Latest patch work blouse designs

The importance of a well fitted and beautiful patchwork blouse is well known to every woman familiar with sarees. A saree can never look the best unless it is paired with the right blouse. There are several variations in blouse designs and ladies are open to choose any according to their preferences and the type of saree with which they are planning to pair the patch work blouse.

Patch work is a type of handwork where patches of clothes are sewed together for coming up with unique designs. Patchwork blouses can be paired up nicely with patch work sarees as well as with other sarees to get the right look. This article will provide you with a list of latest patch work blouse designs to pick from. Read on,

Patchwork blouse designs

1Kalamkari blouse with patchwork

Latest blouse designs for silk sarees

If we talk about the latest design, then kalamkari blouse design will be one of the most demanding designs, and you get it with a beautiful patchwork then nothing can be beautiful than this tangy shaded patchwork blouse.

2Floral print, patchwork blouse

Get a bloomed beauty with this fantastic floral print, patchwork blouse that contains the real beautiful look that can let you get the different place among several people who will be appreciating your attractive appearance.

3 Boat neck, patchwork blouse

Look at this beautiful boat neck, patchwork blouse design in the floral print that can give the best compliment to your beauty for grabbing all the appreciation of the people with an eye-catching beauty.

4 Net blouse with patchwork

Be the real beauty with your sophisticated look that is possible with this net blouse that has the patch to make it more beautiful than you thought you could be, and this blue and silver color combination making this blouse design more than impressive.

5 Sweetheart neck blouse with patchwork

Here is another way to be the sweetheart with this patchwork blouse that has sweetheart neck to make you look a beautiful diva for grabbing the attention of all the people in your surroundings.

6 Heavy maggam work blouse with patchwork

If we are talking about the latest patchwork blouse design and heavy maggam work is not included then everything will be incomplete so let’s make your collection complete with this violet color patchwork blouse that has beautiful heavy maggam work to give you look stunning.

7 Half sleeved, patchwork blouse

See this half-sleeved blouse with patchwork that is including all the required beauty and attraction that you want to get in you. It is the blouse design that you can choose blindly to wear on any occasion.

8 Printed, patchwork blouse

What you wear defines your personality and what you choose make your personality. When it comes to selecting a designer blouse then kalamkari printed, patchwork blouse comes forward to give you a perfect grace.

9 Frilled waistline, patchwork blouse

If you want the latest blouse design, then this patchwork blouse with designer frills in the waistline is the best option that can help you to be in the top list of latest fashion diva that marches with the latest trend.

10 Back stripped, patchwork blouse

Let’s try something new. Something that beats everything in the race of fashion world with this shiny, back stripped, patchwork blouse with contrast color and sparkling prints to attract the attention of all the people.

11 Stand collar, patchwork blouse

Wearing patchwork blouse looks stunning but wearing stand collar blouse with patchwork seems ultimate that grabs the attention of all the people who will be unable to stop themselves for appreciating your beauty.

12 Back button, patchwork blouse

Fashion demands a lot and to match with this fashion demands you have to go with the latest designs that can full fill your want, and this patchwork blouse with the button at the back march with all the requirement of today’s era to make you beautiful.

13 Piping line, patchwork blouse

Simple blouse designs

Patchwork blouse with a well-finishing piping line that meets all the needs that you required to be a diva with latest design and trend. The combination of black and mustard color to get a perfect glance.

14 Check print, patchwork blouse

Patchwork blouse with check print has the beauty that is beyond imagination, and if you want the grace that should be beyond imagination then this check print, patchwork blouse in the yellow and tangy shade is the best option.

15 Sparkling, patchwork blouse

Spark is the first need to be an attractive diva and this sparkling patchwork blouse in black color has the efficiency to keep you sparking for grabbing the attention of the people in your surroundings.

16 Back key-hole, patchwork blouse

Get and give a perfect look and pose as well from every angle when wearing sari with this front open, semi sleeved, patchwork blouse design that has the color combination to suit on every skin tone for the perfect look.

17 Orange shaded, patchwork blouse

Let’s blast the color world with this orange and black shaded sleeveless, patchwork blouse with sweetheart cut with the superfine finishing of neckline to get a perfect touch to enhance your beauty.

18 Classic, patchwork blouse

If you are fond of classic touch and want yourself to be classy while wearing a sari, then nothing can be better than this sleeveless, patchwork blouse with low back string and back zip in dark pink mixed peach shade that has been patched with printed blue color of sleeves.

19 Mirror work blouse with patchwork

Best blouse designs

Why don’t you get a sophisticated look that suits at every occasion while wearing sari with this patchwork blouse that has simple mirror work to make it sophisticated and gorgeous as well.

20 Traditional, patchwork blouse

Being traditional and appearing traditional attract to all the people and you can also be that much attractive with this traditionally designed half sleeved, patchwork blouse to get the look of a traditional diva.

21 Net blouse with half sleeves

A contrast color blouse that has half sleeves with super fine piping and a patchwork of the net makes a complete package to look beautiful that every woman wants. By adding this super excellent package in your wardrobe, you can get a perfect appearance that you want.

22 Occasional, patchwork blouse

There are several occasion that you have to attend in your day to day life and to make those occasions special you need to look unique that will be easily possible with this latest patchwork blouse that can also be called a perfect match to be beautiful.

23 Round neck, patchwork blouse

Have a look at this image that has beautiful patchwork blouse in orange and cream shade with round neck and mirror work in waistline that is making it more attractive and suitable for anywhere and anytime.

24 Full neck, patchwork blouse

Whatever you want that you become and if you’re going to become a stunning diva then your choices must be better especially while wearing a sari and with a sari, this full neck blouse with patchwork in navy blue and grey shade will be the best choice.

25 Oval shaped, patchwork blouse

Latest Blouse designs collection

See this designer patchwork blouse with an oval shape and better color combination to make your collection better than before by adding this latest patchwork blouse design that can give you the confidence to represent you a stunning beauty.

26 Unique, patchwork blouse

It is the era where every woman wants to get a unique look to be in the limelight, and if you are also fond of in being limelight then this unique, patchwork blouse design with golden and black color is the best option that you can add to your collection.

27Princess cut patchwork blouse

See this image that has a beautiful heavy work, patchwork blouse with back zip in dark red shade to enhance your beauty while allowing you to stand different among the crowd with your eye-catching look.

28 Semi-sleeved, patchwork blouse

Stay beautiful and look beautiful all the time with your stunning appearance while wearing this semi-sleeved, patchwork blouse that has a perfect multicolored floral print with black shade to bloom your beauty.

29 Simple, patchwork blouse

The language simplicity carries with no words, it rock the world that is unbeatable, and the same is done once again with this yellow shaded, patchwork blouse with simple shimmering to make it more than beautiful.

30 Front zip, patchwork blouse

If you are searching for the best blouse design then make it stop because after seeing this fantastic front zip, patchwork blouse you will not need to see anything else to be an eye-catching and adorable diva.

31Blouse with checkered patch work

Beautiful wedding saree blouse designs collections

Checks have not really gone out of Style anytime, however, this time people are wearing checkered sarees and blouses as well. A checkered blouse with a patch work looks exceptional when paired with a simple solid colour saree.  This particular blouse is having an eclectic patch work detailing along with a stripe on the back. It has a modern touch yet it is traditional. You can share this blouse with any saree that you have in your wardrobe and look amazing.

32U shaped patch work blouse design

U shaped blouses are very common and can be worn with any kind of a saree. However, you can ask your tailor to stitch a U shaped blouse back with patches on it. The patches can be chosen depending on the colour of the saree that you are pairing the blouse with. Here, the blouse is black in colour whereas the patches are red in colour and have green and white detailing on it. This kind of blouses is perfect for any party or occasion.

33Y Shaped patch work on blouse back – Patch work pattern

This particular blouse with patch work is perfect for any Indian festival or occasion. The blouse has a upside down Y patch on the back. The blouse is basically blue in colour and the patch work is silver in colour. Wear this blouse with any simple saree with minimal makeup and accessories and we are pretty sure that you will look very different from others. You can also pair this blouse with any light colour handloom saree.

34Floral patch work blouse design image

Black blouses are a staple in everyone’s closet and this particular blouse is very unique in its own way. Black blouses can be worn with anything and when a black blouse has design or embroidery on it, it enhances the look of the blouse. One can never go wrong with a black blouse and we simply cannot deny this fact. This particular blouse comes with a floral patch work on its back which is golden in colour and looks amazing. The patch work spread across back diagonally and her tie-up thing on one side.

35Cape style front neck patch work design

Capes are so much in fashion that one can spot it everywhere whether it is an ethnic crop top, wedding gowns, dresses and even in blouses. It looks very much stylish and elegant when put on top of simple blouses especially the ones that have Patch Work on the front neck side.

36Blouses with net fabric with thread and pearl patchwork design

Blouse are meant for adding shining details so that it enhances your look whether it is a saree you are wearing or a lehenga. A sleeveless blouse of net fabric that has a patch work design of thread and pearl adds statement to lehenga pieces you wear for occasions.

37Back neck design of a detailed cut with patchwork with a bow

Halter neck blouse designs

Bows add the much-needed statement detail to a blouse piece and a patch work on it defining the border of the detailed cut enhances the look of your saree instantly. Choose a color that matches that of your outfit for the bow.

38Velvet patch work latest blouse design

The idea to take inspiration from leading fashion designers is one good idea and this one is an inspiration from the same. A heavy Kundan Patch Work on a simple velvet blouse is going to make your wedding saree look all the more glorious and elegant.

39Trendy Black mirror patch work blouse design

Soak in the noir-esque shades of bliss and embrace this stunning mirror patch work blouse which is quite a trendy option to drape your plain silk saree. Go OTT with embellished fashion jewelry and you can try different ways to drape the saree to flaunt the front patch work mirror blouse with panache.  You can also opt for a sheer net saree to reflect the blouse from within and create ripples of joy.

40Black and gold luxe patch work blouse design

Immerse n the classic combination of black and golden to resonate sassy vibes. This gorgeous blouse with bold patches of gold embroidered sleeves and hem is a must-have for big fat Indian weddings and you can never go wrong with this artsy blouse and a rouge benarsi saree. Count on the luxe classic combo for all your important functions and gatherings.

41Traditional gold patch work blouse design image

Play all ethnic in this authentic golden hued patch work and brocade work blouse that will instantly up your ante. Doll up in this suave blouse to steal a few glances and you can easily drape any solid color or pastel popping saree depending upon the occasion and time of the day. Go for light hues and easy to-manage silhouettes during the day time function. This will also evoke the radiant glow of this blouse while you can opt for darker solid colors with gorgeous silhouettes to flatter the nightsky with vanilla.

42Pink boat neck patch work blouse design

Patch work is quite trending this season and young girls, ladies are all going bonkers. With minimal statement blouses like this bright pink boat neck featuring a subtle patch work design on the neck, it will totally suit a young girl’s college farewell or wedding function event.  You can go overboard by pairing it well with contrasting saree colors to steal the spotlight and toss your hair into a graceful high bun or croissant bun or leave them open to strike a lasting impression.

43Teal and gold classic patch work blouse

Boat neck blouse designs

Look for rare shades and colors and teal is one classic combination when paired with luxe gold in a patch work form to exude the dreamy princess vibes. The gorgeous halter neck with statement tassels and bells hanging at the back will revoke a Bollywood’ish charm and take you to greater heights. Quite literally! Drape a stunning contrasting hued saree preferably black, red or teal in color to let them gaze at you. This enchanting blouse is all things fun, flirty and extremely attractive. Make sure you choose your occasion and event wisely to adorn this piece.

44Subtle beige patch work design with zardozi blouse

This designer beige blouse wth intricate zardozi embroidery blended well with patch work is the great mix of modern and contemporary. Featuring a shining bright silk beige blouse, this is all you need for the forthcoming weddings season to rock your blazing red saree in an alluring charm. Don’t forget to add some drama by putting tassels and mirrors hanging at the back if you’re wearing saree for the first time, this will recreate your youthful look.

45Round back neck patch work blouse design

This simple patch work blouse has the work attached to the back neck cutting of the blouse. Use of golden colored borders along with the flower motifs adds a different look to this design. Use of contrasting color is the other point to note. This blouse design is simple and can be picked for regular wear as well.

46“U” back neck patch work blouse design

This patch work blouse has a “U” shaped back neck cutting and the patchwork follows the neckline. The unique thing about this patch work design is the extension of the work to the middle of the back in a betel leaf shape. The patch work around the back neckline also has a unique shape that extends at the base and then narrows to join.

47Double side patch work blouse design

This blouse has got its unique look due to the intelligent patch work done in golden. Here the patches of golden colored cloth have been added on the two sides of the back neck cut while the middle part totally misses the golden patch. Use of the same golden color on the sleeves has completed the look.

48Square back neck patch work blouse design

The base material in this blouse has a deep “U” back neck cut which has been reshaped to a square by using patches of orange colored material. The thickness of the patched material on the sides of the neck is less and it thickens at the base. Patch work with the same material has been repeated on the ends of the sleeves.

49Back neck side border patch work design for blouse

Embellished saree blouse designs

In this blouse design patches of golden have been attached to make the two sides of the back of the blouse. In the waist region a patch of the base material joins the two golden patches that extend till the end of the blouse.

50Patch work “U” back neck blouse design

This patch work blouse looks gorgeous particularly due to the use of the shades of cream and green color in combination. The patch work at the back neckline thickens as it approaches the base and touches each other in a curved design. Intelligent use of the red borders to line the patch work is the other thing to note in this design.

51Patch work blouse design in black and golden

In this patch work blouse the beige material has been used for lining the sides of the back neck cut and to cover the middle part of the thick waist strap. On the borders of the patch work golden zari has been used for highlighting the design. This blouse design can be ideal for parties as well.

52One side back neck patch work blouse design

In this blouse design the patch work of the golden colored material with the sea-green colored base has given it a unique look. The golden patch covers one side of the back neck cut and extends till the waistline. This blouse design can make an ideal party wear to be paired with any gorgeous saree.

53Patch work mid-covering blouse design with beads

This blouse has a neck cut that narrows near the collar and widens at the middle before constricting again. The patch work starts 1 inch below the starting of the neck and extends till the very base making the mid part of the blouse. Use of beads for highlighting the patch work gives it a unique statement. Patching of the flower at the middle is the other thing to note.

54Patched ash and yellow elegant light patch work blouse design

This elegant blouse design has got its look due to the intelligent use of patch work in yellow and ash. The ash colored patch has been added on the neck cutting of the yellow colored material. Addition of stone chains on the borders and the paisley motifs attached to highlight the patch work makes this blouse design really unique. The same patch work has also been repeated on the sleeves.

55Trendy blouse back neck design with different colored patch work

Princess cut blouse designs collection

This patch work based blouse back neck design is stylish and can give you a perfect look for any parties. Here three different materials for patches have been used to get the right look. Extension of the middle patch over the back neck cut, which then joins with the shoulder laces, gives it the most stylish appearance.

56Blouse Back-neck side lining patch work design

This blouse has a wide yet shallow back neck cut. The patch work has been used to make the two sides where the middle part of the blouse is devoid of patches. Patch work has also been used on the sleeves.

57Back neck base patch work blouse design with jewels

In this design the patch work has been used to line the base of the back neck cut and not the sides. There is no separate border to highlight the joining of the patch work instead the golden lace has been added on the open end of the patched piece. Addition of the stone decoration at the middle performs the task of highlighting the design in the best way.  This blouse makes an ideal wear for parties.

58Patch work stripe blouse back neck design

Patches of clothes in the form of stripes has been attached across the back of the blouse to give it a unique look. The stripes are thin and they form parallel geometrical shapes with each other. Cloth of the same color has been patched on the sleeves to maintain the right look.

59Multiple colored patch work blouse back neck design

This trendy patch work blouse neck design uses more than two colors. The yellow patches at the two sides of the back neck cut highlights the design whereas the beige colored flower shaped patch work at the middle gives the blouse a different look. Black laces have been used to highlight the patch work.

60Designer patch work blouse back neck design

This blouse back neck patch work design comes with patches of white clothes printed with abstracts. The patch borders the back neck cutting and thickens near the base to cover most of the waist strap area of the blouse. Use of a bright matching stone on the patch work completes the look.

Mid- opening patch work blouse design

Mid- opening patch work blouse design

Sabyasachi blouse designs

This gorgeous and beautiful back neck blouse design has a stylish look to it. Here patches of different clothes have been used to give the blouse a unique look. The sleeves of the blouse are made of net and are bordered with patch work near the end. The same patch work is also present to border the waistline.  Pair this one with any party wear saree and you are ready to go.

61Net blouse with floral patch work blouse design

Patch work is something that can be done on different types of material and this net blouse with floral patch work in multiple colors actually looks gorgeous and elegant. The patch work is present at the back of the air hostess blouse.

62Patch work betel leaf shaped blouse back neck design

Use of different colors in the blouse has given it a special look. The patch work has been used in layers and the borders have been highlighted with laces. Use of the stone studded motif at the middle of the design gives it the perfect look.

63Mid- covering patch work blouse design

In this design the patch has been attached lining the back neck cutting and the middle part of the waist strap. Addition of danglers at the end of the patch gives it an interesting look. The sleeves of this blouse are made of net.

64Back open red and black gorgeous patch work design

In this blouse design patching of a plain black material with a gorgeous red cloth can be observed. The red cloth has been used for making the collar and the lower side of the base. The waist strap has heavy golden zari work on black and the clasps are present at the back. This blouse design is perfect for parties and weddings.

65Kalamkari patch work blouse design on net blouse

This is a unique designer blouse that uses kalamakri work as patches on a see-through blouse. The floral vine designs all over the blouse back and sleeves look absolutely classy on the lighter transparent base. The other thing to point in this blouse is that here there is no prominent demarcation of the neckline which gives a skin like finish. This blouse is ideal to be paired with any cotton kalamkari saree or with silk sarees.

66Black blouse with red brocade patch work blouse design

Mirror work blouse designs

This blouse uses black and red colored pieces of clothes for getting the gorgeous look. The red colored brocade used at the front part has self- work in golden while the black material used near the neck and on the sleeves is plain. Addition of the thick golden zari border covering the neckline, waistline and the ends of the sleeves make this blouse gorgeous and ideal for a wedding or party wear. This blouse can be paired beautifully with any silk saree.

67Patch work with stones – Latest patch work blouse design

This beautiful and gorgeous blouse uses patches of stone work for making the floral vine design all over the blouse.  Use of small white stones along with some brown stones make this blouse look luxurious. Layers of stones have also been used for bordering the sleeves and the waistline. This blouse can be best paired with a net saree to ensure that the beautiful work of the blouse is fully visible.

68Patch work saree blouse design in multiple colors

This blouse uses three different colors of solid and design free material to get the look. The golden material has maximum use and it covers the waist strap as well as the sleeves fully. The red material has restricted use at the front and the blue patches have been used only for getting a striped design surrounding the neck cutting. This blouse can be best paired with chiffon or net sarees.

69Kalamkari based patch work blouse design

In this blouse design the patch work has been done with a green textured material covering the sides and 1/3rd of the waist strap of the blouse. The kalamakri printed material has been used on the lower part of the waist strap and on the sleeves that extends till above the elbows. The clasps of this blouse are present at the back.

70Sleeveless brocade patch work blouse design

This gorgeous blouse can look really nice with any silk saree and is ideal for parties, weddings and special occasions. Here the patch work has been done with a gorgeous black material and it has been placed covering the back of the blouse in a box pattern. There is also a golden border that separates the patch work from the red colored basic blouse material and this border does the job of highlighting the work very nicely.

71Collard neck patch work blouse design

Blouses with short lapel like collar are becoming a latest trend. They look fashionable and smart and can be paired with any saree for any occasions. This one is a perfect example of collard blouse with patch work design. In order to highlight the collar, patch work has been done with a printed material. The patch work is also present at the end of the sleeves to match with the collar perfectly.

72Princess cut blouse design with patch work

Low back blouse designs collection

If you prefer to wear princess cut blouse because of the stylist look they offer but you are also interested to try out something new, check this blouse design which is a nice and trendy combination of princess cut and patch work. Here the middle section of the blouse has been made with a black material with white prints and the sides of the blouse including the sleeves uses a printed kalamakari material. This blouse will look really stylish with a cotton or silk saree.

73Angular patch work blouse design with beads

For a gorgeous party wear blouse this patch work design can be just ideal. Here the golden material has been used at one side of the back of the blouse in angular strips, alternately with strips of the black material. The longer golden strip extends the whole of the back of the blouse from one side to other and the white bead work on the strip highlights it perfectly. The sleeves have golden prints but are devoid of patch work.

74Unique blouse design in patch work

In this design the patch work is present at the back of the blouse in a color that matches with the outline borders of the blouse. The patch work goes across the back and the thickest section of it gives out a slight edge on the open back neck area. This design is unique and quite difficult to express in words. So, check out the image above and do not forget to carry the picture when visiting your tailor.

75Floral patch work blouse design

In this design the patch work has been done with an intricately embroidered material which has covered one side of the back of the blouse as well as the sleeves. Multiple colors have been used in the embroidery work, which makes the design look really gorgeous. This blouse design can be a perfect one to be paired with silk or cotton sarees.

76Dual tone patch work blouse design with central work

This blouse uses two materials of two different colors to come up with the design but what makes the blouse look really gorgeous is the central heavy patch work. The patch work is also present on the sleeves. The other thing to point in the design is the cutting of the waistline. It is tapered at the center and looks like coming out right from the central patch work.

77Half-half patch work design with kalamkari

Kalamkari designs look really gorgeous and they have a class of their own. If you are looking out for a stylish blouse design in patch work that will also give a sophisticated look, try out this one. Here the kalamkari material has been used to make the upper part of the back of the blouse, the high neck as well as the sleeves. Whereas, the solid blue material has been used to make the waistband and the lower sides of the blouse, leaving a water droplet shaped opening at the center of the back.