Remedies to treat the acne at home naturally

Generally individuals with oily skin tone are having the problem of acne all over their skin. Even though the creams and moisturizers are available in the market that treats acne, home remedies to treat acne at home would be really a positive point as this would be free from all types of side effects. Every individual would like their physical appearance to get its perfect shape of different physical feature. Skin is also an important element which can never be overlooked by people. If you can see blemishes and dark spot over your skin, all your friends and colleges may not have a good impression about your skin. They might not be able to do anything instead of criticizing. But, you are one who can care your skin adequately and stay beautiful in front of others.

Acne are simply blocking of hair follicles by oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. This encourages bacteria to multiply and form pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or cysts. There are many ways to eradicate the problem in skin. People used to depend on harmful cosmetics few years ago that can even harm their skin cells. But today, natural way of removing acne and spots in faces has become very popular. Just with the help of some natural ingredients available at home , you can look beautiful with no spots and acne on your attractive face.

Home remedies to treat acne

Healthy lifestyle

How to treat acne with ice

Bacteria and germs thrive in dirty clothes that increase acne. The back should be kept clean by having a bath twice a day with an herbal or medicated soap. Sweat should be washed off immediately from the back after any strenuous activity. Healthy low fat balanced diet with fiber rich foods and drinking plenty of water help to get rid of back acne.

Applying masks

Application of toothpaste on acne will reduce the swelling and dry the acne. Mask of ground paste of fenugreek leaves can also be used as a treatment for acne.


You can pick some methi seeds, make a paste and refrigerate it. You can apply this once or twice in a week to get the face that is free from acne and blemishes.

Lemon juice

How to treat acne with honey & lemon

You must take a piece of fresh lemon if it is readily available at your refrigerator. Or else you can get one piece of lemon from the vegetable market. Now you have to take a knife and place the lemon in the vegetable cutting board. Slice it and take out all its seeds leaving only the juicy part of the flesh inside. Now you have to squeeze all juices of lemon in a small container. Now, dip cotton on the lemon juice and apply it slowly in the scar mark in your face. Keep the skin under the cover of lemon juice for some time so that it can absorb all essential ingredients. Now wake your skin with the Luke warm water to get the best result.


For years sandalwood have been used to recover all types of illness in human being. It is also known as a sacred ingredient and is used for worshiping Indian god and goddesses. Today, this sandalwood will be very beneficial in eradicating acne and blemishes from individual’s skin. An effective mass will be a combination of sandalwood along with the rose water. You must leave the face mask in your face for a period of 1 hour. It will be more effective to keep the mask overnight. This is one of the effective home remedy to cure ugly marks of acne and spots in faces.

Various ways of treating acne in natural way

Apple cider vinegar

Most of the people have received wonderful remedy through the application of apple cider vinegar. If you are continuously suffering from acne, juts apply some apple cider vinegar over the affected portion as it is effective in killing the harmful bacteria which gives rise to the problem of acne. Once you apply this natural remedy on acne affected area of your skin, there will be a reaction and alkaline and PH balance will be formed.  Since the vinegar has citrus property, excess oil from your skin will be absorbed leaving your skin free from acne.

Milk and honey

How to treat pimples & acne

You will be surprised to learn that most of the diary products help in eradicating outbreaks over the skin layer. You must make a mixture with 1 tablespoon of milk with same quantity of milk. Now mix them well to form a paste. You need to apply this paste over your face and wait it till 15 minutes. You can either apply this with the help of cotton pad or use the back portion of spoon to make it even.  One a single layer is dried; try an attempt to apply another layer as well.  Once the second layer is dried, use the damp cloth to slowly remove the mask from your face. You can also apply little water after the mask is dried and slowly scrub it in a circular motion. This will remove dead skin layer and keep your skin look vibrant.


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Papaya mask

Another natural ingredient that can work really well in acne or pimple prone skin is papaya. You must have heard about variety of products that has main ingredients as papaya. But, with fresh papaya from tree, the skin remedy like acne and pimples will work as wonder. A fresh raw papaya can do such thing which may be done by the expensive medicines prescribed by the skin specialists.  After washing your face with a cleanser or a face wash, you need to get a fresh raw papaya and smash it in a blender. Just apply this pulp over your skin and wait for 15-20 minutes time. One the time period is over, you need to rinse your face with warm water completely.  You can easily view the different after few weeks.

Strawberry and honey

Both honey as well as strawberries is among such ingredients which tastes sweet.  These are really appropriate to make delicious sweet dishes.  But, some people might not have an idea that those are also good to remove acne and fine lines from the skin. You must try it today to get the safe solution for acne and blemishes.  You need to take 3 pieces of fresh strawberries and mash it. Now add honey with it and combine it really well. You can also use a blended and add strawberries as well as honey. Once it is done apply the mixture over your face. After the mixture sat over your face wait for 20 minutes and then remove the same from your face with the warm water. After washing away you need to apply a moisturizer as well. This is a wonderful home remedy which must be availed for two days in a week at least to get a very charming and wonderful skin tone without acne as well as blemishes entirely. Just try it and see the difference.

Honey and cinnamon

How to cure acne with tea tree oil

Cinnamon and honey are really effective to reduce acne over the face. You can now make an effective mask which will reduce the problem of acne over your face. The ingredients that you require for this acne treatment at home will be cinnamon- 1 teaspoon, honey- 2 tablespoon and paper towels. First of all you have to wash your face with water and pat dry. Now take a container and add said quantity of honey and cinnamon in a place. Mix them and apply over your face especially the areas where you have acne. You need to keep this for 10-15 minutes and wash with. You should use paper towel to wipe off the face so that no sticky substance remain.

Egg white mask

Another wonderful mask that you can use for treating acne on your skin will be the egg white mask. Since eggs are very easily available ingredients that you get at home, using them for making mask will be easy. It has been proved that egg white is wonderful ingredients that contain vitamins and proteins. Thus, treating acne over your skin will be easy. All you require are 2-3 amount egg whites, a bowl and the wash cloth. You have to break the egg in a container and separate the same from the egg yolk.  You have to wash your face at first with water and pat dry. You have to whisk the egg whites and get a frothy appearance. Let it sit for some time. Now spread the frothy egg whites over your face and wait for the period of 20 minutes. Then you can use water to wash it away and also use a wash cloth.

Orange peel mask

You must have acquired good amount of orange peels while having the fruit. Instead of throwing them away, you have to store it after letting it dry under the sun. Once it has become completely dry pour it in the grinder and make powder out of it. Add a spoon of powdered orange peel and mix it with water. Combine it really well and apply it over your face. You have to wait till 25 minutes. You can also get a peel developing over your skin. Just pull out the peel of orange and see the skin beyond it. You can get wonderful  smooth and attractive skin after the peel is out along with removal of acne.