2017 new year mehndi designs

Beautiful mehndi designs can give your hands an extraordinary look. Wearing mehndi is also considered auspicious in India and you can always get them on your hands for a change. There are different types of mehndi designs and when you are looking for a mehndi design to get on your hands it is most expected that you will be looking out for some unique patterns. Here is a collection of the fresh 2017 new year mehndi designs for you. Check the list and pick the ones of your choice.

Minimalist persian henna design

Minimalist persian henna design

Round henna designs for hands

Move over the traditional henna designs that are so cliched and lost their charm today. Women love to embrace uniqueness and significant appealing henna designs, for instance, this minimalist Persian-inspired henna immaculately adorning the hem and edges of the hands. Adorn a statement hand chain ring to look fabulous and strike an impression as you play naughty with your hair strands.

Bold and beautiful henna design

Bold and beautiful henna design

When in doubt, bold it out. This gorgeous henna design resembles the authentic Indian traditional design which bridesmaids generally flaunt with their vibrant colorful attires and playful flirty gestures. You can never go wrong with this one if you’re planning to rock your ethnic ensemble on this New Year and give your look a little makeover with highlights in your hair and Arabic Henna pattern, be ready to steal the spotlight.

Sleek and long henna design

Sleek and long henna design

For women blessed with artistic long hands and nails, this suave and sassy sleek long henna design will work perfect for you. Give traditional henna a spin and get your palms painted in trendy henna design lurking on the gorgeous dusky skin to add oomph to your look. Go for a nude nail paint to highlight your henna and don’t forget to stack those silver rings to create a perfect Instagram-worthy click.

Floral pattern henna design

Floral pattern henna design

New Year is celebrated with much pomp and show all-over and it garners the happy, joyous vibes. So, spread sheer happiness with floral motif henna design that will easily leave the people gaping in awe. Paint your nails in solid colors, preferably reds or pinks or oxblood for an enchanting hue.


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Breath-taking white henna design

Breath-taking white henna design

15 Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

For those who love tattoos but not the permanency, you may opt for statement white henna designer hands and be a diva instantly. The white color henna is available in local markets in the form of henna tattoo and all you need is to stick and peel the transparent sheet. Flaunt this eccentric style with vogue as it will compliment your casual chic attire and give your look a fashionable twist.

Fuller hands floral and tradition patterns henna hands

Fuller hands floral and tradition patterns henna hands

Remember the festivals and weddings where your hands are completely adorned by the aromatic and gorgeous art of henna on your palms? Relive the nostalgia again with this scintillating henna design that will be the kitschy conversation-starter. We so love the hue of nails in this henna designer hands, violet is the new red ladies. Clutch that champagne bottle close and glittery painted hands closer.

Rings of eternity henna design

Rings of eternity henna design

It ain’t necessary to look outlandish and create a statement with your henna, you can play it fun and funky. Gorge your favourite ink and let it turn into henna art on your palms. Ensure that it is crafted with precision since inked tattoos are made with sleek dotted needle fixed in a machine, while henna is a freehand skill. This henna design will not only up your ante but also give an edge over others.

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Floral-paisley mehndi design


In this mehndi design the pattern on the front of the hand and on the back are different. Instead of covering the whole of the hands, the designs on both the hands cover an angular part. The design on the palm starts from just above the wrist and has been extended in an angular pattern covering the whole of index finger. The design at the back of the hand starts from wrist and has been extended covering the index finger only.

Intricate covering paisley mehndi design

Intricate covering paisley mehndi design

Top 15 floral mehandi designs for hands

This one is a perfect classic mehndi design that you can get for any special occasion. Here the design starts from below the wrists and covers all the fingers. The bigger paisley pattern is present at the middle of the palm and there is a blank space surrounding the central design. The fingers have been covered fully with intricate patterns. The design is same for both the hands.

Simple and stylish mehndi design


Check out this easy mehndi design that will take minimum time to be done but will look great on your hands. Here the design starts from just below the wrist and a central pattern covers the maximum part of the hand. Similar and disjoint patterns have also been done on all the fingers. This design has maximum blank spaces in between which gives it a nice and trendy look.

Vine based mehndi design for 2017


Check out this beautiful vine pattern mehndi design which is a perfect combination of classic and trendy mehndi patterns. Here the design has started halfway from the elbows and continues till the end of the fingers. The design is very intricate and it includes spiral vines in-between as well as on the fingers which add a unique look to the design. The floral and petal patterns make the other notable parts in this mehndi design.

Modern central mehndi design


Looking out for 2017 new year mehndi design that you can pair up even with your western wears? Then this design can be a good pick for you. Here the central pattern starts from the wrist and then extends centrally and reaches till the middle of the middle finger. The design is also present covering the nails and upper half of other two fingers. The centrally placed bigger pattern is perfectly complimented by the patterns on the other two fingers.

Angular stylish mehndi design


15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This angular mehndi design is certainly not of classic pattern but it can be paired with any type of dresses, ethnic or western wear, due to its unique look. Here the pattern has been extended in an angular way, from one side of the hand to the other side. Bigger motifs joined by spiral lines are the basic design pattern of this style.  In order to give it a complete look, minimal yet intricate designs have also been done just below the nails.

Peacock based modern mehndi design


Most of the peacock mehndi designs are of traditional type but if you are looking for a modern mehndi design with peacock, then this design can be a good option. Here the peacock has been placed on the back of the hand in an angular fashion. The design starts from the wrist and the extended tail of the peacock reaches till the end of the index finger after covering the middle section of the back of the hand in a curved way. The other fingers are devoid of any mehndi design.

Disjoint shaded mehndi design


Disjoint mehndi patterns are gaining quick popularity because they give a different look to the design. Here the design starts from just below the wrist and covers a section of the palm in a half circular fashion. The other disjoint design follow similar patterns and it covers whole of the upper section of the palm including the fingers. Shading with the same color has also been done to give the design a different dimension.

Angular floral pattern mehndi design


This floral mehndi design starts from one side of the wrist and covers the palm in an angular fashion. The design has been extended till the end of the index finger. Disjoint net patterns with in-between blank spaces has been done on the fingers. The small floral motifs cover the blank part of the palm from the sides of the central angular design.

Unique peacock pattern mehndi design


Best mehndi designs for legs

This peacock pattern mehndi design for the back of the hand is really unique. Here the body of the peacock has been done at one side of the hand and the decorative tail covers the whole hand. The clear parallel sections between the designs not only make the pattern more prominent but also give the design a total new dimension. The design is very intricate and it covers all the five fingers fully.

Intricate angular floral mehndi design


This angular mehndi design covering most of the part of the hand starting from below the wrist looks absolutely gorgeous. Here the floral design has been extended in an angular line which has covered till below the nail of the index finger. Half flowers have been done on the other fingers of the hand and their ends have been extended with dots to join with the angular floral pattern. This design is a sure pick for the New Year 2017.

Stylist, minimalistic mehndi design


This minimalistic mehndi design is ideal for those who are looking for some fresh mehndi designs that can go pretty well with modern western wears. This mehndi design includes decorative leaves and patterns. It covers the index finger fully but the design present circling the nails of the other fingers are very minimal and disjoint. There is also difference in the designs that has been used for encircling the nails of different fingers.

Net pattern mehndi design with floral motifs


Here the mehndi design has started from below the wrist and the flowers are present on the wrist area only. The most prominent pattern in this design starts from just above the floral patterns and has been attached with the netted design on the fingers. This design covers the index and the middle finger fully. Intricate covering designs have also been done encircling the nails on the other three fingers.

Floral mehndi design


Best flower mehndi designs for legs

The uniqueness of this mehndi design lies in its placement. Here instead of covering the back of the palm and the fingers fully, the design covers the area below the wrist completely and leaves the fingers and also one side of the back of the palm blank. This design mainly uses floral and paisley patterns in an angular fashion and can be ideal for pairing with ethnic and traditional wears in 2017.

Mehndi design with paisley and floral patterns


Here you can see that similar but different mehndi designs have been done on the two hands. The primary similarity of the two patterns is that they both start from an intricate and covering wrist band type design at the base. The patterns on the right hand are mostly paisley based while the patterns on the left hand are mainly floral. The fingers of both the hands have been covered with disjoint patterns.

Floral vine based half circular mehndi design


This modern and beautiful mehndi design can be an ideal pick for any occasion and also without any occasion. The design starts from below the wrist and covers the side of the hand in a half circular pattern. The floral vine made solid border of this design is the central point of attraction. There is also uniqueness in the way the designs have been done on the fingers. The little finger has no designs and the disjoint patterns on the other fingers have been done at different heights of the fingers to give it a unique look.

Bracelet pattern mehndi design


Mehndi designs that perfectly mimic the latest bracelet patterns are getting popular day by day and in 2017 new year they are sure to get more fans. This one is a simple wrist band type mehndi design that includes a heavy pattern on the wrist and a central bigger floral design. The patterns in the design have been joined with dotted lines to give it a perfect hand covering bracelet band look. You can pair this mehndi design with any type of dress.

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