How to use the fuller’s earth for the beauty solutions?

how to use multani mitti for face

Multani mitti or fuller earth is the wonderful solution for all those who are suffering from excessive oil secretion from their skin. For centuries, people have been using this natural fuller earth remedy to stay beautiful and make their skin keep glowing without applying any sort of makeup.  Even if you have skin problems such as blackheads and acne, Multani mitti or fuller earth will be an ultimate solution. Today people have become quite cautious about the products they are using for skin and beauty as the chemicals and cosmetics tends to make the skin damaged.  Thus, even if they are willing to use makeup, they do prefer buying the branded products. But, not every individual is lucky to own expensive brands. For all those, natural way of staying beautiful is never a bad option. Fuller earth can be a good option to get a beautified solution.

Ladies always wishes to keep their skin beautiful and attractive. Instead of using heavy makeup, it will be advisable to go ahead with a natural cleaning and facial procedure. Cosmetics and make up will leave your skin unhealthy and un-attractive after removing it. Even aging will attack the person very soon after application of the heavy makeup.  Multani mitti is a wonderful ingredient that is found naturally and has formed space in dressing space of many ladies. It is the Earth Fuller which is known as excellent cleanser. After you come back home, all dirt and dust sticks on your face making your skin unhealthy. With the help of multani mitti treatment, you can easily get your skin far away from dirt and dust.

Contents of multani mitti

Multani Mitti face packs for glowing skin

It is a well known traditional skin care ingredient that has rich content such as aluminum silicate. This has great absorbing properties leaving your skin very smooth, radiant and fresh.

Benefits of all types of skin

Getting acne and pimples in skin has become a common problem for man men and women. The lime content in multani mitti has the capacity of removing the harmful bacteria, removes excess oil and dirt and leaving the skin very clean and soft. It is also very good for summer as the cooling effect of the ingredient will be good for the inflammation.

Ways of using multani mitti for beautytreatment

Pack to reduce oil

If your skin is excessively prone to oil, you must apply a pack that easily reduces the excess oil from your face. Multani mitti mask will be very effective. You have to make pack with multani mitti in powdered form and rose water in it. After balancing the PH level of your skin, the oiliness of your face will be effectively reduced.  It cools your body leaving it smoothie.

Pack for glowing skin

Many ladies are very attracted towards glowing skin. But, due to change in lifestyle and lack of skin maintenance, natural glow of the skin is reduced.  Now with this paste, you can easily get back your glowing skin. You have to use multani mitti, sandalwood powder, tomato juice etc. If you want to get an extra glow, a dash of turmeric paste will be effective. Make a fine paste of it and apply it on your face. Keep it for a period of 10 minutes and ten wash away with the warm water. This is really wonderful to bring extra glow to your skin.

Pack for soft skin

If your skin is rough in appearance, it will be essential to make it really soft and supple. Take some milk and add crushed almond in it. Now apply some multani mitti and apply it really well throughout your face. Leave this for few minutes and wash it away to get naturally obtained soft and beautiful skin.

Reducing of dark patches on skin is another benefit of the multani mitti combined with the mint leaves and yogurt.

Use of fuller’s earth for beauty

Removal of pimples

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Pimples and acne is one of the old problems suffered by individuals with oily skin tone. But, with the help of multani mitti face pack, it will be quite easy to remove pimples from your face along with acne. You can now make an effective multani mitti face pack by taking two spoons of multani mitti powder, a spoon of roe water, neem leaves paste and camphor. All these ingredients are very essential to remove pimples from your face. You can apply this face pack at least one time in a week to stay away from acne and pimples.

Eradicating dark spots

People with very fair skin also have the problem of dark spots over their skin layer. It looks very odd when you are in front of the public or attending any social occasion. Dark spots can take place due to pigmentation or exposure to sunlight.  But, the multani mitti face pack can also help reducing the unwanted dark spots over your face. The multani mitti face pack for removing dark spots will include two spoons of multani mitti, a spoon of yogurt and a spoon of mint leave paste. Mix them well and apply over your face where you can see the dark spots. This pack needs to be kept for 30 minutes and then remove with the help of Luke warm water.

Skin healing benefit

If you have any type of wound and cuts over your face, the skin healing effect of multani mitti will be really useful. For this remedy, you need to add a spoon of multani mitti, a pinch of turmeric and water to make a paste. Mix them well and apply it over the face where you have wound or cuts. Keep this for 10 minutes and remove it with water.

Removal of white heads and black heads

White heads and black heads tends to be located over the nose rings of most of the individuals. This is mostly seen among the people who have oily skin tone. Dirt and oil accumulation over the black and white heads make the condition worse. But, with the help of multani mitti face pack, this will be easier. You have to make a face pack with a spoon of multani mitti, a spoon of sugar and honey with rose water. Mix it well and apply over your face. This is also a very good scrubber which will remove the dead skin along with the black heads and white heads from the skin layer. Slowly rub the fingers over your face and around the nose and remove it with the luke warm water just after keeping it for 10 minutes.

Removal of pigmented skin

As you age, the skin pigmentation will increase and your face will start looking really dull and unattractive. Natural way of removing such pigmentation from your facial skin will be multani mitti remedy. For this face pack, you will require a spoon of multani mitti powder, a spoon of carrot pulp and two spoons of olive oil. Mix them all well and apply over your face where you can see skin pigmentation. This has to be kept for 15 and 20 minutes. Once it is dried, remove it with the help of luke warm water.