A spark surge for breast cancer with Angelina Jolie’s Surgery

Angelina Jolie being one of the famous Hollywood stars has decided to make her double mastectomy expand more has made the women aware in Britain and have proceeded with the breast cancer test. This was as per the study published on Friday.

There was a time when people were really ashamed to speak about several problems related to breast cancer. But, today research on breast cancer has provided a different turn. Such that, people are coming forward to share their problems if something unusual happens with their breast and surroundings. Angelina Jolie’s surgery has become a biggest example in this connection. She has made every woman clear that breast cancer is surgery is just like a surgery that a normal person goes through. There is nothing to worry and nothing to get ashamed of.

The 39 aged Angelina Jolie proceeded with the surgery of breast cancer in the last year of May and has become a high profile human rights campaign. She also tested the mutation of BRCA1 gene which is known for increasing the risk of breast cancer. She wanted to reach public and every corner of home to speak about her surgery news. The awareness of breast cancer is going to touch the thought of thousands of people who wishes to eradicate this disease. The light threatening disease must be found without any hesitation.

How to recognize breast cancer

The study was conducted in 21 clinics along with various regional centers. It was also found that only 4,847 referral testing presented in the month of June. The comparison with the same was made in the month of July last year.

The name of the study was termed as Angelina effect which was duly published in the well known journal named as breast cancer research. The whole credit goes to Angelina Jolie and the actor Brad Pitt who participated equally in this campaign with the hope of eradicating the fear from women’s mind.

The impact for Angelina Jolie will be much higher where announcement was laid down by other celebrities. This is due to the fact that she had an image as glamorous as well as very strong women.

The actress was quite successful in eradicating the fear from the mind of patients suffering from breast cancer. Even the ones who have been fearing of getting a threatening and exposed of sexual identity have decreased. Even those people who are not associated with health service centers in the process of genetic testing have reaped benefit.

The research made by the world health organization said that, the most common cancer faced by women world wide is none other than the breast cancer. Even according to the estimate more than the sum of 521,000 women died due to the deadly effect of breast cancer in the year 2012.

Best ways to prevent breast cancer

The actress Angelina Jolie also won Oscar prize for her contribution and have drawn major attention due to her wonderful noble work worldwide. People suffering from sexual violence also have reaped benefit from the effort laid down by Angelina Jolie.  She was also rewarded with the name, ‘Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR in the year 2001 by the high commissioner Antonio Gurettes. Her contribution for conflict against sexual violence was really successful.


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Awareness of breast cancer by Angelina Jolie

The famous Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie has gone through a surgery related to breast cancer. She went through not a usual surgery but a double mastectomy along with reconstructive surgery. This means, she had to remove both her breast when the specialist found that she is suffering from the genetic mutation. If the surgery would not have been taken place, there will be a good chance that she suffers from serious breast cancer issue. Angelina was bold enough and went through the surgery without any second thought. Even after her surgery she is continuing her acting. Her show business has not come to an end due to this surgery.

Risk of physical condition

The actress had a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer of 50% frequency as the mutation of BRCA1 took place. Even she had a risk of getting breast cancer of 87%. But she won over the hurdle and now living normal life once again. This incident has attracted a lot of media attention. Angelia was really happy to make the general public aware of such serious mutation in cells. She asks every lady regardless of their age to go ahead with test right from the first stage. It will be good if every individual go through a regular checkup at least once in every 3- 6 months. It is better to prevent rather than going through the process of curing. Angelina also said that each women will stay sound and happy and lead healthy life after the surgery.