can lead to a full blown break out. Pimples are not just temporary botheration; the scars left behind by an untimely burst pimple can remain forever. This is why it is best to find ways of preventing pimples and if they do invade your skin, then finding the right remedy can be of great importance. You do not have to buy expensive products to battle pimples; you can resort to a number of home remedies as well.

Best tips to free from pimples

Right from teenage we have been hearing about the pimples and acne that affecting our skin. It is very embarrassing as a big bulging mole appears right over your face. Ladies suffering from such condition prays day and night to get it over. But, the prayers are not all. You need to take action and treatment process to remove pimples from skin. Your friends and well wishers must have prescribed a variety of creams or products for removing pimples from skin. But not all are good for your skin. Also, it can affect your skin in a negative way. The home treatments in a natural way will be effective.

Avoid pimples

Before knowing how to tackle pimples one should try to find ways of avoiding pimple breakouts. Here are a few measures that can help you prevent pimples:

  • A good diet is essential when it comes to preventing pimples. A healthy diet can be the way to flawless skin. Healthy diet should be aided with ingestion of water. Replenishing and hydrating your body can keep your skin fresh and pimple free.
  • Washing your face frequently and not touching your face without washing hands is a way of preventing pimples.
  • When using handkerchiefs always use washed ones. At the same time using washed pillow cases are also very helpful.
  • Using proper moisturizers and sun blocks to ensure that there is no excess oil secretion, this again prevents pimples.

How to treat pimples fast?

No matter what you do, your skin might be a pimple magnet. Home remedies that can help you combat the pimple onslaught are:

Fruit juices to prevent pimples

  • Apple cider vinegar is a very good ingredient that can work miraculously. Dip a little cotton in the vinegar, apply it to the pimple and let it rest overnight. This can help shrink the pimple if not eradicate it.
  • Citric acid seems to work wonders with pimples as well. Lemon juice or orange juice can be good remedies.
  • One remedy can help you gain a plant as well. Get an Aloe Vera plant and take care of it, this cannot just give you aesthetic benefits it can help you combat pimples. You do not have to buy aloe extracts you can simply break a bit of the plant and rub the gel on the pimple. The plant must mature before you can use the gel.
  • Green tea has many benefits. You can freeze extra strong green tea and then rub the ice cube on the affected area. You can also use the tea bags that you have already used to brew the tea.
  • Honey can aid your recovery as well. You can ingest the honey, you can apply it directly to the pimple or you may even mix it with other products or ingredients to make a mask.
  • If you do not have the time to apply any product then rubbing ice on the area can help reduce the pain and stunt the growth of the pimple.
  • When you have no other way of combating pimples simply apply the toothpaste. Any kind of toothpaste can help you recover from painful pimples.
  • Steaming is wonderful for your skin at any time. If you have pimples then keep steam for face. Steam opens the pores and allows the skin to breathe. Oils, bacteria and dirt which present in the pores will wash out by this steam.
  • Peppermint is a powerful herb that eliminates pimples very fast. Menthol, which is present in the peppermint helps in reducing the redness and irritation caused by pimples. Crush the leaves of peppermint and extract juice. Apply that juice on pimples and leave it for minutes. Wash the skin with cold water.
  • Cucumber is a rich source of potassium and vitamins such as C, E and A. It has soothing and cooling effect of the skin. Soak the cucumber pieces in water for an hour. Nutrients like chlorophyll, potassium and vitamin A will resolve into the water. Drink the strained water or wash the face with water.

Simple home treatment for pimples

Natural tea tree oil treatment for acne

How to cure acne on oily face

Pimples are one of the reasons of bacterial infection on your skin. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that has both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. You have to take a spoon of tea tree oil in your hand and apply over the places on your skin where you have pimples. Keep it for overnight and wash away after getting up in the morning. 

Best home remedy for pimples with ice rub

The ready remedy at home is the ice cubes. You can take ice cubes in ice bag and apply it over your face. If you can withstand the cold, it can be simply applied without a cold compress bag. Do this for several days and see how well the pimples gets reduced. This can be an effective tip if you don’t have anything handy at home.

Garlic treatment to get rid of pimples

Garlic is a spice or a vegetable available at your home that is also having antibacterial and antiseptic properties. You can either have it raw early in the morning or apply it on the skin. It is better to crush a garlic clove and apply it over your skin area where you have pimples.  Keep this for 5 minutes and then wash with water.

Egg whites to prevent pimples

Many people are not aware that egg whites work in a marvelous way to remove the pimples. Only the problem lies with all those people who cannot withstand the odor of raw egg. If you don’t feel any discomfort with the odor, the egg white remedy can be an effective treatment for pimples that is projected over your skin. Since vitamins and protein are present in the egg it will easily take out the oils from your inflamed pimples and reduce inflammation.