An appropriate time to become pregnant: mark the time for conceiving

It is not always right time to plan for a baby. Many people have a misconception of babies getting conceived accidentally. But, it is not always true. You must plan for a baby systematically by keeping a track on particular day or days in a month when the lady will be suitable to conceive. This solely depends on the menstrual cycle of a partner.

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The best time to get pregnant is very important to a woman. It involves psychological, but a physical preparation as well as she should be mentally ready to carry a baby. Because stress, emotions, and mental tensions all these affects babies in the womb. So, you should know your physical condition is fit to fulfill your dream. When you are planning to get pregnant, study your ovulation cycle. According to that you can have safe sex. The best time to get pregnant fast and to conceive are the 4 – 5 days prior to ovulation and also depends on the day you ovulate. There are several effective ways to conceive by following small tips.

According to medical science, there are certain days in a month when the lady is having 100% chance of getting pregnant. You need to keep a track on the ovulation period of the lady during her menstrual cycle. Generally a woman has menstrual cycle after 28 days. Here, she would get the maximum chance of getting pregnant on her 14th day as this is the time when ovulation is likely to occur. As soon as the egg is release, the lady will get a window period of 24 hours for getting the egg fertilized.

Steps to increase odds for pregnancy

  • Just after you have started menstruation, count days and stop on the 14th day. Now you can plan to have intercourse in order to plan a baby. It is good to start having intercourse right from 11th day. Carry on the routine every day till 14th day. You can even carry on with the activity till 16th day. If you are among the couple who have a habit of having intercourse daily, getting pregnant will not be a problem to you.
  • You can also use an ovulation predictor test when you want to be more specific. This test will easily detect the level of luteinizing hormone that helps in triggering the release of egg. You can also use the ovulation kit in this process. The kit will also alert you about the ovulation to be occurred.
  • By checking cervical mucus, it is also possible to know the exact time when you are likely to get pregnant. As soon as you see the cervical mucus is getting thicker and slippery as compared to previous days, indication about fertilization will be clear. You must have an intercourse during this particular time. Here, you will get maximum chance of getting pregnant.
  • Basal body temperature is another important way of judging the right time of pregnancy. You must get up early morning everyday and check your body temperature. If you have realized any changes in your body temperature, it means that you are at the right stage of conceiving.  Your basal temperature must be greater than normal to check the ovulation stage.
  • Laboratory work-up can be another way of getting yourself pregnant.  You must take help from a reproductive endocrinologist. He will be dealing with certain procedure that can easily check and analyze your hormone. He can easily find out the stage when you are physically ready to conceive a child. He can also recommend the best time in a month when pregnancy will be very likely to take place in a lady seeking for children.

Some more tips to get early pregnancy

Fertility signs

The time ovulation occurs and fertility start are the major functions that help you to plan pregnancy. You have to pay attention towards your fertility signs. Many women notice lower abdominal pain around the time they ovulate. But before that you have to monitor this from month to month. And you can face these pains as an indication that you are ovulating. It is better to chart your ovulation by checking your temperature every morning prior to get up from bed. You can notice that the temperature starts to go up and it indicates that your body is ovulating. There are chances of conception that are good.

Having sex during fertile days

When you have most fertile days, you should start doing sex regularly a few days before ovulation. This is because men’s sperm can stay alive in your body for 5 – 6 days, whereas the egg can survive for only a day. It is better to start sex the day of ovulation, but make sure that your partner must have ejaculated at least once the days before. Otherwise dead sperm may accumulate and there is no use in that month.

Lying flat after sex

This is scientifically proven, that woman should lay flat for at least 15 minutes after sex. So that she ensures spermatozoa stay in the body and make their way to the egg. There are greater chance to get pregnant than the ones that walked out right after the procedure.

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