Top benefits of egg white for health

Eggs are known for being highly nutritious as well as delicious. They are packed with high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals. The only problem with eggs is that the egg yolk is high in cholesterol which is debated to be harmful for the heart health particularly for patients already suffering from cardiovascular problems or higher blood pressure. However, when you take the egg yolk out, the remaining portion of the egg, the egg white becomes a low calorie and yet highly nutritious diet. This article will inform you about the best benefits of egg white for health.

Complete protein for your body

Top health benefits of eggs

The proteins present in the egg white are described as valuable and high quality proteins. These proteins contain all the types of essential amino acids that are needed by the body for nourishment and smooth functioning. These proteins are also effective in maintaining proper muscle mass. There are not many foods that contain all the types of amino acids to fulfill the needs of the body. However, as the egg white makes only a part of the egg, hence banking on egg white alone to fulfill your daily recommended dose of proteins is not a good idea.

Egg white is a low calorie diet

The white of an egg is low in its total calorie content as it is the yolk which includes the maximum calorie of an egg. The white of a large egg contains only around 17 calories and being high in proteins it promotes high satiation. Having the white of eggs can keep you full for longer helping in reducing munching on unhealthy foods which can be most effective for weight management. So, of you are trying to lose some extra kilos you should start eating the egg white instead of the whole egg.

No saturated fat

The egg white is one food that is high in quality protein and yet free from saturated fat.  All the high quality proteins like dairy products and meat come with high amount of saturated fats that are not really good for your cardiovascular health and can also add to weight gain. However, the white of the egg has no trans- fats and hence adding up more egg whites in your diet in place of other protein rich foods can be a good idea. You can easily combine egg whites with lentils and beans to fulfill your daily requirement of proteins without adding much to fat.

A good source of riboflavin

How eggs give healthy hair

Egg whites contain a decent amount of Riboflavin or vitamin B2, which is a vital nutrient for the body. Riboflavin helps in the metabolism of the body, which promotes breaking down of the consumed food and producing energy.  Apart from boosting your metabolism and making you more energetic Riboflavin also activates some enzymes in the body that negates the effects of the free-radicals with the capacity to cause damage at the cellular level.  Riboflavin also has a vital role to play in your liver, where it activates some enzymes and ensures better functioning of the liver, promoting an overall good health.

Other healthy constituents of egg white

Apart from Riboflavin, the white of an egg also contains a range of other vitamins and minerals.  The list of vitamins available in the egg white includes Vitamin B-3, B—5, B-6 as well as B-1, B-9 and B-12, all these vitamins works along with Riboflavin.  The egg white also contains choline which is an essential element for smooth functioning of the nervous system. However, the point to mention here is that the amount of all these nutrients in the egg white is quite low and it cannot actually fill your daily requirement of these vitamins as a food alone.  The list of minerals available in the egg white includes folate, selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. So, as you can see that the white is also rich in mineral content; but the amount of each of these minerals present in the egg white is really less to fill your daily requirement levels.

Egg whites for your skin

Egg whites are considered as an effective skin care ingredient. It has a natural bleaching effect on the skin that can give you a clearer complexion with regular use. In addition to that, egg whites can be highly effective to minimize the enlarged pores on the skin, helping in preventing acne and pimples. The egg white also provides a deep cleansing effect on the skin and can be ideal for fighting skin wrinkles. It helps in restoring the skin elasticity and is also effective in balancing excess oil secretion from the skin. Egg whites are also often used as an ingredient for removing unwanted hairs from the face and body.

Egg whites for your hairs

Egg white can be effectively used to fight hair dryness. Being rich in high quality proteinit can be very effective to nourish the hairs and to promote hair growth. Egg white is often used as a key ingredient in many homemade hair care products due to its ability to make the hairs soft, shiny and manageable. Egg white treatment can also solve the problem of brittle hairs and it also makes a vital ingredient in homemade hair care treatments for hair straightening.