Workouts using a chair to slim your legs

For this you need to take a chair especially the one which is made up of wood so that you don’t have problem in balancing, nor does the chair have problem in holding your weight. Just stand next to the chair and raise one leg up with the feet resting over the chair. Press the particular leg over the chair and bring your chest close to the leg. Carry on this procedure on the other leg as well. While doing this, you need to keep the core strong enough.

Leg lifts exercise


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You need to lay supine over the floor and keep your heels over the chair. Raise your body by pressing on the heels over the chair in such a way that your hip gets elevated. Now, raise one leg at a time into the air with your toes facing the ceiling.

Exercise with knee tuck and leg lift


This exercise needs you to stay in a slanting position with your toes placed over the chair and palm over the floor. This is one of the dangerous positions if you cannot hold balance of your body within the chair and feet. You must hold yourself tight. By staying in the same position blend one leg at a time towards your chest.

Alternating lunges


Here, you need to stand in front of the chair along with placement of one feet at the backward position such that it is placed over the chair. You must also keep a slight blend at the back knee. This position will be known as the starting position from where you need to blend both of your knees such that you are lowering yourself in a lunge position. Similarly you must carry on with all reps in the second leg as well.

Chair squat


If you are the beginner in the workout or exercise schedule, this will be an appropriate workout step. To start this exercise, you need to keep your back to the chair and your feet apart. Now, you need to keep your weight in the centre of your heels you need to draw your hips with forwardness of hinge. Now, you need to lower your butt towards the chair. Just before you are attempting to sit, take a pause. Now one gain get back to the standing position.

Low lounge hover


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Here, you need to stand in such ways that you are feet hip width apart while you are approaching your right foot back. Now you need to proceed with the attempt of lowering your lunge in such a way that the left knee stays over the ankle. Now you need to hinge forward from the waist by bringing your arms just over your waist. As soon as your arms reach forward, you need to lower your chest. When you are in the process of straightening your left leg, just go ahead lifting the right leg. You need to stay in this position and hold your breath for 3 seconds before coming back to the position of starting lunge position.

People are constantly attempting for getting very attractive and slimmer leg as it looks really very odd if your leg stays too large. Some people does not get ways to lose weight at particular part of their body especially leg as they lack knowledge about the exercise schedule that will make their leg firm and attractive. But, the above variety of exercise which makes use of the chair are really very effective in getting very lead and slim leg. Both male and female can adopt these exercises.