Time frame after the period: when can you get pregnant

Keep a track of your ovulation cycle to know the ideal time to be pregnant

You need to understand a few things before you try to be pregnant or are wondering when is it that you might end up being pregnant after your monthly bleeding ends. It all depends upon the duration of your period. The process of trying to conceive depends on how your body works. Learning and recording the duration after which you bleed or start ovulating. You also keep a track of the number of days you bleed. It is all very crucial for conceiving.

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Knowing a bit about how it all works

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It varies from women to women. The process of ovulation starts when an egg is released from either of the ovaries. When you start bleeding every month it is marked as day one of your menstruation cycle. When your periods are regular and you bleed after every 28th day then your ovulation will start anytime between the tenth or the mid of the month.

Your body is continuously working as you bleed. An egg is maturing, preparing to release during your cycle, mostly in between your cycle.

If your periods occur after every 22nd day then you have a chance of getting pregnant just after the end of your period which can last as many as seven days. A sperm can survive only when there is fertile fluid in your cervix.

The chances of pregnancy are high when you’ve sex as you’re ovulating or five days prior to your ovulation day. Your egg will be fertilized during a span of 24 hours after your ovulation starts.

If your periods last long enough then the time frame that you’ll have to get pregnant is very less. If you’ve intercourse right after your bleeding stops there are high chances of pregnancy as you’ll already be stepping into the ovulation period of your menstrual cycle.

You must bear this in mind that your pregnancy doesn’t depend on the onset of your monthly period but the day you start ovulating. According to various studies and researches it has been proved that you’ve a total of six days to get pregnant in your menstrual cycle. So, if you’re planning to conceive then have unprotected intercourse during this time of your cycle. Also keep in mind that sperm can survive in your reproductive tract. If you’ve coitus five days before your ovulation starts, you might be getting pregnant too.

To get pregnant you can have unprotected sex after five days your period ends. This is applicable for those women whose period lasts only for five days.


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Sleeping well during pregnancy

If you’re one of those women whose period lasts for as many as ten days then you’ll have only four days in hand to get pregnant if you postpone sex for your period to end.

If your periods are irregular and you can’t keep a track of it then you must try to find out whether you’re ovulating or not by doing these things.

  • Change in body temperature. Take account of that.
  • Changes in your cervical mucus.

Know your cycle

Different women have different days when they start ovulating. It all depends on your menstruation cycle.

  • If you’ve a 28-day cycle and your period lasts for five days, then you’ve a time frame of six days which will start from the ninth day and last till the fourteenth. You’ll have four days in hand after your bleeding stops in this case to get pregnant. But, if you bleed for ten days you’ll have a time frame of only four days if you wait for your bleeding to stop.
  • If your menstruation cycle is that of 24 days. Then you’ll have a time frame of six days which will start from the fifth day and end on the tenth day of the cycle. If you’ve intercourse right after your five-day period ends, you’ve a high chance of conceiving. If you bleed for ten days then you can conceive on the eleventh day right after you stop bleeding.
  • If you’ve a cycle that is more than twenty-eight days then you’ll be ovulating for six days starting on the fifteenth and ending on the twentieth.

It is extremely important for a woman to keep track of her cycle and duration of her periods. It will help understand the rhythm of your body and plan accordingly to try and conceive, until you’re finally pregnant.


[Pregnancy tips in Hindi]