How to get instant fairness – Tips & ideas for men and women

People with dark and brownish skin tone would always wish to get a beautiful and fair skin tone. This thought is no more restricted to ladies rather it is even very well fulfilled by men. If your instant fairness creams is giving you side effects, there are ways to get fairness in a natural way. Mother Nature has provided us with millions of herbs which we can use to boost various health benefits and beauty. We are now going to provide tips and ideas to get instant fairness for both genders.

Two things for beauty will never die. No 1 is long lustrous pitch black hair and for long lasting fairness. The love of fairness will never die. In this contemporary world to stand up you ahead from the remaining people beauty helps tremendously. Being beautiful with the fairer skin makes you more special and confident. So let us see few tips and face masks that help to guide you to get the instant fairness.
You need to take care at 1st that the skin will not damage anymore. Unless all you will try to do will get false if you do not control the skin damage. Some home remedies can treat the damage skin and can enhance the fairness of the skin instantly.

Cleanse, tone up and moisturize – The first stage of skin treatment

Best homemade skin whitening tips

These are the universal keys for any skin type to get the instant glowing and fairer skin. These processes are very much effective to get instant fairness. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be done in a regular way to achieve the desirable results without fail.


The first and foremost thing you have to do while taking care of your skin properly is cleansing. Cleansing takes a big part in the fairness cadre, do not rely on the soap bars which strips the moisture on the skin instead invest a good amount on the best cleanser that suits your skin type and add it in daily routine. Use a cleanser which can surely pull out the dirt and oils from your skin. Here is a lot of cleanser available in the market.


Skin toning is as much important as cleaning. Toning your skin is nothing but adding hydration. It is a ritual to close the open pores and to make it tighter by which it promotes for the display of soft, supple and fairer skin.


How to keep the skin moisturized

Never give a climax to the skin care without moisturizing. It helps to keep your skin stay fresh and perfect. Search for the moisturizers which can meet your needs of beauty. Either it can be the fairness qualities or SPF properties that save your skin from sun damage. Remember to pick the moisturizing cream or lotion based on the skin type you are being with. For the dry skin, a heavy moisturizer works well and for combination and oil skin an oil-free moisturizer will do magic.


Face powder not just show its action to retain your make-up lasts long but incredibly works well to even out the skin texture and give an instant glow. Invest on fairness radiance powders to get the required action. It is an instant remedy for the oily skin people to lock their oil and to show your skin fresh.

Facials to try – Honey fairness face mask


  • Half tablespoon of honey
  • One cup of tea water(cool)
  • Two tablespoons of rice flour

How to make


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Blend all the ingredients above in a bowl and apply it on your face. Let the mask sit for some time until it dries. Rinse off with Luke warm water and pat it dry to get the glowing and instant fairer skin. This is an easy homemade remedy to get the beautiful skin. Honey moisturizes your skin; rice flour works like a scrub and removes the dead skin cells. Both the tea and honey have free radical properties which aid to lighten the skin texture.

Orange and curd fairness face mask


Best fairness creams for oily skin

  • Two tablespoons of orange peel powder
  • Three tablespoons of fresh curd

The skin lightening properties of orange promotes for the fairness and clear looking skin. Curd cleanses the skin and gives a shade of brighter tone. Prepare a mask with these two ingredients as given below. Mix orange peel powder and curd in a bowl. Mix them well such that you don’t find any lumps over the mixture. You can also beat them for the good consistency formation. Wear it as a face mask on the face and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool rose water and pat it dry for to fairer looking skin.

Home remedies for instant fairness

Drinking Water

Drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily. Water is very much important to hydrate you skin properly. Human body is filled with 60% of water. So, it is important to drink lots of water because it controls the digestion of the body.


Exercise is not only good for your health but also good for your skin. You must do free hand exercises at least for 30 minutes.

Sleep well

How to use rosewater for skin care

Sleeping is important for the skin as much as it is important for health. If you don’t take a proper sleep you will look tired, sleepy and irritated as well. So sleeping is very much important. Lack of sleep results dark circles around your eyes. A good sleep also helps to repair and restore the dead skin cells.

Remove makeup before going to sleep

We get very tired after returning from a party generally. But remove the face makeup with gentle face soap or cleanser before sleeping. You can use oils to remove makeup from your face.


Scrubbing is very important to get rid from dead skin cells. It is not always important to buy a scrub from market. You can prepare scrubber at your home.

Tips and ideas to instant fairness for men and women

Home remedies for fairness is very easy to deduce especially when you get the ingredients ready right beside your hands. The simple ingredients available rights at our kitchen are quite easy and effective ideas for instant fairness on human skin. Let us have a look at some of the home remedies.

Lemon and tomato juice

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To enjoy this fairness tip, you need to have a fresh ripe tomato which you need to grind further and make a pulp. You can get a pulpy juice out of this particular tomato and get it in a container. Further you need to cut half the lemon and squeeze the fresh juice entirely over the tomato juice. Now, apply this particular pulpy mixture over your face such that it covers entire portion. Wait for 20 minutes till it becomes totally dry. Now wash with cold water.

Potato face pack for instant fairness

You must have enough potato at home in the vegetable basket from where you have to take out a single potato. Wash the whole potato really well so that no dirt or color remains. Peel the potato and take two thin slice of it. Slowly run it against your face so that it covers your entire face. Since this has vitamin C, it will very well benefit you with its extra ordinary skin lightening effect. You need to keep the potato juice on your skin for 15 minutes and then wash with plain water.

Milk and almond paste to get instant fairness

If you can’t wait for months and wish to get instant fairness, the combination of almond and milk will be an amazing treatment. You need to take 5 piece of almond and soak it overnight so that it become soft and easy to grind. Get up in the morning and take those almonds the grinder. Add little water and make a fine paste out of it. Once you have made a paste, put it in a container and add 3-4 tbsp of milk. Mix them well and apply it over your face. Keep this for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water.

Aloe vera gel for fairness

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After years of study, researchers have found out that Aloe Vera has extra ordinary strength of beautifying your skin if you can regularly use it. Even for hair and health it proves to be a wonder. You can even get your skin tone light with the help of Aloe Vera gel. Take an Aloe Vera leave and cut it right from the middle. Now take out the gel from it and apply it over your skin. Allow this gel to stay on your face for 20 minutes at a stretch. Once it is dry, wash it with Luke warm water which is just warm. This will give you a fresh look on your face along with lighter tone on the skin.

Gram flour and turmeric for instant fairness

You must have heard about the face packs and creams available in the market that has turmeric extract. For years turmeric is known to have a trade mark of providing fairness to your skin. Now instead of using the products that has turmeric extract, go for turmeric in natural form. To get this remedy you have to take a spoon of two of gram flour powder and a pinch of turmeric. Add milk or water to make a paste of it. Once the paste is made, apply it over your face evenly and allow it to stay for 20 minutes. Once the time period is over wash it with simple cold water and feel the difference.

Banana with papaya

This is a natural face pack good for both men and women. Today men are also willing to stay beautiful always along with women. Thus, the natural fairness face pack will be wonderful in such a situation. For this natural remedy you need a single banana and ripe papaya of around 1/7th quantity. Slice the banana and cut the papaya after peeling. Once it is done, you have to get it in a blender to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste over your face and let it set for some time. Wash it with water and see the glow on your face.

Turmeric with besan

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Besan means the gram flour which you can get at your kitchen cabinet. Turmeric also will be there always to keep your food filled with anti septic properties. Both the ingredients can make a wonderful fairness remedy and make your feel proud of your looks. Men and women can easily get this remedy to look beautiful always. For this you require a spoon of besan and a pinch of turmeric dissolves with water to make paste. Apply this paste over your face and wait for 20 minutes. Once it is dry wash it off with water completely.

Strawberry and yogurt

You must be aware of the benefits of strawberry by now. It will provide you a blushing look over your dull and unattractive skin tone. You have to make a combination with few handful of strawberries placed over the grinder. You can also use your hands to make a pulp. Once the pulp is made with strawberries you have to add 2 spoons of yogurt. Both ingredients should be mixed together to make a great pulp. Apply this pulp over your face covering the cheeks, foreheads and other places leaving the lips and eyes. Wait for the time till your skin absorbs the goodness of ingredients. There after the pack should be removed with water. Both men and women can get an extra ordinary glow with this particular face pack. This gives a great boost to your unattractive skin with glows all over.