Multani mitti benefits for face, skin and hair

Multani mitti also called the Fuller’s earth is a type of naturally occurring clay with ample goodness. This clay includes a good amount of various minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Dolomite and Calcite, which can be very beneficial for skin and hair. Multani mitti has properties to cleanse and also work as an effective natural antiseptic. These benefits of Multani mitti have been recognized and it has become a regular ingredient in many herbal skin care products. The benefits of fuller’s earth on face, skin and hair will be discussed in this article.

Multani mitti benefits for face

Winter multani mitti face packs

  • Multani mitti is a natural oil absorbing agent. It can work as an excellent potion for controlling the excess oil of skin. Oily skinned people can easily replace any chemical based oil cleanser for multani mitti which has no adverse effect on the facial skin. One can use multani mitti multiple times a day to keep a check on excessive oil secretion from the facial skin.
  • Multani mitti can also be used for removing dirt and dust from face. At one hand it removes the dirt efficiently and on the other infuses the goodness of minerals into your skin. The best part is that it saves your skin from the harmful effects of chemical filled face washes and soaps that you would have used otherwise for cleaning dirt and dust.
  • Multani mitti can be effectively used as a natural facial scrubber for exfoliating. Due to its mild nature it can be used daily and is quite effective in cleansing the skin from the dead cells. Using multani mitti as a facial scrubber saves both your money and skin, as it is free from any chemicals that can harm your skin in the long run and is much cheaper than any other facial scrubber available in the market.
  • Fuller’s earth is believed to have properties to lighten skin complexion. Face pack made with multani mitti, yogurt and honey is very popular for even and bright complexion. Regular use of Multani mitti can improve skin complexion visibly without harming your skin.
  • Multani mitti can work wonders for people suffering from pimples and acne. It helps not only in getting rid of excess oil which often is the main cause for pimples and acne, but also cleanses the clogged pores providing an effective cure from acne and pimples.
  • If your facial skin have become dull and lifeless and you want to add instant glow to it without going through the chemical filled bleaches or cosmetic techniques,a face pack of multani mitti and rose water can be a sure shot way to land in a glowing skin instantly. Regular usage of Multani mitti and rosewater face pack can make your skin radiant from within.
  • Fuller’s earth improves the overall texture of your skin adding to its elasticity. So, if you are suffering from sagged skin or mild wrinkles, face pack made with fuller’s earth and carrot juice can be highly effective to give a tightening effect to your skin.
  • The regenerative mechanism of the facial skin can be re-invigorated by using multani mitti face pack on a regular basis. This face pack improves blood circulation in the skin which boosts the natural regenerative mechanism helping the skin to recover from wrinkles and other skin issues.
  • Fuller’s earth has the capacity to treat sun tan. Skin tanning is a major problem for many during summers and it can be treated with instant effectiveness by using Fuller’s earth face pack.


Multani mitti benefits for skin

  • Multani mitti can be used for removing oil and dirt from the skin. Due to its ability to absorb oil, multani mitti can be effectively used as a substitute to soap for cleansing skin. Fuller’s earth also has anti-septic properties, so it can actually make a good mild agent for cleansing to get a problem free skin.
  • Fuller’s earth mixed with yogurt can improve skin complexion. Using fuller’s earth pack on the darker parts of your skin can ensure a fairer and even toned overall complexion.
  • Fuller’s earth can also be used as a body scrubber. It unclogs pores and removes the dead cells ensuring a better skin health overall. Efficient removing of the layer of dead skin cells ensures better absorption of moisture which naturally promotes ahealthy skin.

Multani mitti face packs for skin care

  • Multani mitti has the capacity to increase blood circulation in the skin. So, by using multani mitti pack on your skin you can actually ensure an overall good health for your skin.
  • Due to the high mineral content, multani mitti also act as an antiseptic on the skin; thus helping in keeping germs and bacteria away. So, if you are suffering from skin issues caused by germs, multani mitti can be your best natural way to fight back.
  • Multani mitti can also be used for treating sun burn. The effect of the scorching rays of the sun on the skin can cause moderate to severe sunburn. If you have got back from your beach vacation with blazing sunburns on your back and shoulders, a pack of multani mitti can be highly comforting.
  • The clay infused with all the natural minerals has a very cool and comforting effect on the skin. So, if you are feeling tired due to the extreme heat of summer, using a pack of multani mittion your body can help in cooling down. It also reduces sweat and helps you to stay cool in hot summer.
  • Multani mitti has this magical capacity of lightening skin scars. Applying a multani mitti pack made with a few drops of lemon juice on a skin scar can actually help in reducing the mark over time.
  • Loosening of skin becomes a problem in case you have lost weight rapidly. The same problem is quite common after pregnancy. Applying a thick paste of multani mitti pack on the part of your body that is suffering from loose and sagging skin can help the skin to tighten over time.

Multani mitti benefits for hair

How to use multani mitti for hair care

  • Fuller’s earth can be highly effective in treating scalp dandruff. The product is able to absorb grease and oil and boosts circulation of blood in the scalp, which not only removes dandruff but also helps to keep dandruff away naturally.
  • Multani mitti can be used as an effective hair cleanser due to its oil absorbing properties. As the product is completely free from chemicals, like SLS and SLEs it never dries out the hair or causes split ends. If you are looking for a mild chemical free cleansing agent for your hairs, multani mitti can be an effective option.
  • Multani mitti hair pack can be used efficiently for straightening hair naturally. The pack should be added with the white of an egg and kept overnight before washing off in the morning.
  • Excessive hair loss is increasingly becoming a common problem within people of every age. Multani mitti with its anti-septic properties can be used for treating hair loss effectively. Multani mitti powder mixed with Aloe Vera juice can cure many problems of the scalp thus controlling hair loss.
  • Itchy scalp is another problem that can be treated effectively by using a pack of Multani mitti and lemon juice on the scalp. The pack to be applied to the scalp should not be very thick and should be left to get at least half dry before washing off with plain water.
  • Fuller’s earth can also be used for hair growth. This natural clay has the capacity to increase blood circulation in the place applied. So, by applying a pack of Fuller’s earth mixed with grounded fenugreek seed and adequate water on the patches where the hair has thinned can be highly effective to boost hair growth.
  • Split ends are a common problem with many women. Though Fuller’s earth is not the best remedy to treat split ends, but it can offer results that are instant and quite commendable. Add powdered multani mitti with adequate amount of yogurt to make a smooth paste and add 1 full vitamin E capsule to the pack. Now apply it on your hair ends, leave for 20 minutes and then wash off with plain water. In case you are suffering from damaged and brittle hair, use the pack all over your hair to get an effective result.

Some effective multanimitti packs for face, skin and hairs

Multanimitti and aloe vera face pack for summer

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

A face pack made from multanimitti and Aloe Vera can help in nourishing the skin and it will also offer great soothing effect. This pack can also be effective to fight skin tanning and to control perspiration and excess oil secretion from the skin during summer. Soak some multanimitti in fresh water for 30 minutes and then add 3 spoons of freshly collected Aloe Vera pulp with 3 spoons of the softenedmultanimitti. Mix the ingredients and apply on your facein a thick layer. Let it set for 20 minutes and then wash off with water.

Multanimitti, egg and olive oil hair pack for every season

A hair pack made from multanimitti, olive oil and egg can be highly nourishing for hairs. This pack can control hair dryness making the hairs naturally soft and shiny. This pack can also be ideal for frizzy hairs during winter. Take the whole of an egg and whip it in a clean container. Add 2 spoons of olive oil to it. Soak 4 spoons of multanimitti powder in this mixture. If needed, add some fresh water. Once the multanimitti has become soft, mix all the ingredients and apply to your hairs. Leave on for 30 minutes without letting the pack get dry and then wash off with a mild cleanser and plenty of water.

Multanimitti and orange peel scrub for your skin

A scrub made from multanimitti and orange peel can actually offer the best results. Collect some peels of orange, dry them in sun and then grind them to powder. Soak some multanimitti in excess fresh water. Once the multanimitti forms a slightly runny paste add the orange peel powder to it. Mix well and use this mixture as a natural scrub to get soft and smooth skin.