An appropriate time to become pregnant: mark the time for conceiving

Are you planning to have a baby? Are you trying to know an appropriate time to get pregnant? If the answer to these questions is yes then let you know first some information about pregnancy. Before you plan for your baby you need to know the better time for you to get pregnant. Your planning should be systematically for the healthy and appropriate pregnancy. You need to track your particular day OR days when you will be suitable to conceive. And the day or days when you are more fertile depends on your menstrual cycle.

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You need to be physical, mentally, and financially prepared for getting pregnant. Because anxiety, stress, emotions, physical sickness, and mental tension directly affect your baby while you are pregnant. It is for you that you should be physically and mentally fit and prepared to carry a baby. You need to understand your ovulation cycle, when you are planning for the baby. After the proper studies of ovulation cycle you can have the safe sex with your partner. The proper and best time to get pregnant is 4-5 days of your ovulation when you are more fertile and have the higher chances to conceive.

As far as medical science is the concern, there are some days in a month when the woman has the higher chances to get pregnant that is depending on your ovulation day. Just you need to know the ovulation period during the menstrual cycle. There are different menstrual cycles that result in the different ovulation period. But normally a woman has the menstrual cycle after every 28 days. When you have the menstrual cycle after 28 days then you are more fertile on the 14th day and you have the more chances to conceive.  This is the day and time when your ovulation occurs.

Tips to get conceive

Get to know when you are more fertile

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You need to know when you are more fertile and this is possible while tracking the ovulation period and the symptoms. During ovulation period, most women experience lower abdominal pain. Make sure you have tracked your ovulation 3 to 4 months before confirming the symptoms whether they are ovulation signs. The better way to know your ovulation is checking the temperature every morning very first to get up from the bed. During ovulation period, the temperature of the body goes up and easily you can get to know by checking the temperature about the days when you are more fertile.

Have intercourse during your fertile days

You should have sex regularly when you have more fertile days. Even you should have sex regularly before 4-5 days of your ovulation. There is a strong reason for having sex before 4-5 days of ovulation because the men’s sperm stays alive for 5-6 days in your body but egg stays only for one day. It is a better option to have sex the day of ovulation to increase the chances of pregnancy. Ensure that you have sex one day before also of ovulation so that the men’s sperm can fertilize an egg.

An appropriate position after sex

You should lay flat for fifteen minutes after having sex. Your position after sex ensures the sperms make their proper way to the egg while staying in the body. The chances of pregnancy get higher if the sperm makes their proper way to the egg.

How to increase the possibilities of pregnancy?

Have sex on your more fertile days

You need to plan your intercourse as well to plan your baby. Just you need to track your menstruation and get to know your ovulation period. The normal menstrual cycle occurs after 28 days. After starting your menstruation start counting the days and stop on the 14th day that is your likely ovulation day. Plan your intercourse and get it regular from the day 11 to the day of your ovulation even you can continue your intercourse till 16th day.

Ovulation predictor kit

Ovulation kit is one if the best option to know the day of your ovulation. This kit is ovulation predictor test which is easily found in the market. This kit will help you to know the level of the luteinizing hormone that promotes releasing the egg. You can get alert about your ovulation to be occurring to plan your intercourse to increase the chances of pregnancy.


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Cervical mucus

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During the days when your ovulation is likely to occur the cervical mucus gets thicker and slippery than the previous days. Thicker cervical mucus indicates your most fertile days. You must plan your intercourse to have a baby during this particular period. The chances of pregnancy increase if you have sex during this period.

Check the temperature

Usually on ovulation days the temperature of the body increases. You can judge the correct time of getting pregnant by checking the basal body temperature. You should get up early in the morning and check the temperature of your body before leaving the bed. If you find the changes in your body temperature then you should plan your intercourse with your partner. Make sure the temperature is higher than usual that signs the ovulation.

Medical help

Medical help is also one of the ways to conceive. You must consult with the reproductive endocrinologist to get the help for getting pregnant. He/she will analyze your hormone and suggest you the proper time to carry your baby. He will also suggest you the time when you are more fertile and have great chances of getting pregnant.

[Tips to get conceive in Hindi]