Avoid urinary incontinence – go for kegel exercises

Common problem among people today in the society is urinary incontinence. If it is seen in women, losing weight would be one of the effective ways. But, this treatment must be availed before using drug treatments.

The other name being involuntary release of urine is one of the very common problems suffered by people within the age range of 40 to 60 years of age. Studies have found out around 44 to 57 percent of people suffering from such issue. A report has been released by the American college of Physicians where most of the people having urinary incontinence stay within the age of 75 years. Even though this condition gives rise to emotional distress and embarrassment, women hardly reports this to doctor.

Yoga tips for urinary incontinence

Today, risk associated with urinary incontinence includes loss of urine and stress. People are seen to get leakage of urine when they sneeze or cough. Even the sudden urge of urination will be one of the conditions individuals can suffer due to urinary incontinence.

Recommendation of Kegel exercise is an effective way to reduce the problem of urinary incontinence. Through this exercise, the pelvic floor muscle will be strengthening. People will get relief once support is provided to rectum, bladder, vagina or uterus. According to the Mayo clinic, these are the specific place where urination mainstream will be stopped.

You must be hearing about most of the individuals suffering from the urinary incontinence. Different people have different reasons for the urinary incontinence problems. There are natural ways of avoiding the urinary incontinence. It is mostly suffered by individuals crossing 40 years of age. But, these days ladies with lower age group are also suffering from same trouble. This is the health condition where the patient is unable to have a control on his/ her bladder. As a result there will be leakage of urine. Even many young people suffer from the trouble of urinary incontinence. This is the situation when the urinary sphincter becomes wear enough to hold urine for a long time. Kegel exercise can be the best way to avoid such troubles.

The women having problem of frequency of urination must go for perfect bladder training. It is important for them to urinate on schedule duly set. If in any case if the bladder training does not work properly drug treatment is highly recommended. But there are variety of side effects which can take place due to drug treatments. Some of the side effects include constipation, headache, dizziness, blurred vision and insomnia.  Even patients will not be in a state to take proper medication.

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According to Dr David Fleming, ACP president, it would be advisable for physicians to go for non drugs treatments in order to stop urinary incontinence. Some drugs have proved to be really effective in treating urinary continence in individual. But, side effects of those can be really adverse in this stage.

Some women have combination of urgency UI as well as stress UI. For such group of women both bladder training as well as kegel exercise will be important. Some obese women may also suffer from urinary incontinence. In such a situation exercise and weight loss training is recommended. There is no relation between the surgical treatments with that of the guideline. Even the conservative way of treating urinary incontinence will not be effective.

Fleming also added that, urinary incontinence is such a disease which remains undiagnosed and under reported. Even these symptoms are not been told by many women to their doctors. Thus, physician himself has to query and find out whether the patient has such problem.

All such recommendation was duly published on 15th of September strictly in Journal annals of internal medicine.

According to some of the researchers, Kegel exercise will be quite helpful with regards to achieving orgasm. But not all people are very keen to support it as the claim is mixed.

Consequence of urinary incontinence

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At initial stage the urinary incontinence may not be very serious. But, you have to go ahead with regular care and treatment process to remove the problem of urinary incontinence. Kegel exercise is a wonderful remedy with the help of which you can remove the problem of urinary incontinence. The leakage of urine may not be well visible or realized by individuals at the preliminary stage. But, if you don’t take care of it, the consequence can be really critical. Many people have experienced fatalities with the urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercise

It has been viewed that, many people have received extended amount of relief with the Kegel exercise of urinary incontinence.  It is a type of exercise that will help strengthening the pelvic muscle. Thus, the urinary leak can be in a controlled position. This helps you hold the bladder for a long time so that you do not get urinary leakage. The main cause of urinary incontinence is leak in pelvic muscle. The exercise helps in making it really strong and effective. Men with prostate problem can also go ahead with the kegel exercise. This helps in getting your muscle strengthen and eradicate the problem of urine leakage.  You need to control your urination by holding the pelvic muscle. You have to hold it for 10 seconds and release it. Do this 3-4 times in a day to stay away from such troubles.

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