Natural home remedies to cure dry cracked / chapped lips

Lips are the true assets of one’s face. Who does not want to have fluffy, pinkish and healthy lips??  Dry cracked, flaking, swelling, or even bleeding lips clearly reflect to what extent you are dehydrated from within and how badly are affected to sun exposure. Chapped or cracked lips can be a concern if the inflammation causes peeling of lips especially the lower lip is more prone to bleeding. You can feel the pain when you try to smile wide or while eating your favorite spicy food.

Why dry and cracked lips??

How to get rid of chapped lips

There are a lot many reasons connected with chapped lips.

  • Dehydration
  • Dry and extreme weather conditions
  • Excess saliva on the lips or corners of the mouth
  • Deficiency of Vitamin A and B2
  • Lip biting / licking
  • Exposed to sunlight
  • smoking

Home remedies for cracked lips

Here I have a collection of few instant home tips and tricks to get your lips super hydrated, soft and juicy.

Drop oil therapy

Oils – are the most economical and effective remedy to treat chapped or cracked lips. Oils are no doubt full of fats that moisturize the layers of lips from the roots. A drop of any of your favorite oils that works for your skin helps.

Castor oil

Rich in medicinal properties – a drop of castor oil rubbed on to your lips heals and moistens the layers of the lips forming a protective covering and prevents cracking of lips. An instant relief!!

Coconut oil

Magical oil that has amazing moisturizing and healing properties is a great relief for chapped lips. It help regenerate new skin cells and makes your lips lock moisture.

Olive oil

Works from roots to treat excessive dryness and promotes healing very speedily. You can see the benefits overnight.

Sesame oil

One of the most versatile oils – that has its stature built to treat almost any hard-hitting skin issues – a drop rubbed on to your lips at night will overtime help your lips turn pink and soft.

  • Pouring 3-4 drops of mustard/sesame oil into the naval before going to bed helps cure dry and chapped lips forever.

Coconut oil + olive oil + almond oil + sunflower oil

Top lip care tips for women

  • Combine 1tbsp of coconut, almond, olive and sunflower oils together
  • Dip the cotton into the mixture and apply on your lips for overnight
  • Repeat the process for couple of weeks

Natural oils play important role in holding the moisture on lips!!


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Flowers to treat chapped lips

Do you have lifeless flaky lips?? No matter its winter or summer, lips always need more moisture for the shine. Here is what Mother Nature has for our lips.

Rose petals

Rose petals are the best for your lips as they contain vitamin c and large amount of water in them to keep your lips glossy and shine with beautiful color. Rosy lips are every ones favorite. All you need is handful of rose petals soaked in water for about an hour. Make a paste and store it in a container. Apply it on your lips and leave. Rose petals help lock the moisture and also lighten the lips.

  • A mixture of rose petals and glycerin also works

Rose petals + almond oil + honey

Here is the perfect combination of overnight lip balm/cream for those glossy and beautiful lips.

  • Take a container and warm 1 tablespoon almond oil
  • Take it off the stove
  • Add handful rose petals
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Store it in a container
  • Rub this mix on to your lips very generously and leave it over night.

Overnight application helps lips drench and infuse the moisture and vitamins off the herbs and oils. Feel your lips to be wonderfully glossy and hydrated!


Also called Genda or Calendula – magical flower – we almost find them in any Indian markets – helps treat pain and swelling associated with chapped lips. Rub few petals of marigold petals between your fingers to extract the juice. Directly apply on to the lips and feel the difference.

Aloe vera

Rubbing fresh Aloe Vera juice or pulp directly on to your dry lips helps regenerate new cells and heals the inflammation.

How to exfoliate lips

Home remedies for dark lips

Use any moisturizing and scrubbing agent to do the job. Below are few scrubs for lips.

Olive oil + sugar

Take few sugar granules in your palm and add 3-4 drops of olive oil to make granular paste. Rub generously over your lips for about 2 minutes. Unleash the fresh lips.

Honey + sugar

Few sugar granules mixed with few drops of honey works best to peel off those minute flaky dry skins on lips.

Lemon + sugar

Take few granules of sugar in to your palm and add few drops of fresh lemon juice to it. Scrub your lips to remove flaky skin for about 5 minutes very generously. Wash and apply a drop of oil or glycerin.

Dry lips care in winter

Lips works as thermometer to show your hydration levels!! Drink loads of water, fluids and juices. There are many reasons that cause lips to dry the first and foremost being dehydration. Drink enough water to keep them soft and smooth.

  • Honey – natural moisturizer – heals inflammation and dry lips. Apply honey on to your lips and forget.
  • Green tea bags: Do not throw them after use. Place them on to your lips to hydrate the lip cells
  • Rub your lips with a Cucumber slice
  • Pure Butter + a pinch of Salt applied on the lips works great for chapped lips
  • Feeling uncomfortable with chapped lips – Warm ghee – helps.
  • Frustrated applying lip balms over and over – Milk – apply raw milk on to your lips and leave

Heal chapped lips from inside

Deficiency in Vitamin A is also a main culprit in turning your lips dry and flaky. You need to regulate cellular growth and support sebum production to prevent lip dryness.

Foods rich in vitamin A include – carrots, broccoli, eggs, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, , cucumber, mangoes, milk, fortified cereals, whole wheat bread.

  • Eating about 3-4 overnight soaked Almonds everyday helps cure dry lips
  • Walnuts loaded with Omega – 3 fats regulates and replaces old skin cells – are great for that moist and smooth lips
  • Drink Aloe Vera juice every morning to heal dry lips from inside

Never do’s for dry chapped lips

Top ideas to lighten the dark lips

  • Stop licking: We without intention tend to lick our lips occasionally to keep them from drying – but that’s a big catastrophe – turning your dry lips into DEADLY.
  • Stop biting: Don’t bite or peel that tiny flaky skin off your lips!! It worsens the dry lip problem. Soften them using a drop of oil and exfoliate.
  • Breathe properly through your nose not from mouth which severely dries down the lips.
  • Apply a lip balm to maintain PH balance before face wash.
  • Use a clean cotton towel/cloth to wipe your lips after shower everyday and moisturize with a drop of oil.
  • Stop smoking – it can still overdo drying of lips.

Hope these home remedies for cracked/chapped lips helps your lips blossom!!